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New Stuff

1. The Canadian Gravemarker Web page was completed on 1 November 2007 and replaced the original Northeastern Ontario Gravemarker Gallery....which is now a subordinate web page to the Canadian Gravemarker Gallery.

2. This Website will be under constant construction while the Provincial pages are set up. As folks send me photos from across Canada I will build the provincial pages as I add the cemeteries sent to me.

3. The Quebec page with the Temiscamingue County page and the Town of Temiscaming cemetery page was put online today. Please note that this cemetery used to be included under the Nipissing District page on the Northern Ontario Gravemarker Gallery.

4. I should add that researchers are reminded that the search engine on this page will search all Provincial pages.

5. Over the month of June 2008 I added nine cemeteries from the Edmonton Region in ALBERTA.

6. In the Fall of 2008, I added cemeteries from Southwestern Ontario in Bruce County.

7. In December 2008 I added cemeteries from Westbank and Peachland from the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.

8. In December 2008 I tweaked the search engine. It now will produce results from all cemeteries across Canada which are onboard the website. The site map provides a full list of all cemeteries. You can see the site map by clicking on "List All Cemeteries" button on front page.

9. During the summer of 2009 more volunteer photographers came forward and between July and October of 2009 there will have been over 100 new cemeteries added to the website from NS, AB, Simcoe and Hastings Counties, ON; Muskoka and Cochrane Districts.

10. Over the winter 2009/2010 several remarkable additions were made. Most of the huge St. Andrew's-St. James' Cemetery from Orillia, Ontario were added. During the spring and summer many Muskoka District and Hastings County Cemeteries from Ontario were added. In the summer of 2010 many New Brunswick Cemeteries are being added thanks to the collaboration with Betty D a m e r y who has photographed many cemeteries in Kings and Queens Counties. These newly added cemeteries bring the total to over 700 cemeteries online.

11. In September 2010, changes were made to the styles of the National and Provincial webpages. The RENFREW COUNTY webpage was moved from NORTHERN ONTARIO to the EASTERN ONTARIO section of the website. Exclusive search engines were installed on the North Bay, St. Mary's R.C. Cemetery and the Orillia, St. Andrew's - St. James' Cemetery. Both these cemeteries are also included in the Main Website search engine.

12. Some Visitors have pointed out an annoyance with the *Main Search Engine*. They explained that when they searched for a "common" name, they would get too many results....and they have to wade through too many hits to find their ancestors. On 1 February 2011, to rectify this problem, we built and added "subordinate" search engines. Each of these new search engines will search a County or a District or a Region or a Province. The listed search engines are self explanatory. (This is a new concept and may need tweaking later....!) The list of search engines is available by clicking on the "Subordinate Search Engines" Button on the main page. Please note the "Main Search Engine" is still operational and continues to search the entire site. We are interested in any feedback about these subordinate search engines.

13. On 1 March 2011 we added a "Paypal" feature on the website. It is available on the Search Engine webpage.

14. On 15 July 2011 we began converting and transferring 294 cemeteries and 200,000 photographs from the late Scott Naylor's website

15. On 15 December we completed the transfer of Scott Naylor's website.

16. On 1 January 2012 we installed a Canadian Gravemarker Gallery Facebook page.

17. In October 2012 we began to convert all our cemetery HTML pages. Specifically, we changed our internal links to "relative" opposed to "absolute". Effective 1 January 2013 we have Pontiac and Chaudier Counties left to the Notre Dame Cemetery in Ottawa.

18. In February 2013, we finished converting our HTML code....and the transfer of The Canadian Gravemarker Gallery to the server

19. In March 2013 we re-wrote the Canadian Gravemarker Gallery - Tips and Hints Guide which explains the methods used to photograph all tombstones in Canadian cemeteries. The guide is downloadable from the link on the Main website page.

20. In January 2014 continued with our monthly HTML newsletter having made some cosmetic changes. Of special note....we stopped sending out the lengthy newsletter on many Canadian Rootsweb Mailing Lists. Instead, we abbreviated the newsletter with hot links to the online version of the HTML newsletter.


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