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 In my book "Finding Your Mayflower Ancestors", (see our links page), I touched briefly on the exciting new world of DNA testing and what it means to genealogy. I readily admit my knowledge in the subject is extremely limited, however I am fascinated by the potential and by the science itself.

 Males pass on Y chromosomes to their sons, therefore Y-Line Chromosome testing can be done only on males. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is passed from a mother to male and female children - therefore even males have mtDNA, however only the female children pass it on. It is the comparison of the markers (which are definable segments of DNA) which can indicate relationships.

 What does this mean for the genealogy world? Read about it yourself and find out. As I hear of new sites and new research, I will add the links here. If you know of other sites, please email me.



 Mayflower DNA Project

 Brewster DNA Project

 Cushman Surname Project

  Delano Kindred DNA Project

 Doty DNA Project

 Colonial Fullers DNA Project

 Kinney,McKinney Y-DNA Study

 Samson Y-Chromosome DNA Project

 Standish DNA Article

 Contact Frank F. Soule for information on the Soule Y-DNA Project. See also MQ 72:126-27 for updates.

 Winslow DNA Project

 See MQ 72:125-6 for the first case of the acceptance of a lineage by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants based on DNA.

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