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1926 Highway Map Province of Saskatchewan

1926 Highway Map
                               (1926) SASKATCHEWAN GAME LAWS
The following is a summary of the laws of Saskatchewan
respecting game:
		   To shoot and hunt game in Saskatchewan the law provides
that licenses shall be obtained. For the non-resident a fee of $25
for the season is payable for big game hunting and $15 for hunting
game birds. A non-resident of the province who is domiciled in
Canada pays a license of $5. For residents a fee of $5 is charged
for big game hunting and $1.25 for game birds. It is unlawful
to export game without a license, the fees being: $5 for each head
of moose or caribou, $2 for each head of deer or set of antlers and
$1 for each shipment of one dozen or less game birds.
   The seasons for different game are as follows: buffalo,
antelope, elk, female deer, fawns, big gsine animals, south of
township 35 are protected; moose, deer and caribou, north of
township 34, November 15 to December 14; ducks, geese, rails,
coots, black-breasted and golden plover, wilson or jack-snipe and
greater and lesser yellow-legs, September 15 to December 31;
prairie chicken (sharp-tailed grouse and pinnated grouse), ruffed
grouse (partridge) and Canada or spruce grouse, October 1 to
October 31; European grey or Hungarian partridge, sage grouse,
cranes, swans, pelicans, loons, bitterns, gulls, terns and insecti-
vorous birds are protected.
	   The bag limits are as follows: one moose, two deer,two caribou,
males only, except caribou, but not more than two animals in all.  
Prairie chicken or ruffed grouse (partridge), 10 a day,30 a season.
Ducks and geese, 30 a day of which not more than 10 shall be geese;
total 200 for the season of which not more than 30 shall be geese.
	  Any further information may be obtained from the Game
Commissioner, Legislative Buildings, Regina, Sask.

This coming of age Souvenir contains an Offical Map
of the Highways System of the Province (prepared by
the Saskatchewan Department of Highways) and some
interesting information about the progress of the
Province since its formation twenty-one years ago.
Issued by the Department of Highways

1926 Highway Map
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