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The New World Atlas and Gazetter 1922 Edition

1922 Atlas Index

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Julia Adamson

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The New World Atlas and Gazetteer

edited by Francis J. Reynolds
Formerly Reference Librarian, Library of Congress.
Revised to Date by Adam Ward
1922 Edition.
New Population Statistics of Federal Census of 1920 of all States and Territories, of all Cities and Town of the United STates. World Maps revised to 1922-New maps showing new boundaries of all foreign states and their depencies-New maps of each state of the United States, including their newly organized counties and other boundary changes to 1922-New Canadian maps-Physical and commercial analysis of United States and Canada- Analysis of all countries of the world-Illustrated Gazetteer of cities and Towns of the world. Profusely Illustrated.
P.F. Collier and Son Company New York.
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