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We are all proud of our ancestors, and maybe a little proud of ourselves for having found them!  Tracing back over 350 years of oneís lineage is not an easy task, it takes a great deal of tenacity and can often be frustrating.  But it also has its rewards - think of the people you have met through your research, helpful Town Historians, fellow genealogists and very, very distant cousins who are now "pen pals".  If you have the "genealogy bug" like most of us, you have probably enjoyed the hours spent in record offices, archives and libraries.  You have experienced the satisfaction of finding that long sought after will or birth record - not to mention the thrill of finally finding your ancestorís name on a gravestone.  There is something extremely satisfying and fulfilling about researching your blood kin, filling in the branches on your family tree and finding out all you can about the people that you are directly descended from.

There is little that we can give back to our ancestors, but we can honour their memory and remember them.  This is the reason many people give for joining the Mayflower Society; by becoming a member we are keeping the memory of our Pilgrim ancestors alive.  They are remembered at our Society meetings, through our newsletters and in our correspondence with each other.  Donít be daunted by the Societyís documentation requirements - be grateful for them!  Not only is it a wonderful challenge that may lead to new lines and new data, but your documented Mayflower lineage, safely tucked away in a vault in Plymouth, will be available 50...even 100 years from now for your descendants.

The Canadian Society is a part of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, thus you become a member of both.  Members receive our newsletter, Canadian Pilgrim, twice a year, as well as The Mayflower Quarterly, a highly informative genealogical journal, four times a year.  Members are entitled free use of the extensive genealogical collection in the Mayflower Library, located at the General Societyís headquarters at the historic Winslow House in Plymouth, Mass.  Upon approval, members receive a membership certificate, suitable for framing, which names their Mayflower ancestor.

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Last Updated:   April 2013
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