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All files on The American Revolution reproduced here with permission of The Olive Tree Genealogy Homepage


The following is a list of names on a Petition sent to the New York Provincial Legislature in 1771. The Petition supported splitting Albany County into two, thus creating a new county called Tryon County after Gov. William Tryon.

Many of these men became Loyalists when the American Revolution began in 1777. Several fought for Butler's Rangers which is where my three Loyalist ancestors fought. Many are descended from my direct ancestors - Vrooman, Van Slyke, Van Alstyne, Bradt.... Many settled in the Niagara area of Ontario when it was opened for settlement to disbanded Rangers of Butler's Rangers in 1783. I have added my own notes, genealogical information, etc. in square brackets and at the end of the list of names. I have also provided links to descendants of some of these men, using email addresses for contacts.

Lewis Gradt                                      William Deygert
Yeremi De Graaef                                 Michael Ettick[aka Eddig]
Isaac De Graaef                                  Thomas Porter
Niclas De Graaef                                 /illegible/
Fridrick De Graaef                               Adam Haring, German Flatts
Arent Lenin                                      Patrick Campbell, German Flatts
Jacob Putnam                                     Mara Daghstater[Dochsteder]
Lewis Davis                                      Adam Ecker
/illegible                                       David Marinus
William Johnson                                  Johan Ludwig Kling
John Butler                                     George Schramling
Adam Lauks                                       Johannes Marseles
William Seeber                                   John Jacob Pel. Minister
Peter Conyne                                     Ebenezer Cox
John Stuart                                      James Willson
Peter Bowen                                      Samuel Dunlop
John Bowen                                       John Wells
Lewis Clement                                    James Scott
Frederick Visse                                  Robert Wells
Harmen Visse                                     Samuel Ferguson
Jelles Fonda                                     John McCollom
Adam S. Vrooman                                 James McCollom
Arent Bradt                                      James Moore
Douw Fonda                                       Samuel Campbell
Johannes Veeder                                  John Wickweir
Barent B. W/illegible                            William Dickson
/illegible                                       Archibald McKillop
/illegible                                       Samuel Clyd--
/illegible                                       John L. /illegible/
/illegible                                       /illegible/
/illegible                                       /illegible/
/illegible                                      Goosen Van Alsteyn
/illegible Tremain                               Marten Van Alstyne
/illegible Merkle                                Abraham Quackenbush
/illegible Kroms                                 Moses Ibbitt
/illegible Shultise                               John Shaver
/illegible Snell                                 Casper Kun--
William Nelles                                   Hendrick B. /illegible/
--annes Bellinger                               Christian J. /illegible/
--annes Fless                                    Gilbert Tice
--ry Wm. Nelles                                  James Davy
--dreas Reber                                    Christian Sheeck
John Waters                                      John Wilson
Guy Johnson                                      Jacob Basted [Bastedo]
Daniel Claus                                     Jacob Everhard Cogemot
John Johnson                                     Martin Walter
Joseph Powel                                     Robt. Lotteredge
John Powel                                       Peter Servos Junr.
Johannes Wallerad                                Everjard Van Cogemot
--es Wohlegemuth                                 Casper Counce
--drick Vetterley                                /illegible/
--b Krausz                                       /illegible/
--nnes Vetterly                                  Martin Lesler Junr
--ter Warmuth                                    Johan Ariste Hogh
/illegible Haus                                  William Shuma
/illegible John Diell                            Philip Emer
Hendrick Frey                                    Mark Reece
Daniel Steel                                     Michael Staller
/illegible Wall                                  Adam Ramor
/illegible                                       Philip Kelman
Charles Hans Van Eps                             John McGregor
Jacob Hernberg Junr.                             Aaron Van Seklor
Peter Hansen                                     Timothy Leonard Son
Martin Gardenyer                                 James Rennet
Abaraham Van Alstyn                              Johannes Counce
Andrew Wempel                                   /illegible/
Richard Hansen                                   /illegible/
Hendrick Merkel Junr.                            /illegible/
Peter S. Deygert                                 /illegible/
Peter Ten Broeck                                 /illegible/
H. Nicklas Herkheimer[Herkimer]                            /illegible/
Werner Deygert                                   /illegible/
Josh Herkheimer[Herkimer]                                  /illegible/
Frederick Bellenger                              /illegible/
Frederick Hellmer                                Jacob Bosh /illegible/
Henry Stoner                                     John Van Ant--
George Hilts                                     Johanis F. /illegible/
Henry Herter
Frederick Real
Adam Baumann
Marcus Petrie
Daniel Petrie
Jacob Casler

Endorsed: Petition of the Principal Freeholders and Inhabitants of the 
Mohawk River & Settlements Adjacent hereto. 
Nov. 1771

Please note that UEL = United Empire Loyalist. Also note that Butler's Corps of Rangers was headed by Lieutenant-Colonel John Butler who was born at New England Connecticut 1725 and died at Newark Upper Canada (now Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario) in May 1796. John BUTLER was married to Catarina BRADT 1735-1793, d/o Andries BRADT & Ariaantje WEMPLE.


Children of Sir William JOHNSON & Catherine WYSENBERGH:

Children of Sir William JOHNSON & his Mohawk wife, Molly BRANT who died at Kingston in Apr. 1796:


Adam Baumann aka George Adam or Jeriadam Bowman, UEL b ca 1731 Albany m ca 1757 Anna Maria Conrad. George died 1803 Grantham Tp. Lincoln Co. ON. George Adam was the s/o Jacob BOWMAN 1705-pre 1770 & Elisabeth unknown. Further info avaliable on request.


You may read about my Palatine Bellinger line.


Paddy Chitty descends from Peter P. DYGERT Born - Abt 1721 who was married to Anna Barbara KOCH Dau of Casper KOCH & Frena MULLER

He was the son of Johan Peter DYGERT and Anna Elizabeth FUCHS (Fox). Johan Peter DYGERT was a son of Werner DYGERT the original Palatine immigrant who was married to Catharine AHL.

To chat with Paddy about the DEYGERT line, write to


--ry Wm. Nelles - it is quite possible that this is Henry NELLES, found on the census at Niagara taken 30 Nov. 1783 in the Indian Department. He is listed as


     HUSBAND Jacob BASTEDO-3532
     BORN:          1743          PLACE: Schenectady NY
     DIED:          1829          PLACE: Stamford Twp. ON
     MARR:   31 Jan 1767/1769     PLACE: Schenectady NY
     WIFE    Clara Jean (Clarissa) VAN SLYKE
     BORN:   27 Aug 1749          PLACE: Schenectady,NY
     DIED:          1808          PLACE: Halton Co. On
     FATHER: Cornelius VAN SLYKE                                                                     
     MOTHER: Jannetie TRUAX-3530
      1.  NAME: David Tice BASTEDO-4502
      BORN:  3 Dec 1769          PLACE: Schenectady NY
      DIED:        1834          PLACE: Ontario
      SPOUSE: Elizabeth MCMICKING-4693                                                                  
      2.  NAME: Elisabeth BASTEDO-4503
     - BORN: 23 Dec 1770          PLACE: Schenectady NY
      3.  NAME: Ackus BASTEDO-4504
     - BORN: 12 Sep 1772          PLACE: Schenectady NY
      4.  NAME: Louis BASTEDO-4505
     - BORN:  3 Oct 1775          PLACE: Schenectady NY
     5.  NAME: Gysbert BASTEDO-4506
     - BORN:  3 Oct 1775          PLACE: Schenectady NY
     6.  NAME: Gysbert BASTEDO-4507
     - BORN: 19 Oct 1777          PLACE: Schenectady NY
           SPOUSE: Marion THOMPSON-5750                                                                      
     7.  NAME: Joseph BASTEDO-3533
     - BORN: 30 Apr 1780          PLACE: Schenectady NY
          DIED: 14 Jul 1814          PLACE: Chippawa,ON
          SPOUSE: Margaret-5758                                                                             
         8.  NAME: Cornelius BASTEDO-4613
            DIED: 14 Jul 1814          PLACE: Chippewa,ON
         9.  NAME: Abraham BASTEDO-4614
        10.  NAME: John BASTEDO-4700
           SPOUSE: Mary FLEWELLING-4701                                                                       


Gilbert TICE UEL is on the census at Niagara taken 30 Nov. 1783 in the Indian Department as Captn. Gilbert Tice age 44. Marked next to him is Christian Tice age 40 with a note "Still in the Colonies". This is Christina VAN SLYKE his wife.
    HUSBAND Gilbert TICE-4325
    DIED:          1791          PLACE: Niagara,ON
    MARR:   30 May 1761          PLACE: Schenectady NY
    WIFE    Christina VAN SLYKE-4183
    BORN:   21 Sep 1739          PLACE: Ft. Hunter,NY
    CHR.:   27 Sep 1739          PLACE: Queen Anne Chape,Ft. Hunter,NY
     FATHER: Cornelius VAN SLYKE                                                              
     MOTHER: Jannetie TRUAX-
          1.  NAME: Jannetje TICE-4558
               CHR.: 21 Mar 1762          PLACE: Schenectady NY
           2.  NAME: David TICE-4559
               BORN May 1764          PLACE: Schenectady NY


Arent BRADT UEL was born 1732 Schenectady and died 1796 Ontario. He was the s/o Andries BRADT and Ariaantje WEMPLE. Arent married Eva VAN ANTWERP.


Lewis CLEMENT UEL was born Lewis Cobes CLEMENT 30 Nov. 1725 Tryon Co. NY and died 1781 Fort Niagara ON. He married 21 june 1748 Tryon Co. Catherine PUTNAM the d/o Cornelis Janse POOTMAN of Schenectady NY & Jacomyntie VIELE of Albany NY. Lewis was the s/o Joseph CLEMENT b ca 1689 Brooklyn NY & Annajte PEEK.




James Willson UEL died 1777 married Martha LAING. He was the s/o Adam Willson 1717-1790. James is on the Roster of Butler's Corps of Rangers as a Captain.
John Willson [b. July 8 1741] is listed as a Sergeant on the Roster of Butler's Corps of Rangers. On the census at Niagara taken 30 Nov. 1783 he is in Capt. Andrew BRADT's Co. as:


Adam VROOMAN UEL was listed on the Roster of Butler's Corps of Rangers as a Sergeant. He died in 1810. On the census at Niagara taken 30 Nov. 1783 he is in Capt. William Caldwell's Co. and is listed as:


John SHAVER and Frederick SHAVER 1760-1818 are both listed as privates on the Roster of Butler's Corps of Rangers


Peter TEN BROECK 1737-1804 is listed on the Roster of Butler's Corps of Rangers as a Captain. In the census taken on 30 Nov. 1783 at Niagara for his own Company of the Corps of Rangers he is listed as:


Andrew WEMP UEL is listed on the Roster of Butler's Corps of Rangers as a captain. He married Helena BRATT/BRADT the sister of Catarina who married John BUTLER leader of Butler's Rangers.Andrew Wimple is listed on a letter from A. Jones, Surveyor, dated Newark 18 March 1796 as deceased.


Joseph POWELL UEL is listed on the Roster of Butler's Corps of Rangers as a private. He is also listed with the family of Lt. William JOHNSTON in the census taken on 30 Nov. 1783 at Niagara for the Indian Department of the Corps of Rangers as follows:


Richard HANSON UEL is a Lieutenant on the Roster of Butler's Corps of Rangers. In the census taken on 30 Nov. 1783 at Niagara for Capt. Bernard Frey's Company of the Corps of Rangers he is listed as:
In a letter dated Newark 18 March 1796 from A. Jones, surveyor, he lists Richard Hanson as a former Butler's Rangers now living in the United States.



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