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Vital Statistics Volume 26E

MARRIAGES from 1754
Part Two

The information was transcribed by JILL MARSHALL While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NOTE: the abbreviation "RV" possibly should be "RN" (Royal Navy); similarly the abbreviation PRV possibly should be PRN (Private, Royal Navy).

Corrected or updated since original posting

Jan 18 1827 St. Johns Cornelius WINTON, bach, St Johns Sarah Anne CHANCEY, spin, St Johns E.M. Gill, Elizabeth House -
Jan 28 1827 St. Johns Edward COLTON, bach, St Johns Cornelia Richard POPE, widow, St Johns Robert Job, Maria P. Walsh -
Feb 21 1827 St. Johns Thomas CALLAGHAN, bach, St Johns Anne COX, spin, St Johns Jane Ryland Burton, John B. Cogan -
Feb 26 1827 St. Johns Richard ROBERTS, widower, PRV, St Johns Ellen SCOTT, widow, St Johns George Renny, J. Beacon -
May 29 1827 St. Johns William Bevil Thomas TIERS, Esq., bach, Halifax Sophia CARSON, spin, St Johns Louisa Dixon, William Thomas Sharon Reid (Nova Scotia) says NS Archives has copy of these records, and the surname for him should read PIERS; also says Sophia was dau of Dr. William Carson.
June 22 1827 St. Johns George SUTTON, bach, Brigus (North) Jane Ryland BURTON, spin, St Johns Catherine Armstrong, James P. Currie -
Aug 20 1827 St. Johns John MARTIN, bach, gunner, RA, St Johns Mary FENNESY, n/g, St Johns Thomas Logan, Eben Fitzgerald -
Aug 22 1827 St. Johns Peter SLOMAN, widower, St Johns Mary CONDON, spin, St Johns Mary Condon, wife of D Condon, John Widdicombe -
Aug 23 1827 St. Johns John Stirling MOULOS?, n/g, gunner, RA, St Johns Anne RINNEHAN, spin, St Johns Joseph Bass, Thomas Tarahan/TanaHan? -
Sep 20 1827 St. Johns James COODE?, bach, seaman, HMS ORISTES Mary Anne CRODE, widow, St Johns Anne Cropman, John D? Dune? -
Sep 4 1827 St. Johns Hon. Francis MANDE, bach, Commdr., R. Navy, St Johns Frances BROOKING, spin, St Johns Selina Brooking, Esther Thomas -
Oct 4 1827 St. Johns Richard WHITEWAY, bach, St Johns Anne BRINE, spin, St Johns Bridget Cayome?, J. Beacon -
Oct 18 1827 St. Johns John CUMMING, bach, Plymouth Susan ANGELL, spin, St Johns Ann Angell, Elizabeth Bunting/Banting? -
Nov 13 1827 St. Johns William DICKSON, bach, Truro, Nova Scotia Catherine HOYLES, spin, St Johns Newman W. Hoyles, Eliza Dunscomb -
Nov 13 1827 St. Johns Joseph SQUIRES, bach, Broad Cove Charlotte HISCOCK, spin, Broad Cove Edward Hiscock, Amey Hibbs -
Nov 27 1827 St. Johns William BENNETT, bach, Plymouth Anne Deane MILLER, spin, Bonaventure Eliza Fitzgerald, J. Beacon -
Dec 4 1827 St. Johns Benjamin SWEETLAND, Esq., bach, Caplin Bay Tryphena GADEN, spin, St Johns Jane B. Blaikie, William Sweetland -
Dec 21 1827 St. Johns Abraham GALLISHAW/GALLESHAW?, bach, St Johns Rachael SWAINE, spin, St Johns Rachael Swain, J. Bacon -
Jan 5 1828 St. Johns Thomas BENNETT, Esq., bach, merchant, St Johns Hannah McKillop HUTCHINGS, spin, St Johns Eliza LeMessurier, J. Nichols -
Feb 14 1828 St. Johns John WESTCOTT, bach, watchmaker, St Johns Anna SOLOMON, spin, St Johns Ann Phillips, Robert Hunt -
Feb 19 1828 St. Johns Thomas RYALL, widower, St Johns Mary CARBERRY, n/g, St Johns Thomas Codner, Bridget Boland -
Feb 19 1828 St. Johns John McQUEEN/McQUIENS?, bach, ?Clanes is Monahen? Catherine DAVISON, spin, St Johns William Burchell, Catherine McNamara -
Mar 15 1828 St. Johns James COBORN, bach, St Johns Margaret HORWOOD, spin, St Johns John Beaver, J. Beacon -
Apr 8 1828 St. Johns John Desgrave? RYLAND, bach, St Johns Eliza Frances BURTON, spin, St Johns George Burton, Jane Keith -
May 17 1828 St. Johns George PHILLIPS, bach, Barnstaple, Devon Hannah MARTIN, spin, St Johns Jane Feaver, J. Beacon -
May 19 1828 St. Johns Richard RANKIN, bach, merchant, Lower Island Cove Elizabeth NURSE, spin, St Johns John Job Jr., J. Bacon -
June 1 1828 St. Johns James PHILLIPS, bach, St Johns Elizabeth SQUIRES, spin, Torbay James Brine, Susanna Bird Stears -
June 18 1828 St. Johns Henry SNOOKE, bach, St Johns Harriett ROGERS, spin, St Johns J. Beacon, Elizabeth Snook? -
June 18 1828 St. Johns George NEWELL, bach, St Johns Jane ROBERTS, spin, St Johns Susanna B. Stears, J. Beacon -
June 28 1828 St. Johns John Barr THOMPSON, Esq., bach, merchant, St Johns Elizabeth BOUCHER, spin, St Johns Louisa Williams, James Furgess -
Jul 5 1828 St. Johns John STUCKLEY/STICKLEY?, bach, St Johns Mary LOVEYS, spin, St Johns Abigail Loveys, John Brine -
Jul 10 1828 St. Johns George ELLIDGE, bach, Wesleyan clergyman, St Johns Susanna Barnes, spin, St Johns William Barnes, Louisa Parsons -
Jul 17 1828 St. Johns John CANNING, bach, merchant, Western Bay Shendora ARMSTRONG, spin, St Johns James Clift, Theodore Walker -
Jul 17 1828 St. Johns James Christian DEHLSCHLAGER, bach, merchant, St Johns Catherine ARMSTRONG, spin, St Johns John Shea, Theodore Walker -
Sep 2 1828 St. Johns Joseph SKINNER, widower, St Johns Jane Wright ACHTON, spin, Liverpool, England J. Bacon, James Gregg -
Sep 5 1828 St. Johns John CHAPMAN, bach, Church of England clergyman, Twillingate Rebecca COCKFIELD, spin, St Johns Susan Bark, Frederic Carrington -
Sep 13 1828 St. Johns John STENTAFORD JR, bach, St Johns Anne GEARY, spin, St Johns Bridget Boland, J. Bacon -
Sep 24 1828 St. Johns William COOPER, widower, Lance Corp., RVC, St Johns Jane WILKIE, spin, St Johns Thomas Wilkie, Jane Wilkie -
Oct 7 1828 St. Johns John COTTER, widower, Quidi Vidi Jane WOODFINE, widow, Quidi Vidi Philip Brace, Maria Garrett -
Oct 7 1828 The Garrison Arthur HUNT, bach, major, RA, St Johns Alicia COOKE, spin, St Johns M. Hunt, Jane Cooke -
Oct 20 1828 St. Johns Richard NEVILLE, bach, Ruthmore?, Wexford Susan BOND, spin, Plymouth, Devon John Toyny, Mary Ann Trout -
Oct 23 1828 St. Johns Richard CROSS, bach, Bristol Margaret NEWELL, spin, St Johns Thomas Mitchell, J. Bacon -
Oct 27 1828 St. Johns James RYAN, Pouch Cove Sarah THISTLE, Pouch Cove William Thistle, Mary Sullivan -
Oct 28 1828 St. Johns Zacharias COWLING, bach, St Johns Hannah GAY, spin, St Johns Mary French, J. Bacon -
Oct 30 1828 St. Johns John HUDSON, bach, Adams Cove Sarah KNIGHT, spin, St Johns Sarah Ann Bradbury, G.L. Milly -
Nov 1 1828 St. Johns George SHEPHERD, widower, St Johns Ann CLANCE, widow, St Johns Mary Hillyar, J. Bacon -
Nov 4 1828 St. Johns Edward SULLIVAN, widower, Pouch Cove Eleanor FARRELL, spin, Adams Cove Margaret Phelan, Stephen Rogers -
Nov 6 1828 St. Johns Thomas BICKHAM, bach, St Johns Susan BRACE, spin, St Johns Maria Knight, Charles Batstone -
Nov 10 1828 St. Johns John DANIEL, bach, St Johns Hannah BAKER, widow, St Johns John Chafey, J. Bacon -
Nov 12 1828 St. Johns William JACKSON, bach, Lance Corp., RVC, St Johns Esther JOICEY, widow, St Johns John Stevenson, E. Broadhead -
Nov 13 1828 St. Johns Thomas Janes/James? MARTIN, bach, St Johns Anne MURREN, spin, St Johns Thomas Martin, Jane Martin -
Nov 16 1828 St. Johns Pascoe CARTER, bach, St Johns Daria RADFORD, spin, St Johns Charles Radford, J. Bacon -
Nov 17 1828 St. Johns William BREWER, widower, St Johns Mary BOLT, spin, St Johns Maria Knight, J. Bacon -
Nov 22 1828 St. Johns John MEARLES, bach, St Johns Mary BUCKLEY, spin, St Johns Sarah Saunders, William Buckley -
Nov 27 1828 St. Johns John BARTLETT, bach, St Johns Margaret NOSEWORTHY, spin, Pouch Cove William Jenkins, Sarah Morris -
Nov 30 1828 St. Johns Alexander CHAMBERS, bach, Burgeo Mary CUMMINGS, spin, n/g John Shamber, J. Bacon -
Dec 1 1828 St. Johns John ROGERS, bach, Ferryland Mary RYAN, spin, St Johns Hugh Hamlin, Louisa Travers -
Dec 2 1828 St. Johns John Wheler COLLINGTON, bach, Lieut., RA, St Johns Jane Prudence COOKE, spin, St Johns John Campbell, Eliza Cooke -
Dec 2 1828 St. Johns John PERCY, bach, St Johns Jane BATT, spin, St Johns James N. House, William J. Antell -
Dec 3 1828 St. Johns David COXSON, bach, watchmaker, St Johns Charlotte FREEMAN, spin, St Johns Elizabeth Bennett, John Woods -
Dec 4 1828 St. Johns Thomas BARRON, bach, St Johns Mary MACKENZIE, spin, St Johns Edward Edwards, Frs.? McAttansoney? -
Dec 12 1828 St. Johns Robert John PINSENT, bach, merchant, Port de Grave Louisa Broom WILLIAMS, spin, St Johns Caroline Williams, Olivia Pack -
Dec 16 1828 St. Johns Robert MOORE, bach, St Johns Patience RYAN, widow, St Johns Emma Stansbury, John Soper -
Dec 18 1828 St. Johns Thomas GREEN, widower, St Johns Mary EARLE, spin, St Johns Thomas Hennessey, Elizabeth Sutton -
Dec 19 1828 St. Johns Stephen LAWLOR, widower, merchant, St Johns Louisa GRAY, spin, St Johns Patrick Doyle, John Ryan -
Dec 22 1828 St. Johns William MITCHELMORE, bach, St Johns Sarah MORRIS, spin, St Johns Ann McLarty, J. Bacon -
Dec 23 1828 St. Johns Alfred WILSON, bach, St Johns Jane Thistle HILLYARD, spin, St Johns Ann Sarah Beverley, John Shea -
Jan 2 1829 St. Johns William PICKER?, bach, St Johns Susanna HAMLIN, spin, St Johns J. Bacon, Martha Hamlin -
Jan 6 1829 St. Johns John LINSCOTT, widower, St Johns Ann AYLWARD, widow, St Johns Catherine Meagher, Thomas Green -
Feb 17 1829 St. Johns Richard VOYSEY, widower, St Johns Catherine JENNINGS, spin, St Johns John Broom, J. Bacon -
Feb 23 1829 St. Johns William MAYS, bach, Portugal Cove Susanna HIBBS, spin, Portugal Cove Solomon Churchill, J. Bacon -
Mar 27 1829 St. Johns John RITCHIE, bach, St Johns Catherine McNAMARA, spin, St Johns George Rennell, Eliza McPherson -
Apr 25 1829 St. Johns James MAYS/MAYO?, bach, St Johns Mary DAGWELL, spin, St Johns Frances King, Elizabeth King -
Apr 30 1829 St. Johns John TALBOT, bach, St Johns Mary HILLIER, widow, St Johns Mary Hillier, John Brine -
May 5 1829 St. Johns William CLARKE, bach, Trinity Anne BUCKLEY, spin, St Johns Richard Clarke, William Buckley -
May 22 1829 St. Johns Richard BRACE, bach, St Johns Mary STEARS, spin, St Johns John Woods, Sarah Holwell -
May 23 1829 St. Johns Joseph SHEA, Esq., bach, M.D., St Johns Margaret McClacherty CARSON, spin, St Johns Bryan Robinson, Mary Carrington -
May 24 1829 St. Johns Elias WHITTLE, bach, St Johns Judith WALSH, widow, St Johns William Earle, Samuel Holwell -
Jul 1 1829 St. Johns Henry PYNN, widower, St Johns Margaret SHEA, widow, St Johns Mary Travers, John Lilly -
Jul 11 1829 St. Johns Joseph TAWAN?, widower, St Johns Mary BREHARD?/RICHARD?, spin, St Johns Susanna B Stears, Isaac Holmes -
Jul 12 1829 St. Johns John Brooks MEDUS, bach, Poole, Dorset Mary Susan Anne PHYSARD (FIZZARD?), spin, St Johns Robert Stears, John Phipard -
Jul 14 1829 St. Johns William FELEW?, bach, fisherman, St Johns Elizabeth CADWELL, spin, St Johns John Cadwell, Margaret Rent? -
Jul 15 1829 St. Johns Charles BATES, bach, Wesleyan missionary clergyman, Nfld. Sarah BEARNS, spin, St Johns John Corbett, Amelia Solomon -
Jul 20 1829 St. Johns James McPHERSON, bach, St Johns Elizabeth McNAMARA, spin, St Johns Bridget Bryan, (2nd witness noted as "illegible") -
Jul 22 1829 St. Johns Benedict QUIN, bach, St Johns Anne KIRBY, spin, St Johns Patrick Aylward, Mary Burke -
Jul 25 1829 St. Johns Samuel Wills HUTCHINGS, bach, St Johns Clementina ASH, spin, St Johns Sarah Moores, William Ash -
Aug 3 1829 St. Johns Smythe GRIFFITH, bach, Lieutenant, RN, HMS TYNE Harriett Courtenay GREEN, spin, St Johns Robert Leonard, M. Gordon -
Aug 24 1829 St. Johns George KNIGHT, bach, St Johns Frances KING, spin, St Johns Sarah Stears, Philip Knight -
Aug 29 1829 St. Johns William BEARNS, bach, St Johns Eliza PARKINS, spin, St Johns H. Bearns, Thomas Bearns -
Sep 5 1829 St. Johns James J. WISEMAN, bach, Hearts Delight Susanna STEARS, spin, St Johns Richard Brace, William Lilly -
Aug 29 1829 St. Johns Thomas GLEN, Esq., n/g, merchant, Bay Bulls Jane REID, spin, Bay Bulls Robert Job, James Eaney/Eanery? -
Sep 12 1829 St. Johns Kenneth McLEA, bach, Greenock Elizabeth BRINE, spin, St Johns Elizabeth Winter, John Sinclair -
Oct 1 1829 St. Johns William GORDON, bach, Lieutenant, RN, HMS TYNE Margaret Georgiana VIGOUREUX, spin, St Johns L. Vigoureux, M.A. Brooking -
Nov 4 1829 St. Johns Philip GRISHUE, bach, Pouch Cove Frances BRAGG, spin, Pouch Cove John Shea, Milchisedee? Bragg -
Nov 10 1829 St. Johns Robert MILLER, bach, Portugal Cove Anne CHURCHILL, spin, Portugal Cove Solomon Churchill, James Pitts -
Nov 11 1829 St. Johns Robert CHAFE, bach, Petty Harbour Martha CHAFE, spin, Petty Harbour Philip William Chafe, Edward Chafe -
Nov 16 1829 St. Johns Nicholas HARRIS, bach, St Johns Jane MORRIS, spin, St Johns Anne Rennell, Susanna Bird Stears -
Nov 18 1829 St. Johns William BOLT JR, bach, St Johns Jane ANGEL, spin, St Johns Mary Williams, Elizabeth Prowse -
Nov 18 1829 St. Johns Thomas TIDSTONE, bach, St Johns Anne ROBERTS, spin, St Johns John Emmett, Elizabeth Nurse -
Nov 23 1829 St. Johns Solomon CHURCHILL, bach, Portugal Cove Mary NEARY, spin, Portugal Cove William Hibbs, Phoebe Miller -
Nov 24 1829 St. Johns Thomas VOYSEY, bach, St Johns Jane MARTIN, spin, St Johns Richard Martin, John Classey -
Dec 2 1829 St. Johns John BROWNRIGG, bach, St Johns Elizabeth BROWNRIGG, spin, St Johns Catherine Foley, Robert Purinss? -
Dec 3 1829 St. Johns George KNIGHT, widower, St Johns Anne REANS, widow, St Johns Martha Chancey, (2nd wit "illegible") -
Dec 5 1829 St. Johns Henry TRAPNELL, bach, St Johns Sarah MOORS, spin, St Johns Mary Anne White, Humphrey Cole -
Dec 7 1829 St. Johns Robert MILLER, bach, Topsail Sarah SMITH, spin, Manuels George Smith, Phoebe Miller -
Dec 22 1829 St. Johns Eppes Thomas GADEN, bach, St Johns Jane Elizabeth BRINE, spin, St Johns Emma Gaden, Susanna Winter -
Dec 29 1829 St. Johns John CAMPBELL, bach, St Johns Elizabeth WALSH, spin, Placentia Bay William Campbell, William Earle -
Jan 1 1830 St. Johns Robert HICKS, bach, Paignton, Devon Margaret CULLETON, spin, Quidi Vidi Olivia Pack, Mary Jane Pack -
Jan 4 1830 St. Johns James COX JR, bach, St Johns Catherine BREEN, spin, St Johns Henry Bissel, John Breen -
Jan 10 1830 St. Johns Henry John SAUNDERS, bach, St Johns Mary WILLIAMS, spin, St Johns Robert Parker, Elizabeth Prowse -
Jan 14 1830 St. Johns John BULGER, Esq., bach, Lieutenant, RN. Elizabeth HOULTON, spin, St Johns Margaret Coyle, William Earle -
Apr 17 1830 St. Johns Charles HANN, bach, St Johns Anne POWER, spin, St Johns Catherine Mariner, Patrick Mahen -
Apr 20 1830 St. Johns George ANDERSON, widower, St Johns Jemima RENNEL, spin, St Johns Jane Edwards Keith, Eliza Lilley -
Apr 30 1830 St. Johns Henry PARSONS, bach, St Johns Harriett BEARNS, spin, St Johns William Valentine, Louisa Parsons -
May 8 1830 St. Johns James AXTELL, bach, St Johns Bridget HALAHEN?, spin, St Johns Andrew Heough, Elizabeth Norris -
May 13 1830 St. Johns Charles SAGES/ ?GAGES, bach, St Johns, from Totnes, Devon Mary RENEFICK?, widow, St Johns James Efford, Catherine Bulger -
May 13 1830 St. Johns John HANLEY, bach, merchant, St Johns Susanna Butler FRY, spin, St Johns Maria Pamela Walsh, John Shea She was b Jul 31 1804 to John & Mary FRY; bap at Congregational Church, St Johns
June 5 1830 St. Johns James WARREN, widower, Hants Harbour Isabella REED, widow, St Johns John Woods, William Petten -
June 8 1830 St. Johns Ellis HAYWARD, bach, St Johns Anne NORRIS, widow, St Johns Alice Birchill, William Birchill -
June 10 1830 St. Johns John WYATT, bach, St Johns Catherine WYSE, spin, St Johns Robert Pack, Mary Dalton -
June 29 1830 St. Johns William Henry MORDEN, bach, St Johns Ellen RICHARDSON, widow, St Johns Olivia Pack, George Dalton -
Jul 8 1830 St. Johns Charles COOPER, bach, St Johns Susanna WINTER, spin, St Johns Anne Rennell, Elizabeth Winter -
Jul 9 1830 St. Johns Charles BATSTONE, bach, St Johns Maria KNIGHT, spin, St Johns Eliza Lilly, Ann Lilly This couple moved to Nippers Harbour, Green Bay, Notre Dame Bay
Jul 24 1830 St. Johns William VALLANCE, Esq., bach, St Johns Margaret McGill DUNSCOMBE, spin, St Johns Eliza Dunscombe, Carolina Dunscombe -
Jul 24 1830 St. Johns John WOODS, bach, St Johns Margaret KENNY, spin, St Johns William Earle, Mary Tobin -
Jul 26 1830 St. Johns William LILLY, bach, St Johns Susanna McALISTER, widow, St Johns Robert J. Parsons, John Norris -
Aug 9 1830 St. Johns William BUTT, bach, Broad Cove Joanna EVANS, spin, Pouch Cove James Evans, Joseph Bedford -
Aug 14 1830 St. Johns John WINTER, widower, St Johns Anne RENNELL, spin, St Johns Elizabeth Winter, Lucretia Winter -
Aug 17 1830 St. Johns Thomas PRENDERGAST, bach, Quidi Vidi Jane BRACE, widow, Quidi Vidi Catherine McGrath, William Earle -
Aug 21 1830 St. Johns John Moore GODET, Esq., bach, Bermuda Emily STEVENS, spin, St Johns Nicholas J. Gill, E.F. Gill -
Sep 5 1830 St. Johns John LEWIS, bach, St Johns Susan? STOKES, spin, St Johns Mary Newmore, Thomas Stokes -
Sep 30 1830 St. Johns Andrew STEWART, bach, St Johns Agnes WILSON, spin, St Johns William King, Agnes Norris -
Oct 1 1830 St. Johns William BROWN, bach, Fogo Mary MILLER, spin, St Johns Robert Furness, George Ebb -
Oct 16 1830 St. Johns John WAKEHAM, bach, St Johns Susanna TUCKER, spin, St Johns John Cropman, Jane Cropman -
Nov 3 1830 St. Johns Joseph DAVISON, bach, Falmouth NS Anne CARROLL, spin, St Johns James Woods, Catherine Warner -
Nov 6 1830 St. Johns James SWAN, bach, Stevenstone, Ayrshire Elizabeth SNOOK, spin, St Johns William Jackson, Mary James -
Nov 10 1830 St. Johns Charles COOMBS, bach, Shaftesbury, Dorset Jane MORKIFF?, spin, Waterford William Earle, Maria Snooks -
Nov 14 1830 St. Johns Philip PIPPY, bach, St Johns Anne GURNER, spin, St Johns Jane Cropman, John Cropman -
Nov 18 1830 St. Johns Abraham CRICKETON, bach, Marldon?, England Mary KENNEDY, spin, n/g Bridget Ryan, Richard Furneaux -
Nov 19 1830 St. Johns Nicholas NEWELL, widower, Pouch Cove Anne ROBERTS, widow, Adams Cove Thomas W. Bowdike, Maria Batstone -
Nov 23 1830 St. Johns John GRISHUE, bach, Pouch Cove Martha GRISHUE, spin, Pouch Cove Sarah Ryan, William Williams -
Nov 24 1830 St. Johns Timothy SHIPTON, bach, Easton Gray, Wiltshire Elizabeth COOK, spin, St Johns John Cook, Elvina Radford -
Nov 25 1830 St. Johns Edward ANGELL, bach, St Johns Elizabeth WILLIAMS, spin, Bay Bulls Elizabeth Prowse, Mary Saunders -
Dec 16 1830 St. Johns Thomas KNIGHT, bach, St Johns Ann VINICOMB, spin, St Johns Michael Knight, Sophia Buchan -
Dec 22 1830 St. Johns John William SAUNDERS, widower, merchant, Renews Mary STRACHAN, widow, St Johns Maria Winter, George Winter -
Dec 30 1830 St. Johns John SOPER, bach, St Johns Elizabeth BENNETT, widow, St Johns Elizabeth Prowse, Mark Coxson -
Jan 5 1831 St. Johns Eliazer THORNTON, widower, Dover, Kent Elizabeth NURSE, spin, St Johns Elizabeth Rendle, John Crute From her father's will; known to be the dau of Thomas & Mary Nurse; later remarried 1844 to Joseph Russell
Jan 6 1831 St. Johns Thomas SATCHWILL, bach, Torquay, Devon Mary JANES, spin, St Johns Eunice Fry, John Stear -
Jan 6 1831 St. Johns George SHEPHERD, widower, St Johns Elizabeth McLOUCHLIN, widow, St Johns William Earle, James Richard -
Jan 15 1831 St. Johns James STEWART, bach, Stirling, Scotland Maria SNOOK, spin, St Johns Robert Snook, Elizabeth Swan -
Mar 12 1831 St. Johns John NICHOLS, bach, merchant, St Johns Charlotte SONG/ LONG?, spin, St Johns Eliza Lilly, William Long -
Apr 14 1831 St. Johns John SAGE, bach, St Johns Anastasia RYAN, widow, St Johns William Earle, Mary Seage? -
Apr 25 1831 St. Johns William REDSTONE, bach, St Johns Anne LEWIS, spin, St Johns George Lewis, Harriett Pigot -
May 10 1831 St. Johns Adam NIGHTINGALE, bach, Church of England missionary, St Johns Maria PALMER, spin, St Johns Richard Shepherd, Mary Ann Palmer -
May 14 1831 St. Johns Noel HAMMER?, bach, St Johns Susanna WINTER, spin, St Johns Sarah Garland, James Winter -
May 17 1831 St. Johns John MOORE, bach, Biscayan(s) Cove Elizabeth NOFTALL, spin, Biscayan(s) Cove Peter Noftall Jr, Joseph Francis -
May 18 1831 St. Johns Philip BRACE, bach, Quidi Vidi Mary PRENDERGAST, spin, Quidi Vidi William Earle, Margaret Horwood -
May 20 1831 St. Johns George Henry MELVIN, bach, St Johns Elizabeth BROWN, spin, St Johns George Hatchett, John Barnard -
May 21 1831 St. Johns Charles HICKS, bach, St Johns Elizabeth PROWSE, spin, St Johns Elizabeth Prowse, Phoebe McCaubrey -
May 25 1831 St. Johns John DRYDALE, widower, St Johns Amelia PARSONS, spin, St Johns Patience Kendle, Harriett Gohie -
June 15 1831 St. Johns James Martin HAMILTON, bach, merchant, Halifax Elizabeth Mary GILL, spin, St Johns John Gill, Nicholas J. Gill -
June 30 1831 St. Johns William HART, bach, St Johns Julia B. HENLEY, spin, St Johns Frany/Fanny? Henley, Margaret W. Colman -
Aug 12 1831 St. Johns George SIMPSON, bach, Crighton? Elizabeth BAYLEY?, spin, St Johns William Darby, F. Darby -
Aug 13 1831 St. Johns Martin THOMAS, bach, Cornwall Jane CROSSMAN, spin, St Johns John Crossman, Thomas Tucker -
Sep 2 1831 St. Johns William DAY, widower, Quidi Vidi Joannah ADAMS, widow, Quidi Vidi Bridget Walsh, David Clakenny -
Sep 3 1831 St. Johns William COLLINS, widower, Serjeant, RV, St Johns Hannah COSGROVE, spin, St Johns Mary Keefe, William Harrison -
Sep 5 1831 St. Johns William NUCKY?, bach, St Johns Mary Ann HANCOCK, spin, St Johns Robert Radford, William Darby -
Sep 13 1831 St. Johns William KING, bach, Ayrshire Clementina CORBETT, spin, n/g James Gray, Sarah Stacey -
Oct 10 1831 St. Johns Christopher AYRE, Esq., bach, Plymouth Mary BIGSTY?, spin, n/g James Simms, Mary Ann Brooking -
Oct 10 1831 St. Johns John CHENY/CLUNY?, bach, Ble_is? Co., Devon Sarah GOTT, spin, n/g William Hall, L. Hutchings -
Oct 6 1831 St. Johns Lawrence KELLEY, bach, Kildare Sarah THOMPSON, spin, St Johns George Stansbury, Mary Richards -
Nov 3 1831 St. Johns Henry CHEAFE, bach, Petty Harbour Mary SNELGROVE, spin, St Johns John Cropman, Ann Cropman -
Nov 15 1831 St. Johns Samuel BURRIDGE, bach, Grates Cove Mary CHURCHILL, spin, n/g George Stansbury, George Lewis -
Nov 22 1831 St. Johns William VINCENT, bach, St Johns Margaret SHAW, spin, St Johns John Knight, John Shaw? -
Nov 22 1831 St. Johns John SULLIVAN, bach, Pouch Cove Susannah CHURCHILL, spin, Portugal Cove Richard Noseworthy, Robert Moors -
Nov 30 1831 St. Johns Charles McCALLUM, bach, Manchester Charlotte STINTAFORD, spin, St Johns Ann Brine, Susanna Harris -
Dec 14 1831 St. Johns William WHITTEN, bach, St Johns Anne BUTLER, spin, St Johns George Clements, William Campbell -
Dec 21 1831 St. Johns Thomas HALL, bach, Torquay, Devon Catherine CULLETON, spin, St Johns Joseph Tratt/Teatt?, Catherine Coyle -
Dec 27 1831 St. Johns James B. COX, bach, St Johns Jane ROSE, spin, Fortune Bay Samuel Cox, Mary McLarty -
Jan 2 1832 St. Johns John GLANVILLE, widower, St Johns Margaret DANIEL, spin, St Johns Frederica Carrington, Julia Carrington -
Jan 7 1832 St. Johns George BIDDISCOMBE, widower, St Johns Anne DOWDEN, spin, St Johns Thomas Cocke?, Joseph Cook -
Jan 14 1832 St. Johns Ralph Francis TRIMMINGHAM, Esq., bach, St Johns Ann BRINE, spin, St Johns Eliza Brine, Louisa Brine -
Feb 4 1832 St. Johns John LAMGED/ LAMPED?, bach, Dartmouth Elizabeth VAVASOUR, spin, St Johns William Bates, Mary Hamlin -
Feb 11 1832 St. Johns Hugh MARTIN, bach, P.R.V., St Johns Alice DALTON, spin, St Johns Mary Coady, Bernard Megue? -
Feb 28 1832 St. Johns John SINCLAIR, bach, merchant, St Johns Janet THOMPSON, spin, Glasgow George Bayley, John Shea -
Mar 3 1832 St. Johns Andrew LENNOX, bach, Firhoultown? Sarah COOKE, spin, St Johns Alex Norris?, Agnes Norris -
Mar 22 1832 St. Johns Charles COFFIN, bach, Prince Edward Island Harriet PIGGOTT, spin, St Johns Andrew Coffin, Margaret Moore -
Mar 28 1832 St. Johns David ROGERS, bach, Poole Mary Ann VEY, spin, St Johns John Butler, John Woods -
Mar 29 1832 St. Johns Edward Lee MOORE, Esq., bach, Waterford Ruth Ann NEWSON, spin, New York State Betta Moore, Anne Moore -
Apr 19 1832 St. Johns John RYAN, bach, St Johns Sarah BOLAND, spin, St Johns Richard Boland, Mary Jane Pack -
Apr 23 1832 St. Johns Thomas TUCKER, bach, Thulston?/ Thuldon?, Devon Mary JOHNSTON, spin, St Johns James/Jonas? Harvey, Martha Hamlin -
Apr 24 1832 St. Johns John ELLIS, bach, Thopsham (Topsham), Devon Jane BRINE, spin, St Johns John Brine, Elizabeth Brine -
Apr 28 1832 St. Johns Matthias HAWKINS, bach, Poole Elizabeth HARRISON, spin, St Johns James Harrison, Ann Crossman -
May 1 1832 St. Johns John EMMETT, bach, Buckfastleigh, Devon Sarah ROBERTS, spin, St Johns Thomas Lidstone, Mary Killen? -
May 1 1832 St. Johns Thomas JOHNSTON, bach, St Johns Mary COSGROVE, widow, St Johns Joanna Cantwell, Daniel Kielley -
May 25 1832 St. Johns Joseph BUTLER, bach, occupation "S.S.", St Johns Mary GORMAN?, spin, St Johns Thomas Prowse, Priscilla Williams -
June 5 1832 St. Johns James Hayes BROOMFIELD, bach, Poole Sarah Lander? Croft PHYSARD, spin, St Johns Robert Stears, John Phipard -
June 11 1832 St. Johns John RILEY, bach, Cape St Francis Diana NOFTALL, spin, Cape St Francis Peter Noftall, William Earle -
June 13 1832 St. Johns William MILLEY, bach, Biscayan Bay Margaret WALSH, spin, Biscayan Bay Diana Riley, R.S. Crop -
June 16 1832 St. Johns George HATFIELD, widower, Toads Cove Catherine BRINE, spin, St Johns W. Long, J.A.B.T. Westcott -
June 19 1832 St. Johns Anthony DEVANY, bach, corporal RN, St Johns Catherine FRANCIS, spin, St Johns Ellen Francis, Murdock M. Carnell -
June 30 1832 St. Johns Peter NOFTALL, bach, Cape St Francis Mary HUDSON, spin, Cape St Francis Diana Riley, Thomas Noftall -
Jul 19 1832 St. Johns George FRAMPTON Jr (or George J FRAMPTON?), bach, Poole Susanna Bird STEARS, spin, St Johns Jane Ellis, John Baine/Brine? -
Sep 4 1832 St. Johns Garland Crawford GADEN, bach, merchant, St Johns Mary Maxwell McKENZIE, spin, St Johns Emma Gaden, M.E. Saunders -
Sep 14 1832 St. Johns George MARTIN, bach, Dartmouth Anne MARTIN, spin, Newton Abbott Ann Sanders, William Waltheman? -
Sep 28 1832 St. Johns George Allen CORBIN, bach, Blandford Phebe McCOUBREY, spin, St Johns Andrew McCoubrey, William Earle -
Oct 13 1832 St. Johns David MARSHALL, bach, St Johns Mary ROBINSON, spin, St Johns E. Robinson, George Marshall David Marshall was the son of George Marshall and Anne Earle, and the grandson of David & Amy Marshall
Oct 24 1832 St. Johns John DUFFETT, bach, Bay de Verde Anne COISH, spin, Bay de Verde William Earle, Mary Murphy -
Nov 1 1832 St. Johns Thomas BUTT, bach, St Johns Anne KNIGHT, spin, St Johns Julia Butt, Henry Knight -
Nov 8 1832 St. Johns Henry EDSTROM, bach, St Johns Mary MURPHY, spin, St Johns Thomas Ebstrom*, Charles Ebstrom* *witnesses' surnames may be EDSTROM, considering surname of groom
Nov 8 1832 St. Johns William FRENCH, bach, St Johns Jane CADWELL, spin, St Johns Frederic Carrington, Rebecca Cadwell Jane Cadwell was the daughter of William CADWELL and Elizabeth MARSHALL and the granddaughter of David & Amy Marshall
Nov 13 1832 St. Johns Robert ASPELL, bach Bridget Euston MACKEY, spin William Earle, John Bowdin -
Nov 16 1832 St. Johns Thomas CLARKE, bach, serjeant RA, St Johns Harriett KNIGHT, spin, St Johns James Knight, Frances Knight -
Nov 28 1832 St. Johns Michael HALEY, bach, Kilkenney Elizabeth CURTIS, spin, St Johns Mary Curtis, George Patrick -
Dec 3 1832 St. Johns John WOODS, bach, St Johns Anne LONG, spin, St Johns G. Bacon, J. Freeman -
Dec 9 1832 St. Johns John GREEN, bach, Dartmouth, Devon Anne KENNEDY, spin, n/g Jane Firth, Joseph Tarvan -
Dec 17 1832 St. Johns John BICKFORD, bach, St Johns Mary BRAGGE?, spin, St Johns John Aylesbury, Margaret Ryan -
Dec 21 1832 St. Johns John HOTWILL (should be HOLWELL), bach, St Johns Elizabeth MARSHALL, spin, St Johns James Harvey, Emlyn Hill From the research of John R Holwell, John Holwell was b 1803 Torbrian Parish, Devon. Elizabeth Marshall was the daughter of Philip MARSHALL and Jane FRY, and the granddaughter of David & Amy Marshall AND the granddaughter of Francis Fry & Jane Allen.
Dec 22 1832 St. Johns Joseph Anspach? KEITH, bach, St Johns Jane Thistle WILSON, widow, St Johns James Winter, Jane Keith -
Dec 26 1832 St. Johns John Samuel CROPMAN, bach, St Johns Barbara Elizabeth MOORE, spin, St Johns Margaret Moore, Mary Ann Ryall Surname should be Crossman. Correction enabled by newspaper account of marriage.
Jan 3 1833 St. Johns Henry MAYNARD, bach, Ringwood, Hampshire Anastasia KEEFE, spin, St Johns James Pitts, William Ebsary -
Jan 16 1833 St. Johns John BRADBURY, bach, St Johns Catherine RYAN, spin, St Johns James Lilly, Mary Jane Pack -
Feb 16 1833 St. Johns James GIBSON, bach, Lanark Janet REID?/ RIND?, spin, St Johns William Freeman?, James Head/Hoad? -
Feb 19 1833 St. Johns William DODD, bach, Dartmouth Jane BRACE, spin, St Johns John Bright, T.H. Littlehales? -
Apr 16 1833 St. Johns John COUSINS Jr, bach, Teignmouth Elizabeth BALLMEN/ BELLMAN?, spin, Exmouth Charles Grills?, John Rendell -
Apr 26 1833 St. Johns George KELLEY, bach, Ta___? Comel?, Somerset Mary SLATER, spin, n/g Ellen Carroll, Mary Jane Pack -
May 1 1833 St. Johns James WOODS, bach, St Johns Lucretia POWER, spin, St Johns James Lilley, Julia Carrington -
May 6 1833 St. Johns William PARSLEY, bach, Annandale, Scotland Anastasia REAN?, spin, n/g John Blot, William Earle -
May 21 1833 St. Johns William Mudge DAVIS, bach, Dawlish Mary EAGEN, spin, Waterford Robert Knight, Henry Lilly -
May 24 1833 St. Johns William FAULKNER, bach, Wesleyan missionary, Marchesfield? Louisa PARSONS, spin, St Johns William Freeman, Amelia Parsons -
June 22 1833 St. Johns James CONELLY, bach Catherine COADY, widow Thomas Myles, Robert Corbett -
Jul 19 1833 St. Johns Thomas DAMARELL, bach, Stoke Fleming, Devon Mary Anne HEDDON, spin, Dittisham William Earle, John Sorney? -
Jul 21 1833 St. Johns John MOWAT, bach, Edinburgh Margaret DUNN, spin, St Johns Gilbert Sinclair, A.H. Newman -
Jul 25 1833 St. Johns Thomas DUNSTILL, bach, East Dean, Sussex Ellen McDONALD, spin, St Johns Robert Pack, Eliza Murphy -
Aug 1 1833 St. Johns William LUSH, bach, Paignton, Devon Margaret TANNON, spin, St Johns C. Ryall, Anne Samson -
Aug 13 1833 St. Johns Gilbert SINCLAIR, bach, Edinburgh Catherine FITZGERALD, spin, St Johns Sophia Sydney Montgomery, Alex McNanon -
Aug 15 1833 St. Johns Thomas HARRAHIN, bach, Liverpool Jane THOMS/THOMAS/THOMES?, widow, St Johns James Barter, Thomas Tucker -
Aug 31 1833 St. Johns George RIFFIN, bach, Poole Anne BALL, spin, St Johns Margaret Morris, Thomas W. Ball -
Sep 16 1833 St. Johns William LEWIS, bach, St Johns Elizabeth ROBINSON, spin, St Johns Ann Redston, George Lewis -
Oct 20 1833 St. Johns Thomas WALKER?, widower, St Johns Anne YON?, widow, St Johns Edmund Dwyer, Phillis Kenney -
Oct 20 1833 St. Johns John HOLLETT, bach, Adams Cove Anne HISCOCK, spin, Torbay William Wills, William Earle -
Oct 23 1833 St. Johns Joseph VYE, bach, Sherborne, Dorset Sarah PENNELL, spin, Kingsbridge, Devon Mary Prowse, William Earle -
Oct 31 1833 St. Johns James BOAY/ BOAG?, bach, merchant, St Johns Jane Elizabeth FIRTH, spin, St Johns Sarah Penchard?/Perchard?, Jean? Buchan Blackie -
Oct 31 1833 St. Johns John SEALY, bach, St Johns Phoebe MARSHALL, spin, St Johns Elizabeth Lewis, Rebecca Cadwell John Sealey was originally from Teignmouth, Devon. Phoebe Marshall is believed to be the daughter of George Marshall & Ann Earle and the granddaughter of David & Amy Marshall
Oct 31 1833 St. Johns George RINGSBURY, bach, St Johns Mary Anne WHEELER, spin, St Johns J.A. Wheeler, William Earle -
Nov 2 1833 St. Johns Andrew MILLEY, bach, Cape St Francis Joanna GOLDSWORTHY, spin, Cape St Francis Mary Breen, John Keating -
Nov 9 1833 St. Johns John BARTER, bach, St Johns Anne PHELAN, spin, St Johns James Phelan, Bridget Phelan -
Nov 9 1833 St. Johns George AYRE, bach, Newton, Devon Mary PENDERGRAST, widow, St Johns Maria Batstone, Charles Batstone -
Nov 13 1833 St. Johns William DOWDEN, bach, St Johns Anne SIEVIER, spin, St Johns Garland Sievier, George Biddiscombe -
Nov 14 1833 St. Johns Charles McCARTHY, bach Anne HAYWARD, spin Elizabeth Philips, Robert Loniden? -
Nov 26 1833 St. Johns Samuel WILLS, bach, Torquay Emlyn HILL?, spin, St Johns Nathaniel Hill, Jane Rendle -
Nov 28 1833 St. Johns Robert FRENCH, bach, St Johns Mary LAYMAN, spin, St Johns Jonas? Croker, William Earle -
Dec 3 1833 St. Johns William BROCKINGTON, bach, Bawlish (Dawlish?), Devon Abigail LOVEYS, spin, St Johns John Stickley, Elizabeth Loveys -
Dec 4 1833 St. Johns Robert HORWOOD, bach, Quidi Vidi Mary MURRIN, spin, Quidi Vidi John Horwood, William Earle -
Dec 7 1833 St. Johns James JANES, bach, St Johns Sarah HARWARD?, spin, St Johns Charlotte Thomes/Thomas?, John Fry -
Dec 8 1833 St. Johns Thomas HARRISON, widower, L.Serjeant, RV, St Johns Eleanor WEBSTER, spin, St Johns Harriett Bingham, William Earle -
Dec 9 1833 St. Johns Thomas CAVE, bach, Pouch Cove Sarah THISTLE, spin, Pouch Cove Eliza Cooke, George Marvell? -
Dec 13 1833 St. Johns Henry BEST, bach, Torbay Mary ANTHONY, widow, Torbay William Earle, Hannah Snow -
Jan 25 1834 St. Johns Robert HOWIS?, bach, Priv. RV, St Johns Margaret WHITE/WHITEN?, spin, St Johns A. Whiten?, William Earle -
Jan 25 1834 St. Johns James MILTON?, bach, St Johns Elizabeth RING, widow, St Johns William Flext, Frederica Carrington -
Feb 5 1834 St. Johns Nicholas MUDGE, bach, merchant, St Johns Mary LANGLEY, spin, St Johns Ellen Langley, Eliza Langley -
Feb 9 1834 St. Johns Charles THOMPSON, bach, Liverpool Anne HAYWARD, widow, St Johns John Soper, Elizabeth Topon -
Feb 12 1834 St. Johns Charles SMYTH, bach, New York Anne LEY, spin, St Johns Thomas McDonald, Catherine Cullen -
May 8 1834 St. Johns John PHYSAID (PHYSARD?), bach, St Johns Elizabeth THOMAS/THOMES?, spin, St Johns Louisa Physard, Lionel Chancey -
May 10 1834 St. Johns Henry HARTNOLD, bach, Bay Bulls Joanna CROCKWELL, spin, Teignmouth Jane Kennedy, William Crockwell -
May 27 1834 St. Johns Henry PHILLIPS, bach, St Johns Mary PARDY, spin, Trinity Elizabeth Phillips, Rob. Holden -
June 4 1834 St. Johns Charles WALKER, bach, Poole Elizabeth MOORCROFT, spin, St Johns Rebecca Goodacre, Ann Rowe -
June 9 1834 St. Johns Richard PERCHARD Jr, bach, merchant, St Johns Jane OLIPHANT, spin, Leith Garland C Gaden, Mary M Firth -
June 15 1834 St. Johns George SEYMOUR, bach, Poole Isabella PILLEY, spin, St Johns William Stabgood, William Earle -
Jul 1 1834 St. Johns Joshua GREEN, Esq., bach, Sub Collector HM Customs, Port de Grave Catherine Mary Robertson BAYLEY, spin, St Johns George Bayley, Ellen Green -
Jul 5 1834 St. Johns Henry SMITH Jr (or Henry J SMITH?), bach, Deptford Louisa HUTCHINGS, spin, St Johns William Earle, Reuben Hutchings -
Jul 24 1834 St. Johns Daniel FOWLER, bach, Bridport, Dorset Agnes Jane MACPHERSON, spin, St Johns Elizabeth Winter, H.J. Furneaux -
Jul 29 1834 St. Johns George WINTER Jr, bach, merchant, St Johns Leonora Sophia BRAMSCOMBE, spin, St Johns George Winter, Elizabeth Winter -
Aug 12 1834 St. Johns Philip KNIGHT, bach, St Johns Susanna WALKERS, Halifax Louisa Rains, William George -
Aug 12 1834 St. Johns Thomas BARRY, bach, n/g Margaret WHITE, spin, Bally Tap?, Wexford Charles Armstrong, William Earle -
Oct 2 1834 St. Johns Edward MINIARD, bach, Torquay Sarah COX, spin, St Johns Ann Cropman, Richard Yeo -
Oct 9 1834 St. Johns John PERKINS, widower, St Johns Catherine MACKESSEY, widow, St Johns Saley Woolacott (sic), Joseph Woolencott (sic) -
Oct 11 1834 St. Johns John YOUNG, bach, Upper Island Cove Mary BROTHERS, spin, Fermeuse Julia Carrington, Joseph Bishop -
Oct 16 1834 St. Johns Thomas Scammell SELBY, bach, Plymouth, Devon Mary Anne PARNELL, spin, Clifton Elizabeth Loveys, C.A. Newman -
Oct 25 1834 St. Johns Philip Sherwood DODELS, bach, merchant, Sydney Susanna Weston HAIRE, spin, St Johns Jeremiah Ryan, John Broom -
Oct 26 1834 St. Johns Charles WRIGHT, bach, Widford, Essex Sarah Anne BENDALL, widow, St Johns C. Touissaint, John Blundell -
Oct 30 1834 St. Johns Nicholas THOMAS/THOMES?, bach, Everwith Hannah COWLING, widow, St Johns William Earle, Richard Hillman -
Nov 1 1834 St. Johns John Charles TOUSSAINT, widower, St Johns Mary Anne COWAN, spin, St Johns William Darby/Darley?, John Lewis -
Nov 8 1834 St. Johns John HOWSON, bach, Cumberland County Lucy MACINTOSH, widow, n/g William Earle, Thomas Echtom? -
Nov 11 1834 St. Johns Robert CORBETT, bach, acting serj., RV, St Johns Margaret BAILEY, spin, St Johns James Allen, Anne Walsh -
Nov 12 1834 St. Johns Joseph FOLLETT, bach, Poole Mary BOUCHER?, spin, Burin Lucinda Bulger, S. Saunders -
Nov 13 1834 St. Johns Edward PIKE, bach, Musquitto Mary GEARY, spin, St Johns Sarah Geary, John Stentaford -
Nov 14 1834 St. Johns Abraham CLARKE, bach, Buckfastleigh, Devon Henrietta Jane HARRISON, spin, St Johns Ann Crossman, John Saunders -
Nov 14 1834 St. Johns Richard FROFT/FROST?, bach, Teignmouth, Devon Elizabeth PAYNE, spin, Aquaforte Thomas Payne, Eliza Blackler -
Nov 18 1834 St. Johns Edward PENNY, bach, Ashburton, Devon Mary LACEY, spin, St Johns Richard McGrath, Thomas Satchwill -
Nov 20 1834 St. Johns James PRESTON, bach, Drewstaignton, Devon Bridget RYAN, spin, St Johns Eleanor Kennedy, Abraham Cricketon? -
Nov 24 1834 St. Johns Henry WILLIS/ WILLS?, bach, Littlehempton, Devon Charlotte BALL, spin, St Johns Margaret Morris, Ann Griffin -
Nov 24 1834 St. Johns John STEVENSON, bach, Newcastle, Durham Martha TUCKER, spin, Poole, Dorset Mary Green, Mary W. Tucker -
Dec 1 1834 St. Johns Samuel BUTLER, bach, Southern Shore Patience DAWE, spin, n/g Jacob Taylor, William Earle -
Dec 7 1834 St. Johns Jonas CROKER, bach, Ashburton Anne JENKINS, spin, St Johns William Michaelman, Sarah Jenkins -
Dec 8 1834 St. Johns Richard BUTT, bach, St Johns Ellen CAHILL, widow, St Johns William Walsh, Elizabeth Walsh -
Dec 18 1834 St. Johns William WEBBER, bach, Staverton, Devon Mary REARDON, spin, St Johns James Thorn, RA, Robert Perk/Peck? -
Dec 23 1834 St. Johns Richard GARDNER, bach, Marldon, Devon Mary DREW, widow, n/g John Rendle, Richard Furneaux -

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