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MARRIAGES 1867 - 1963 (WITH GAP FOR PERIOD 1885-1896) FROM ORIGINAL PARISH RECORDS (taken from photocopies in the possession of Randy Whitten.

The information was transcribed by JILL MARSHALL While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

NOTE: the first group of marriages 1867-1885 were from handwritten notes and are NOT complete.Volume 33 Vital Statistics covers the period 1880-1891. Marriages from 1896 - 1963 are complete.
Information under the RESEARCH NOTES COLUMN was added by JILL MARSHALL and was NOT in the original records.

KEY: fish=fisherman, carp=carpenter, lab=labourer;

Marriage Date Groom Groom's Information Father of Groom & Occupation Bride Bride's Information Father of Bride & Occupation Witnesses Additional Info. from Minister Research Notes
Feb 25 1936 Samuel RIDOUT 23, bach, farmer, Long Pond Richard Rideout, farmer Prudence Elizabeth MORGAN 21, spin, clerk, Seal Cove Isaac Morgan, farmer Peter Ridout, Susan Batten, John Ade (sic) - -
Apr 15 1936 Henry Thomas BUTLER 21, bach, lab, Foxtrap James Butler, lab. Doris CABLE 19, spin, Foxtrap James Cable, lab. Reuben Petten, Blanch Cable - Groom's mother was Martha STANLEY; he was the grandson of Jacob Butler & Grace Janes.
May 27 1936 Ralph Harvey BLACKLER 27, bach, storekeeper, St Johns Wm. Blackler, real estate agent Thelma HYNES 21, spin, hairdresser, St Johns James Hynes, barber Stella Warfield Green, Wm. Randolph Green - -
June 11 1936 Thomas BROWN 39, bach, lab, St Johns Philip Brown, fish. Jessie MORGAN 24, spin, domestic Abram Morgan, fish. Samuel LaFosse, Charlotte LaFosse - -
June 22 1936 Thomas DeKauen?/DeKaren? Lodge MACDONALD 29, bach, druggist, St Johns Robert G. MacDonald, druggist Kathleen Iris ELLIS 25, spin, stenographer, St Johns Edward A. Ellis, engineer Winifred Black, Lilian M. Butler - -
July 15 1936 Bertram GOSSE 26, bach, farmer, Paradise Moses Gosse, farmer Lilian PARSONS 18, spin, Paradise William Parsons, butcher Charles Parsons, Louise Gosse - -
July 22 1936 John Bartlett THORNE 29, bach, mechanic, St Johns George Thorne, clerk Violet AITKEN 21, spin, clerk or waitress, St Johns William Aitken, clerk Howard E. Snow, Hilda Isabell Snow - -
Oct 12 1936 Ernest Stanley NOEL 20, bach, boilermaker, St Johns Ernest Noel, boilermaker Marion Isabel GRIMES 22, spin, clerk, St Johns Wm. Grimes, tailor Gilbert George Burden, Lorraine Grimes - -
Oct 15 1936 Matthew Leslie GREENSLADE 26, bach, farmer, Long Pond Charles Greenslade, farmer?; teacher?/trucker? Annie Beatrice RIDOUT 21, spin, Long Pond John Ridout, farmer Clarence Rideout, Peter Greenslade, Elsie (?), Penelope? Hiscott?/Hiscock? - -
Nov 4 1936 Reginald Charles NOSEWORTHY 27, bach, police constable, St Johns Charles Noseworthy, carp. Margaret RUSSELL 19, spin, Bay Roberts Isaac Russell, farmer Sadie? Grouchey, Sadie Barrett, Jack Grouchey, William Hudson - -
Nov 4 1936 Harold FOWLER 20, bach, farmer, Chamberlains John Thos. Fowler, United Towns Electric Co. Ethel MORGAN 22, spin, housemaid, Seal Cove Frederick Morgan, farmer Gordon A. Miller, Richard Carter - Groom was the grandson of George Fowler & Mary Ann Greenslade, and the great gson of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley
Nov 10 1936 Henry Clifford STONE 32, bach, clerk, St Johns Aaron Stone, commission agent Florence May BRAZILL 30, spin, clerk, St Johns John Brazil, clerk Stella Brazill, Wm. H. Anthony, Mrs. Anthony, Richard Brazil. - -
Nov 10 1936 Howard CHAFE 40, bach, fish, Petty Hr. Jacob Chafe, fish. Leila Sarah CARTER (nee PYNN) 31, widow, St Johns/Petty Hr John PYNN, builder & contractor Joshua Winsor, ?Ettie (illegible) - Groom's mother was Susan Winsor Chafe; he was born Oct 27 1895, the grandson of Sarah Elizabeth CHAFE & Andrew CHAFE, great grandson of Harriett CHAFE & Jacob CHAFE, and gg-gs of Samuel CHAFE & Mary MARSHALL.
Nov 12 1936 Berkley Elliott NOSEWORTHY 23, bach, truckman, St Johns Jacob Noseworthy, fireman Ada Laura MARTIN 25, spin, trades lady, St Johns William Martin, truckman William Clifton Martin, Laura Marcella Roberts NOTE on side says ''5 Gear St'' -
Dec 2 1936 Ronald George FOWLER 30, bach, farmer, Chamberlains Joseph Fowler, farmer Minnie EASON 20, spin, domestic, Manuels Herbert Eason, farmer Myrtis Eason, rest illegible - Ronald George's mother was Anne WESTCOTT; he was the grandson of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley
Dec 15 1936 Clarence Theodore SNOW 24, bach, farmer, Topsail Alexander Snow, farmer Sarah MARSHALL 27, spin, domestic, South River CB Abrahm Marshall, lab. Eric Snow, Hazel F. Haley - -
May 10 1937 Leslie HOOKEY 34, bach, Supt. Institute (for the) Blind, St Johns John Hookey, broom manufacturer Ruth Priscilla SNOW 24, spin, St Johns Edwin T. Snow, manager Carl? W? Hookey, (?) Snow, Bertha Hookey, Annie Snow - -
June 7 1937 Clarence Harry NEWELL 23, widower, clerk, St Johns Richard Newell, civil servant Emma Evelyn NOSEWORTHY 22, spin, St Johns Philip John Noseworthy, upholsterer Stanley Newell, Hettie Noseworthy, Philip John Noseworthy - -
June 10 1937 William John JOCELYN 67, widower, carriage builder, St Johns John Jocelyn, farmer Ethel Maud GODDEN (nee SHAMBLER) 44, widow, St Johns John B. Shambler, carp. Harry Bugden, Lilian M. Butler - -
June 14 1937 Albert Lloyd COURTNEY 24, bach, bus driver, St Johns Samuel Courtney, farmer Myrtle Eileen GREENSLADE 22, spin, domestic, Long Pond John Greenslade, carp. William George Greeley, Helen Greenslade - -
June 16 1937 Frederick Irvine RENDELL 30, bach, commission merchant, St Johns James D. Rendell, business manager Isabel Mitchell PITTMAN 25, spin, sales lady, St Johns Arthur Pittman, plumber Allan C. Pittman, Jean D? Fintan - -
July 17 1937 George Reginald EARLE 25, bach, dry cleaner, St Johns Weston Samuel Earle, tailor Chloris Louise BOWDRIDGE 27, spin, nursing, St Johns/Deer Lake Reuben Frederick Bowdridge, merchant Queenie J. Vallis, ?Albert Driscoll - -
Aug 10 1937 Philip PETTEN 21, bach, farmer, Middle Bight Nicholas Petten, butcher Mabel SCOTT 19, spin, domestic, Upper Gullies Joseph Scott, farmer Garland Petten, Gertrude Dawe - -
Aug 19 1937 George Thomas OLIVERE 24, bach, draper, St Johns Wm. Geo. Olivere, draper Dora Elizabeth JAMES 21, spin, saleslady, St Johns Cecil S. James, acct. William Ira Carbery?, Ruby Millicent Olivere - NOTE: bride signed as Elizabeth Dora.
Aug 24 1937 Morley Byron BURSEY 26, bach, fish exporter, St Johns Wm. James Bursey, fish exporter Catherine Ingrid EDGECOMBE 29, spin, teacher, St Johns Fred. Chas. Edgecombe, clerk Robert M Barrett, Olive M. Bursell - Morley B Bursey was born 1912 OLD PERLICAN: his mother was Lilly Ella Hudson. He was the grandson of James BURSEY & Matilda BURRIDGE. Catherine died 1955 Dominican Republic. Morley married (2) 1956 to Josephine Mary Bass.
Sep 8 1937 Victor Randolph REID 30, bach, manager, Terra Nova Motors, Grand Falls John Reid, lab., deceased Bessie Eleanor Gribble WILLIAMS 30, spin, Pleasant St, St Johns Robert Williams, foreman carp. Calvert Reid, Robert Williams, Annie Florence Williams, Clara Best, Susie Reid. - -
Oct 2 1937 Jesse GRUCHY 27, bach, druggist, St Johns Albert Gruchy, storekeeper Edith Mary Myrtle OSMOND 25, spin, St Johns Nathan Osmond, stevedore Allan Macpherson King, Elizabeth King - -
Oct 13 1937 Frederick William BISHOP 31, bach, salesman, St Johns Elijah Bishop, engineer Clara Violet ROBERTS 27, spin, St Johns George Roberts, carp. Joseph William Buller Jeans, Annie Arnold Bishop - -
Nov 4 1937 James Wilson GREEN 32, bach, fish, Winterton TB John Green, fish. Sarah Maud KELLAND 25, spin, domestic, Topsail (Winterton) Harold Kelland, carp. Harold Kelland, Louisa Pinhorn, Gertrude Piercey, Eric Chaytor - -
Dec 24 1937 Clarence TILLEY 43, bach, electrician, Kelligrews George Tilley, fish. Elizabeth GREENSLADE (nee DAWE) 50, widow, Long Pond Charles DAWE, farmer Rachel Dawe, Jacob Dawe - Clarence's mother was Patience Kennedy
Apr 21 1938 Daniel DELANEY 27, bach, farmer, Foxtrap Richard Delaney, farmer Mary Emma DAWE 26, spin, domestic, Seal Cove Samuel Dawe, farmer Sylvester Hiscock, Eldred Kennedy - -
Apr 25 1938 Robert Moore BARRETT 26, bach, book keeper, St Johns William J. Barrett, undertaker Olive Marguerite BURSELL 26, spin, reg. nurse, St Johns Sidney E. Bursell, acct. Evelyn M. Butler, Alexr. M.H. Graham - -
Apr 27 1938 Maxwell Gordon TILLEY 33, bach, mechanic, Kelligrews George Alfred Tilley, farmer Rachel PORTER 20, spin, domestic, Middle Bight Wm. Jas. Porter, lab. May Tilley, Fred. J. Tilley - Maxwell G Tilley's mother was Esther ANDREWS; he was the grandson of Joseph TILLEY & Agnes Jane ANDREWS, and the grandson also of Henry William ANDREWS & Anne COATES.
June 1 1938 Gerald SUMMERS 24, bach, truckman, Quidi Vidi Road, St Johns George Summers, truckman Winnifred Laura COOK 24, spin, White Hills, St Johns Arthur Cook, farmer. Wallace Simms, Allison Cook, Charles Summers - -
June 2 1938 Edwin James LEARNING 20, bach, plumber, Quidi Vidi, St Johns John Learning, wheelwright Maheal Maud DAY 17, spin, Quidi Vidi, St Johns Walter Day, cook Wm. P. Squires, Walter Day, Mrs. Mary Squires - -
June 14 1938 Henry Charles SNOW 27, bahc, cashier, St Johns Chas. Ed. Snow, business manager Phyllis Jean COULTAS 21, spin, St Johns Herbert Coultas, postal clerk Lewis G. Cook, Phyllis Windsor - -
June 17 1938 Douglas SHEPPARD 28, bach, clerk, Bell Island Joseph Sheppard, Inspector of Mines Mary Jane GOSSE 25, spin, waitress, Spaniards Bay John W. Gosse, lab. Alex. Baird, Stella Skiffington - -
June 22 1938 Clifford Randolph HANN* 25, bach, steward, Lewisporte Roland HANN*, woodsman Audrey Edith Cavell LEARNING 22, spin, St Johns Samuel Learning, cooper Eric H. Learning, Gertrude Hiscock - Clifford was born circa Aug 1913 Botwood; his true surname was HAYWARD, the son of Roland HAYWARD & Matilda Ann LANGDON: his father Roland was the son of Thomas HAYWARD & Emma COISH, but was adopted and raised by a HANN family, and alternated between the HAYWARD and HANN surnames. Clifford was listed with the surname HAYWARD in the 1921 Census for Lewisporte North.
June 23 1938 Charles Wesley HODDINOTT 28, bach, acct, Greenspond Samuel Hoddinott, storekeeper Lilian Blanche LAITE 23, spin, saleslady, St Johns George Laite, cooper Isa Louise Hoddinott, Mrs. G. Laite - -
June 30 1938 George CRITCH 23, bach, clerk, St Johns John T. Critch, cooper Effie Gladys CRITCH 22, spin, domestic, Hants Harbour Hedley Critch, farmer Irene Walters, Cornelius Walters - George Critch was born circa Jan 1914 St Johns (1921 Census): his mother was Anne REED; Effie was born circa Mar 1916 Hants Hr; her mother was Melina (nee unknown).
July 11 1938 John HARDING 25. back, truck driver, St Johns Herbert Harding, truck driver Margaret Frances JONES 22, spin, St Johns Ernest Jones, mechanic Llewellyn Jones, ?Linda Haley, Joseph Harding, Alma Ruth Clark - -
Aug 16 1938 Arthur MOORE 31, bach, bank clerk, St Johns James A. Moore, storekeeper Edna Mae SPURRELL 31, spin, stenographer, St Johns Edward D. Spurrell, merchant/tailor Chesley Moore, E.W. Spurrell, Mollie Spurrell - -
Aug 18 1938 Nathaniel MOORE 24, bach, miner, Buchans Nathaniel Moore, lab. Kathleen Taylor SHEPHERD 24, spin, The Broads, Clarkes Beach William Taylor (n/g) Everett J. Moore, Mrs. Josiah Moore - -
Aug 24 1938 James Caldwell PHILLIPPS 26, bach, clerk, Buchans William J. Phillipps, clerk Irma Davis BURSELL 28, spin, registered nurse, Topsail James K. Bursell, merchant Carl A. Howse, James T Sewell?, Valda F. Berg, Elaptha? Crawford? - -
Aug 26 1938 Clarence Craig EDDY 22, bach, taxi driver, St Johns Charles Eddy, taxi driver Lilian SUMMERS 21, spin, St Johns Peter Summers, truckman William Summers, Mrs. Wm. Summers - -
Aug 29 1938 James Alexander HENNEBURY 42, widower, masseur, St Johns Geo. M. Hennebury, printer Isabel ANDREWS 37, spin, acct, St Johns Henry Andrews, carp. E.S? Hennebury, Mina Louise Hibbs - James A Hennebury's mother was Elizabeth Ann GULLIVER; he died Apr 26 1966 St Clares Hosp age 70 yrs; Isabel died June 15 1973 St Johns, age 73.
Sep 3 1938 Reginald CHURCHILL 20, bach, truckman, Portugal Cove George Churchill, merchant Annie Beatrice DYKE 24, spin, Salvage BB John W. Dyke, fish. Bertram B__r_r? Sparkes, Mary Jane Chafe - -
Sep 4 1938 Ernest Frank LOCKE 22, bach, lab, St Johns Walter Locke, lab. Mary Grace TAYLOR 26, spin, domestic, St Johns Eliphalet? Taylor, fish. Alex Squires, Lenora Squires NOTE in margin: 76 Bannerman St. -
Sep 20 1938 Eric Hubert LEARNING 26, bach, lab, St Johns Absalom J. Learning, ships husband Elvina/Elvira? GOSSE 23, spin, domestic, Spaniards Bay Solomon Gosse, lab. Edgar Adams, Mrs. Edgar Adams MARGIN NOTE: 69 South Side East -
Sep 28 1938 Maxwell Henry NELDER 30, bach, iron moulder, St Johns (St Marys) William Nelder, storekeeper Lucy Helena ROBERTS 29, spin, St Johns (St Thomas) Arthur Roberts, fish. Jennie Lovey?, Frank Nelder MARGIN NOTE: 21 Coronation St -
Oct 3 1938 Loil Kitchener SQUIRES 23, bach, boiler maker, St Johns (St Marys) Wm. J. Squires, checker, Gov. Railway Dorothy Selma MOORE 21, spin, stenographer, St Johns (UC) John Moore, supt. steward, Gov. Railway Phyllis Hapgood, Richard Hapgood MARGIN NOTE: 59 Craigmillar? Ave -
Nov 4 1938 Alexander BAIRD 22, bach, painter, St Johns Herbert Baird, fireman Isabel SHEPPARD 24, spin, saleslady, Bell Island Joseph Sheppard, general inspector Bernard Rose, Florence Pynn MARGIN NOTE: 35? Pleasant St -
Nov 8 1938 Ralph GOVER 24, bach, miner, Bell Island (Ch.Eng.) Samuel? Gover, teacher Marjorie HUNT 20, spin, saleslady, Bell Island (S.A.) Weston Hunt, blacksmith Kirby Hunt, Gertrude Reader MARGIN NOTE: illegible -
Nov 23 1938 Cyril John Nathaniel BUTLER 25, bach, civil servant, Bell Island Benjamin Butler, clerk Edith Delphine HALEY 25, spin, teacher, Topsail. William James Haley, farmer William Henry Dare, Hazel F. Haley - Groom's mother was Margaret Alice Squires; bride's mother was Caroline Snow. Edith was the granddau of Anne FOWLER & Elijah SNOW, and the great gdau of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley.
Dec 31 1938 Gordon BARNES 25, bach, linesman, U.T.E., St Johns Walter Barnes, linesman Jessie Irene MERCER 23, spin, Chamberlains John Francis Mercer, farmer Wallace Cornage?, Charlotte Squires, Bert Hiscock - -
Feb 15 1939 Hubert SQUIRES 36, bach, farmer, Topsail Nathan Squires, farmer Margaret BOLAND (nee BUTTON) 35, widow, domestic, Chamberlains William BUTTON, teacher Hubert Fowler, Wm. T. Dowden, Mrs. Hubert Fowler - -
Apr 19 1939 Charles Gordon KENNEDY 24, bach, farmer, Foxtrap Thomas Kennedy, farmer Stella RIDEOUT 19, spin, Long Pond William Kennedy Rideout, farmer Rhoda Hiscock, Walter Hiscock - -
May 1 1939 Cecil John BARNES 21, bach, clerk, St John (Cath*) henry Barnes, caretaker Marie SPENCER 18, spin, St Johns (St Michaels) Edward Spencer, salesman Thomas Barnes, Cloris? Forsey, Isaac Barnes - *''Cath'' likely refers to the groom belonging to the Anglican Cathedral of St John the Baptist .
June 15 1939 Alexander Herbert ANDREWS 25, bach, porter, G.P.O., St Johns (St Thomas) George H. Andrews, printer Phyllis Frances DAWE 21, spin, saleslady, St Johns Job Dawe, seaman William Aitken, Jean E. Davis - -
July 10 1939 Matthew Stanley LYNCH 30, bach, linesman, Nfld Light, Paradise David Lynch, farmer Elsie SHARPE 21, spin, Paradise Thomas Sharpe, farmer William Thomas Lynch, Gertrude Sharpe, Mabel Lynch - -
July 22 1939 Frank MEADUS 30, bach, clerk, St Johns (Meth) Henry R. Meadus, lab. Gertrude Frances BADCOCK 29, spin, clerk, St Johns (CE) George H. Badcock, civil servant (illegible), M.H. MacPherson - -
Aug 25 1939 Arthur Henry WAKELY 23, bach, clerk, St Johns (Ch. Eng.) Isaac Wakely, broker Evelyn Beatrice BARRETT 24, spin, clerk, St Johns (UC) Jacob Barrett, truckman Robt. K. Hayward, Marjorie Barrett, Cyril Barrett - -
Sep 16 1939 Arthur Roy Letham HUSSEY 21, bach, taxi driver, Portugal Cove (UC) Azariah Hussey, mailman Armorel Clarice MITCHELL 21, spin, nurse, Portugal Cove (CE) Archibald Mitchell, fish. Violet E? Cook, Henry Somerton, Donald Mitchell - -
Sep 28 1939 Kirby HUNT 23, bach, taxi driver, Wabana (CE) Weston Hunt, blacksmith Gertrude READER 22, spin, Wabana (UC) William Reader, miner Charlie Tilley, Eleanor Tilley - -
Sep 30 1939 George CANNING 30, bach, civil servant/clerk, St Johns (CE) Wm. F. Canning, engineer Mary Jessica DODD 25. spin, clerk, St Johns (CE) Frederick Dodd, motor mechanic G W Cook, D P Cook - -
Oct 28 1939 George PICCO 27, bach, miner, Wabana Nathan Picco, carp. Sarah PIERCEY 23, spin, domestic, St Johns Reuben Piercey, fish. Jas. A. Butler, Leander Picco, Violet Picco - -
Nov 15 1939 Francis Gordon HALL 33, bach, wireless operator, St Johns Frank Hall, mariner Gertrude CURNEW 25, spin, St Johns Wilfred Curnew, carp. Ronald Learning, Maude Learning MARGIN NOTE: 56 Prince of Wales -
Nov 29 1939 William Henry BAIRD 33, bach, carp, Topsail Thomas Baird, fish. Malena Jane CROCKER 28, spin, domestic, Hearts Delight Orestes Crocker, fish. George Lloyd Cook, Annie Bernice Chubbs, J. Legge, Eileen M. Dawe - -
Dec 1 1939 William Herbert RAINES 39, bach, postal clerk, St Johns Wm. Raines, carp. Mary Dunley PICCOT (nee COLLINS) 43, widow, housekeeper, St Johns James COLLINS, storekeeper W. Bellamy, Mabel Bellamy MARGIN NOTE: 15 Jamieson?? Hill -
Feb 4 1940 Harold Henry EARL 21, bach, electrician, St Johns Arthur Earl, painter Eileen Augusta TUCKER 20, spin, stenographer, St Johns Geo. H. Tucker, electrician Ruby Tucker, Isaac Mercer, Douglas Davidson Tucker MARGIN NOTE: 20 Gear St -
Apr 8 1940 Maxwell HUSSEY 27, widower, farmer, Paradise Robert Hussey, farmer Margaret PARSONS 18, spin, domestic, Paradise William Parsons, butcher Charles Parsons, Mabel Janes - -
Apr 12 1940 Eric MERCER 26, bach, mechanic, St Johns (Ch.Eng.) Isaac Mercer, boilermaker Rita May DALE 22, spin, tailoress, St Johns (UC) Leonard Dale, mechanic Lillian Piercey, Stanley Piercey MARGIN NOTE: 18 Gilbert St. -
Apr 24 1940 Howard MOULTON 29, bach, lab, St Johns (CE) Henry Moulton, lab. Loretta CORRIGAN 23, spin, domestic, St Johns (RC) Lawrence Corrigan, lab. Mrs? W. Driscoll, Wm. Driscoll - -
Apr 29 1940 Alexander PORTER 20, bach, butcher, Foxtrap John Wm. Porter, butcher Myra Pauline SMITH 20, spin, domestic, Bishops Cove CB John Smith, carp. William Jefford, Violet Louisa Jefford - -
May 5 1940 William James SHARPE 22, bach, farmer, Paradise James Sharpe, merchant Frances WHELAN 19, spin, Paradise (RC) Paul Whelan, farmer Albert Clarke, Florence Parsons - -
June 19 1940 Thomas GREENSLADE 25, bach, carp, Long Pond Robert Greenslade, farmer Mabel FOWLER 23, spin, Chamberlains Arthur Fowler, carp. Minnie Fowler, Malcolm Greenslade, Lilla Greenslade, W. Fowler, Arthur Fowler? - -
June 26 1940 Norman Reginald JANES 24, bach, mechanic, StJohns (UC) Hudson Janes, carp. Alma GUEST 21, spin, St Johns (CE) Robert Guest, lab. George G. Cowan, Gladys Guest MARGIN NOTE: 23 Warbury St. -
June 26 1940 Arthur Charles RICHARDSON 22, bach, mechanic, St Johns (CE) Wm. Geo. Richardson, steward Priscilla Jane JONES 22, spin, St Johns (Wesleyville; UC) Sidney Jones, mariner E. Dawe, E. Jones MARGIN NOTE: 30 Warbury -
July 3 1940 Raymond Edward BENNETT 40?, bach, doctor of medicine, 14 Rennies Mill Rd, St Johns Sir John R. Bennett, manufacturer Peggy Franklin* KNOWLING 23, spin, 14 Rennies Mills Rd, St Johns George Knowling, agent V? Sydney Bennett, J.R. Bennett, Florence Knowling, Helen S. Marshall, (?) Knowling - *as written by minister: bride's signature looked like Franklay or Frankling??
July 18 1940 Clarence James EVANS 28, bach, truck driver, St Johns (UC) George Evans, cooper Marjory Jean SNOW 21, spin, hair dresser, St John s(Ch.E) Albert Snow, printer (?) Evans, Dorothy Evans MARGIN NOTE: 46 Field St. -
July 24 1940 Arthur Clayton BABSTOCK 21, bach, confectioner, St Johns (CE) Eli Babstock, lab. Margaret MOORE 21, spin, St Johns (CE) Samuel Moore, carp. Mrs. Geo. Whitten, Frederick Moore - -
Aug 3 1940 Harvey Sagan WYLIE bach, mechanic, St Johns William WYLIE, fire constable Olive BUGDEN spin, St Johns Harry Bugden, taxi driver Harold Wylie, Madelyn Martin - -
Aug 20 1940 Thomas BARNES 30, bach, book keeper, St Johns Henry Barnes, janitor Lillian May SWEENEY 26, spin, saleslady, St Johns Augustus Sweeney, oiler Henry Barnes, William Sweeney, Madeline Barnes MARGIN NOTE: 22 Pennywell -
Aug 31 1940 George Malcolm SQUIRES 26, bach, naval seaman, on active service in Royal Navy Herbert W. Squires, farmer Alma Adele ATKINS 24, spin, domestic, Topsail Charles Atkins, lab. Gerald Elliott, Emmie Kearley, William John LeDrew - -
Sep 21 1940 Herbert Stanley MARSHALL 44, widower, shipper, St Johns William H. Marshall, carp. Gladys Isobel ENGLAND 37, spin, tailoress, St Johns Chas. F. England, stone cutter Walter Warren England, Martha Cole MARGIN NOTE: 39 Harwood/?Horwood Ave -
Oct 9 1940 William Weston HALEY 28, bach, chauffeur, Topsail Wm. J. Haley, farmer Mabel Veronica COLLINS 23, spin, Topsail Samuel Collins, lab. Janet A? Miller, Anne E L Haley, Lenore M Barnes - -
Oct 16 1940 Clarence Walter DOMINY 29, bach, clerk, St Johns John C. Dominy, master mariner Jessie Agnes SMITH 29, spin, registered nurse, St Johns Wm. Geo. Smith, acct James Frederick Smith, Samuel LaFosse?, Lillian E Taylor - -
Nov 20 1940 Graham PIKE 40, widower, machinist, Bell Island Arthur Pike, merchant Hazel Florence HALEY 31, spin, housekeeper, Topsail (Bell Island) Wm. J. Haley, farmer Cyril J. Butler, Margaret E Pike, Herbert A Pike, Delphine Butler - -
Dec 15 1940 Theodore Kingwell BURTON 24, bach, naval seaman, Harbour Buffett Nelson Burton, carp. Marion Amelia MIFFLEN 35, spin, teacher, Bonavista Heber Mifflen, farmer Jessie Beaumont Mifflen, Harold M Barnes, William W. Haley MARGIN NOTE: Bonavista; Flat Island P.B. -

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