Microfilm Access

Copies of census microfilm can be borrowed for viewing through Inter-Library Loan Programs. The following links will provide the necessary details for accessing such programs.

* Catalogue of Census Returns on Microfilm (Library & Archives Canada)
Searchable database of all census microfilm maintained by Library & Archives Canada.
* FHL ~ Inter-Library Loan Program (Family History Library)
Program overview for loaning of FHC microfilm to Family History Centres.
* LAC ~ Inter-Library Loan Program (Library & Archives Canada)
Program overview for loaning of LAC microfilm to community libraries.
* PANB ~ Inter-Library Loan Program (Provincial Archives of New Brunswick)
PANB services overview, including loaning of microfilm to community libraries. Note, with few exceptions, the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (PANB) census microfilm cannot be borrowed & can only be viewed onsite at the PANB. Exceptions are as follows: F10422 (1834 Madawaska); F9784 (1851 Saint John); F859 (1803,1824,1830 Westmorland); F620 (1851 York - St. Mary`s); F1603 (1851 York - Fredericton & Dumfries)