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Ottawa Area Grave Markers Website.

On 13 July 2011, the late Scott Naylor's Website was formally incorporated
into The Canadian Gravemarker Gallery. This is a list of kind souls who
volunteered to help Scott with his website during the years 2001 to 2010.


Norma H E W I T T - Proofreader Jean-Pierre G I N G R A S - Proofreader

Diane B L A N C H E T T E - Proofreader/Transcriber Debora S a u n d e r s C L O U T I E R - Photographer

Neil S M I T H - Photographer Jim and Jane B L A N C H F I E L D - Photographers

Bernie L I M O G E S - Photographer Libby F O S T E R - Photographer

Bernie G A G N O N - Photographer Reg de C H A M A I L L A R D - Photographer

Bruce K E T T L E S - Photographer Pierre and Rejean R O Y - Photographers

Shirley M O N K H O U S E - Photographer/Proofreader Angie and Bob G A R A N T - Photographers

Anne and Denis M U R R A Y - Photographers Joan L A N C A S T E R - Photography Advisor

Cliff S A R G I N S O N - Technical Assistant Pat N I C H O L L S - Programmer

Glenda C O L E - Photographer Marie C L A U D E - Photographer

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