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Corrections and Additions

 The General Society of Mayflower Descendants is planning to make available to the public, annotations to the MF (Mayflower Families Through Five Generations) in the very near future. This is wonderful news! Until that time, I will continue to add to this list as I go through my copies of the MF books where I have my notations. As the Historian for the Canadian Society of Mayflower Descendants and for many years a Mayflower researcher, I have made notes to my copies of the MF books as I come across corrections and it is from these notes that I begin this list. As time permits, I will add my notes from each MF book. If you have documented corrections or additions that I can add to this site, please email me.

 The citations below come from three sources: 1) the Historian General [HG] to the Historians of the state societies; 2) research I have done personally; 3) other Mayflower researchers.

 Abbreviations to journals are as follows: MD (Mayflower Descendant); MQ (Mayflower Quarterly); NEA (New England Ancestors); NGSQ (National Genealogical Society Quarterly); NYGBR (New York Genealogical and Biographical Record); NEHGR (New England Historical and Genealogical Register); TAG (The American Genealogist); TG (The Genealogist).


JOHN ALDEN FAMILY (MF 16, 3 parts)

 MF 16:1:55. Second line of third paragraph has a typo at the end of the sentence. "Rev. Peter and Rebecca" should read "Rev. Peter and Elizabeth".



 MF 17:70. Henry Allen and wife Elizabeth Hewes5 (Elizabeth Grafton4, Elizabeth Maverick3, Remember2 Allerton, Isaac1). Add two children: Judith, b. 26 Sept. 1712 and William, b. 10 Dec. 1714. [Boston VR 24:87,95]



 MF 7:33, #35. Caleb4 Tinkham (Helkiah Tinkham3, Mary2 Brown). His wife, "Widow Mercy Tinkham" died 15 Nov. 1763. [Plymouth Church Recs.1:393]

 MF 7:95, #119. Samuel5 Tinkham (Samuel4, Peter Tinkham3, Mary2 Brown). Under his wife Patience Simmons, instead of "(see #19)", it should read "(see MFIP (Soule) #63)".

 MF 7:108, #141. Ann5 Tinkham (John4, Helkiah Tinkham3, Mary2 Brown). Did Ann remarry at Plympton, 3 May 1762, Thomas Harlow? [Plympton VR:329]

 MF 7:160, #217. Elizabeth5 Snow (Joseph Snow4-3, Rebecca2 Brown). To the list of her children with 2nd husband Ezra Dean, add daughter Elizabeth Dean6. [see MQ 70:57-59]

 MF 7:163, #220. James5 Snow (Joseph4-3, Rebecca2 Brown). To the children of James Snow and Hannah Searle, add a son Samuel6 Snow, b. 18 Mar. 1776. Also, add the following birth dates for the children, viz: James6, b. 10 April 1756; Daniel, b. 16 May 1758; Mary, b. 6 Sept. 1762; Joseph, b. 31 May 1765; John, b. 26 June 1769; Hannah, b. 10 June 1772; Sarah, b. 5 Nov. 1776; Edward, b. 27 June 1777. [From the HG, 2003, as per "The William Snow Family", by Edwin H. Snow, 1908, p.20.]



 MF 15:3, #1. The wife of James Chilton was Susanna ( ), not Susanna Furner who was too young to be the mother of his eldest children. [2005 email from researcher, Robert Ward]

 MF 15:80, #88. Add a daughter to the children of Mary Harris5 (Mercy Latham4, Susanna Winslow3, Mary2 Chilton, James1) and Daniel Packard, viz: Susanna Packard, b. at Bridgewater, 3 April 1718. [Bridgewater VR 1:249].



 Note that the Cooke MFIP was published in 2000 and it contains additions and corrections to the MF book which was published in 1999. One such addition is #10 Thomas Mitchell3 (Jane2 Cooke) who is not carried further in the MF book [12:35} however his line is continued in the Cooke MFIP with his children and grandchildren.

 MF 12:224, #938. Mary5 Reed did not marry John Dyer, this was her mother Mary (Wheeler) Reed. Mary5 Reed m. her cousin, John Martin. Also note that Mary Wheeler has been identified as the dau of James Wheeler and Grizzell Squire. This line was researched by Judy Needham and accepted by the society.

 MF 12:229, #203. Abigail4 Tomson (Jacob Tomson3, Mary2 Cooke) d. at Bridgewater, 19 May 1786, 90th yr. [MD 54:132-33]

 MF 12:285, #281. Moses5 Washburn (James Washburn4, Elizabeth Mitchell3, Jane2 Cooke). See Mayflower Deeds & Probates:185 for deeds showing that Moses removed to Taunton; wife Hannah died after 28 July 1750 and Moses died after 4 March 1758 (aft. 16 April 1761 if he acknowledged). Son Moses did not die in 1731/2, this was an unnamed child; Moses Jr. was living in Taunton as per deeds.

 MF 12:285, #282. Gideon5 Washburn (James4 Washburn,Elizabeth Mitchell3, Jane2 Cooke) d. at Leicester, MA, 31 Jan. 1794, ae 91. [From the Historian General, 1999, citing a typescript copy of Vital Records of Leicester, MA at the NY Genealogical and Biographical Society Library in NY.]

 MF 12:297, #300. Mary5 Hathaway (John Hathaway4, Sarah3 Cooke, John2). The 1754 will of husband George Douglas does not name son "Do(lost)" - the name is John. Delete word "possible" after sons John #1460 and Thomas #1463; add a daughter "Jo( )". [From Historian General, 2003, citing North Kingston Town Council 8:337-341.]

 MF 12:405, #520. Maria5 Cooke (James4, Caleb3, Jacob2). Deeds have shown that she also had children Chloe, Sarah, Abigail and John King with no proof found for a son James. Maria (Cooke) King d. after 7 March 1796 [Warren RI Town Council Meeting Minutes] and she is likely the Mariah King mentioned in the 1800 RI Census. [From Historian General, 2004].

 MF 12:449, #2698. Caleb6 Cooke (Ephraim5, Caleb4, Francis3, Jacob2). His birthdate is given as 15 March 1772, however the date should read 5 March. [Yarmouth N.S. VR 1:7].

 MF 12:543, #865. Deborah 5 Taber (John Taber4, Mary Tomson3, Mary2 Cooke) also had a son Zaccheus Tobey who m. Mary Gifford. [See NEHGR 2004, MD 2004].

 MF 12:546, #872. Jacob5 Taber (Jacob Taber4, Mary Tomson3, Mary2, Cooke). His first wife Lydia Howland is descended from Henry not John Howland.



 MF 11:1:25, #78. Mary Allyn4 (Mary3 Doty, Edward2) m. 14 May 1724. [MD 32:154; Mayflower Marriages:156]

 MF 11:1:27, #81. Martha Allyn4 (Mary3 Doty, Edward2). The source given for the birth date of her first son, James Knowles is NEHGR 80:271, however the date is not there.

 MF 11:1:32, #89. Samuel Oakman4 (Elizabeth3 Doty, Edward2). Under references, #6 should read Marshfield VR:160, not 360.

 MF 11:1:35, #93. Mary Oakman4 (Elizabeth3 Doty, Edward2) d. aft 4 Oct. 1749, the date of baptism [not birth] of her last child.

 MF 11:1:36, #94. John Hamilton, second husband of Mercy Oakman4 (Elizabeth3 Doty, Edward2). It appears unlikely that his parents were William Hamilton and Jean Hopkins who married in 1725 [Marshfield VR:145], which would make him about fifteen years younger than wife Mercy who is given a birth date of ca1710-12.

 MF 11:1:165, #492. Add seven more children for Samuel5 Morse (Newbury Morse4, Elizabeth3 Doty, John2), viz: Ebenezer, Zebulon, Newbury, Samuel, Hannah, Lydia and Nelson. [From the HG Jan. 2005 as per Morse Genealogy:183.]

 MF 11:2:32, #156. Ruth Delano4 (Hannah3 Doty, Thomas2) died after 2 Dec. 1763 [father's will, p.13].



 MF 4:88, #87. "Children of Elkanah and Lydia ( )(Hooker) Fuller" should read "Children of Elkanah and Naomi ( ) Fuller". See previous page.



 MF 10:8. Mercy3 Fuller (Samuel2-1) probably married Daniel Cole, son of Job Cole and Rebecca Collier, not the son of Daniel and Ruth Cole. The will cited is that for Daniel2-1. The will of Daniel2 (Job1) was dated 27 Feb. 1712/3 and mentions wife Mercy and daughters Elizabeth, Mercy and Abigail (no surnames). This means that new Mayflower lines will be opened if marriages for these daughters can be found. [TAG 75 [2000]:124-29, "Two Daniel Coles of Eastham, Massachusetts, And Two Wives Named Mercy"].



 MF 6:17, #11. Lines have been accepted by the society for Hannah4 Snow (John Snow3) as the wife of Hezekiah Doane [as of 2004] and for Abigail4 Snow who "prob. m. Daniel Small" [as of 2002].

 MF 6:47, #39. Children of William Walker may or may not be accepted as the only proof appears to be the Walker Memorial [From the Historian General, 2001.]

 MF 6:79,80, #72. Judah Rogers, husband of Patience5 Cole (Joseph Cole4, Ruth Snow3, Constance2 Hopkins), m. 2nd, Susanna Rogers on 4 June 1741 (not "14" June). [MD 19:186]. This correction should also be made to MF 19:93.

 MF 6:97, #87. Hannah Cooke (?Josiah Cooke4, Deborah3 Hopkins, Giles2) died at Truro, 21 March 1783 not 1703. .

 MF 6:113, #102. Abigail Paine5 (Hannah4 Hopkins, Joshua3, Giles2) was born 29 June 1729 (not "July"). [MD 16:28].

 MF 6:132, #122. The marriage of Anna Atwood5 (Anne4, Mark Snow3, Constance2 Hopkins) to William Nickerson was recorded at Yarmouth, however it occurred "at Chatham". [Yarmouth VR 1:140].

 MF 6:157, #152. Samuel Harding was born in 1683, not 1685. [MD 7:13].

 MF 6:246, #256. Joseph Smalley's 2nd marriage to Mercy Young is recorded in Truro VR:38 "at Truro", not Eastham.

 MF 6:255, #266. Proof is needed for the children of Nathan Kinney and Mercy Smith5 (Bethiah4 Snow, Stephen3, Constance2 Hopkins). John is accepted and I have had a line approved thru Elizabeth. A synopsis to Plymouth would tell which other children have been accepted.

 MF 6:311, #328. Lydia (Scudder) Huckins died 20 Jan. 1776. [I personally read the epitaph which is incl. in my new book on Henry Cobb (2008).]

 MF 6:321, #342. John Cole5 was born in 1696 (not 1699). It is written correctly on p.78.

 MF 6:376, #400. Abegal Mayo6 (Abigail Sparrow5, Rebecca Merrick4, Abigail3 Hopkins, Giles2) died ca1750 when "Abagaill Hall wife to John Hall died on [blank]" in a list of those deceased in 1750. [Yarmouth VR 1:159]



 Howland 3:414 The children of Stephen Cobb and Abigail Chipman are all proven. The three children listed as possible are proven with their baptism records in the Barnstable West Parish Church records as shown on the "Records of Barnstable, Mass." CD by Hinckley.



 MF 8:27, #30. Sampson Cartwright, husband of Bethia4 Pratt (Joseph Pratt3, Mary2 Priest) died at Nantucket 19 10th mth 1741 not 4th mth. [Nantucket VR 5:107]



 MF 18:2:23. Barnabas Churchill, husband of Lydia Harlow, was the son of Joseph Churchill, not Barnabas. This is a typo.



 MF 13:118, #134. Joshua Fosket, husband of Hannah5 Wheeler (Benjamin Wheeler4, Elizabeth3 White, Resolved2) was the son of Robert Fosket and 2nd wife Susanna Whitney, not 1st wife Mercy Goodwin. [See Charlestown VR for this 2nd marriage and the birth of Joshua to Robert and Susanah, 7 Apr. 1717. Thank you to Robert Ward for submitting this correction.]

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