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Vital Statistics

1955 - 1963


MARRIAGES 1867 - 1963 (WITH GAP FOR PERIOD 1885-1896) FROM ORIGINAL PARISH RECORDS (taken from photocopies in the possession of Randy Whitten.

The information was transcribed by JILL MARSHALL While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

NOTE: the first group of marriages 1867-1885 were from handwritten notes and are NOT complete.Volume 33 Vital Statistics covers the period 1880-1891. Marriages from 1896 - 1963 are complete.
Information under the RESEARCH NOTES COLUMN was added by JILL MARSHALL and was NOT in the original records.

KEY: fish=fisherman, carp=carpenter, lab=labourer;

Marriage Date Groom Groom's Information Father of Groom & Occupation Bride Bride's Information Father of Bride & Occupation Witnesses Additional Info. from Minister Research Notes
Feb 19 1955 Douglas Ivan SAUNDERS 19, bach, salesman, St Johns Charles Saunders, police officer Grace Lorraine FROUDE 19, spin, stenographer, St Johns Baxter Froude, Sgt, Air Force (deceased) Donald Howell, Gladys Young He born St Johns, she born St Johns -
Apr 12 1955 Roy Clayton PORTER 22, bach, carp, Foxtrap CB James Porter, carp. Phyllis Bernice FUDGE 18, spin, Chamberlains CB Samuel Fudge, miner Walter Barnes, Dessie May Barnes He born Foxtrap, she born Chamberlains -
Apr 30 1955 Hayward HENNEBURY 41, bach, manufactuers agent, St Johns Robert Martin Hennebury, deceased Edith Nellie Martina TURNER 32, spin, registered nurse, St Johns Alphaeus Turner, deceased Thomas P. Halley, Mary Long - -
June 8 1955 George John COOK 71, widower, farmer, St Johns George Cook, farmer (deceased) Jessie Isabella HAMMOND (nee LAING) 55, widow, housewife, St Johns Charles LAING, blacksmith (deceased) Joseph H Cook, Jessie Heale. - George John Cook was born Nov 30 1882 Outer Cove Rd & died Nov 20 1970 St Johns age 88 yrs, the son of George Rex Cook & Elizabeth Newhook. Jessie Isabella died Aug 8 1964 St Johns age 62 yrs (Forest Road Burial Ledger)
June 21 1955 Herbert Wilmore DAWE 23, bach, clerk, Long Pond Walter Dawe, mink rancher Phyllis TAYLOR 23, spin, factory worker, Chamberlains Frank Taylor, farmer (deceased) Frank Taylor, Mildred Taylor He born Long Pond, she born Chamberlains -
July 11 1955 Willoughby TIBBO 24, bach, draughtsman, St Johns George T. Tibbo, engineer Ruby HILLIER 24, spin, domestic, St Johns Enos Hillier (deceased) Lewis L. Sturge, Doris Hillier He born Stones Cove, Fortune Bay; she born Bay du Nord, Fortune Bay -
July 29 1955 Sidney Maxwell HAYNES 22, bach, checker, St Johns William Haynes, shipper (retired) Minnie Grace RIDEOUT 23, spin, stenographer, St Johns Arch. Rideout, cooper Wilson Gaulton, Marion Locke, Gilbert Rideout He born Catalina, religion CE; she born Whales Gulch, Moretons Hr, religion CE -
Aug 25 1955 Leander Bradley GREEN 29, bach, maintenance man, St Johns Joseph Green of Robert, sexton Vera Blandford SKEFFINGTON 24, spin, clerk, St Johns Otto Skeffington, baker Robert Green, Elaine Maxine Yetman, Claudia Joan Skeffington, William Yetman - -
Sep 7 1955 Abraham TAYLOR 23, bach, carp, Chamberlains Richard Taylor Sr, retired farmer Sheila POWER 17, spin, Topsail Road James Power, truck driver Leslie Fowler, Edna Dawe He born Chamberlains, she born Topsail Rd -
Sep 15 1955 Donald SINCLAIR 31, bach, acct, Chamberlains Alfred J. Sinclair, master mariner (retired) Enid SMITH 24, spin, bookkeeper, Manuels Llewellyn Smith, carp. Ralph E. Sinclair, Dorcas Murrin He born St Johns, she born Manuels -
Sep 26 1955 Walter Facey BRADLEY 45, bach, sales representative, St Johns George Samuel Bardley, deceased Alma HEATH 42, spin, personnel supervisor, St Johns Albert James Heath, deceased Robert M. Barrett, Olive M. Barrett she born St Johns, CE. -
Oct 15 1955 Arthur Stanley HARRIS 29, bach, diesel engineer, St Johns James Harris, captain Jean Elizabeth WHITTEN 18, spin, St Johns Daniel Whitten, longshoreman Norman Harris, Ruby Harris He born St Josephs PB, CE. She born St Johns, CE. -
Nov 7 1855 Carl Alva BUTLER 39, bach, carp, Chamberlains Joseph Butler, deceased Florence May LOCKYER 40, spin, registered nurse, St Johns John Lockyer, deceased Bert? Metley?, Jeanette W? Tizzard He born St Johns, she born Bonavista -
Nov 11 1955 John Arthur GINGELL 32, bach, radio operator, Gander Thomas Edward Gingell, deceased Dorothy BARNES 30, spin, teletype operator, Gander William John Barnes, farmer A? Knight, Gladys Knight He born Delhi/Delbi? Ontario; she born Topsail -
Feb 13 1956 Linus GREEN 51, widower, teacher, Topsail Rd, Paradise Stephen Green, deceased Emily CAKE (nee FOOTE) 52, widow, storekeeper, Lamaline Joseph FOOTE, retired fish. Chesley Harvey, Catherine Harvey He born Little Bay West, CE; she born Long? (illegible), CE -
Feb 14 1956 Leo Joseph PITTMAN 24, bach, utility man, St Johns Michael Pittman, theatre doorman Flora Pearl EVANS 24, spin, office clerk, St Johns Chesley Evans, butcher Albert A. Evans, Shirley Glynn He born St Johns, RC; she born St Johns, UC -
Apr 3 1956 Douglas Gladstone MERCER 22, bach, CNT employee, Blaketown TB Wm. Robert Mercer, truck driver Verna Elaine REID 21, spin, Dildo TB Gordon Reid, carp. Robert Graham Smith, Annie Reid He born Blaketown; she born Dildo -
June 1 1956 Gerald Edgar FAGAN 21, bach, truck driver, Kelligrews Frank Frederick Fagan, farmer (deceased) Ethel SCOTT 21, spin, stenographer, Upper Gullies Charles Scott, busdriver Ralph E. Fagan, Anne Scott Groom's mother was Hazel Sheppard; bride's mother was Mildred Selina Dawe. Gerald was the grandson of Jacob FAGAN & Emma ANDREWS, and the great gson of Henry William Andrews & Ann Coates. -
June 5 1956 Kevin Ward GEORGE 23, bach, steward, New Harbour TB John George, mink ranch worker Eileen Fredericka WOODMAN 24, spin, office clerk, St Johns George Woodman, merchant (deceased) Irvine Dawe, Ruby Dawe - -
June 8 1956 Benjamin Sinclair HISCOCK 23, bach, plant employee, Champneys West Norman Hiscock, fish. Elsie Frances KANE 20, spin, plant employee, Trinity TB David Kane, railway section man Norman Hiscock, Beatrice Granter - -
June 21 1956 Bennett SEARS 20, bach, lab, Paradise CB Leo Sears, CNR employee Isabel SHARPE 21, spin, laundry worker, Paradise CB Thomas A. Sharpe, saw operator Walter? Lynch, Rose Sharpe - -
July 3 1956 Norman Rendell WARFORD 26, bach, battery plant worker, Upper Gullies Charles Warford, employee, D.P. Works Phyllis EASON 19, spin, laundry worker, Long Pond Ernest Eason, lumberyard worker Charles Warford, Glenda Butler - -
July 18 1956 Joseph BUSSEY 21, bach, lathe operator, Foxtrap CB Peter Bussey, lab. Marina LYNCH 20, spin, domestic, Paradise CB John Lynch, carp. Edward Petten?, Madeline Lynch - -
Aug 6 1956 Samuel Augustine BRUSHETT 21, bach, leading seaman, Manuels Samson Brushett, CP Office employee Evelyn SQUIRES 21, spin, stenographer, Chamberlains Lionel Squires, carp. Walter Hennessey, Mary E. Tobin, Lionel Squires - -
Aug 9 1956 Ralph Stanley KEARLEY 25, bach, utility man, Topsail Walter Kearley, retired carp. Shirley Elizabeth DAVIS 20, spin, clerk, Topsail William Davis, lab Harold Kearley, Ruby Davis Bride was UC. -
Aug 15 1956 Chesley IVANY 43, bach, Assistant Professor of Education, St Johns Frederick Ivany (deceased) Helen Elizabeth NEWHOOK 40, spin, civil servant, St Johns Charles Newhook, schoolmaster (retired) Roy L Dawe, Gwendolyn Newhook - -
Sep 14 1956 Thomas Maxwell LAITE 39, bach, salesman, Trinity East James Laite, cooper (retired) Mary Frances LONG 34, spin, registered nurse, Clarenville William Long, CNR (retired) Gladys (illegible), Pearl Long Both CE. -
Oct 10 1956 James RIDEOUT 55, widower, farmer, Long Pond Charles Rideout, deceased Florence DAWE (nee MORGAN) 52, widow, housekeeper, Port de Grave William MORGAN, deceased Angus Janes, Frances Snow Both CE. Groom's mother was Ethel Batten; he was the grandson of Job Rideout & Esther Coates.
Dec 14 1956 William George GARLAND 66, widower, retired cooper, Carbonear Augustus Garland, deceased Rachel Bessie Muriel FUDGE (nee PARSONS) 49, widow, housewife, St Johns George W. PARSONS, deceased Fred G Earle, Mrs. Annie Garland He CE, she UC. -
Dec 17 1956 Oscar Duayne SMITH 22, bach, mechanic, Fort Pepperell, St Johns Albert Oscar Smith, farmer, Texas USA Patricia Jessie SHAW 19, spin, bank clerk, St Johns Cyril Donald Shaw, manager Gerald? F Woltkerrys/Wolthorrys?, Alice Jean C? Grace? he Baptist; she CE -
Mar 4 1957 Derrick McKenzie STAFFORD 21, bach, motor mechanic, Chamberlains Benjamin Stafford, manufacturer Annie Jane SQUIRES 20, spin, clerk, Chamberlains Herbert Squires, carp. Robin W Stafford, Daphne Squires - -
Mar 5 1957 William Jas. PIERCEY 38, widower, grocer, New Perlican TB Albert Piercey, deceased Edith May PITTMAN 38, spin, laundry worker, St Johns George Pittman, deceased Ralph Noseworthy, Ethel Noseworthy - -
Apr 27 1957 Raymond OAKE 66, widower, clerk, Chamberlains William Oake, deceased Margaret MORGAN 56, widow, matron, Cupids not given Maxwell E. Brown, Melvina Sheppard - -
May 29 1957 Gerald Wright SMITH 30, bach, civil servant, St Johns Herman Frost Smith, deceased Phyllis Mary CAMPBELL (nee STIRLING) 38, widow, housewife, St Johns Arthur Botwood Sutherland STIRLING, retired priest Mrs? Pras?, Elsa M. Stirling - Married by her father.
June 22 1957 Rudolph ARNS 37, widower, mechanic, St Johns William Arns, bakery manager Kathleen DODD 41, spin, clerk, St Johns Frederick James Dodd, deceased Geo? Arns?, Geo? Canning, Jessica Canning - -
June 27 1957 Douglas George HISCOCK 29, bach, acct, St Johns Robert Hiscock, deceased Phyllis Daphne SMALL 27, spin, stenographer, St Johns Harvey Haynes Small, commission agent Frances Eustace, (?) C. Wa_____? (illegible) - -
Aug 14 1957 Willis RUSSELL 43, bach, hospital janitor, Bonavista Arthur Russell, deceased Rita Lillian WARFORD 40, spin, housework, Upper Gullies Wm. Robt. Warford, carp. Archelaus Warford, Isobel Scott He born Bonavista, she born Upper Gullies -
Aug 16 1957 Ralph BROWN 18, bach, teacher, 122 Cashin Ave, St Johns George Brown, fish. Viola WALTERS 18, spin, nursing aid, Springdale St, St Johns Wm. Walters, lab. Robert North, Marie Brown - -
Sep 4 1957 Oswald TILLEY 25, bach, truck driver, Kelligrews Andrew Tilley, deceased Daphne SQUIRES 21, spin, clerk, Manuels Lionel Squires, carp. Gerald Tilley, Mona Tilley, Lionel Squires - Groom's mother was Stella Duffy; he was the grandson of George Francis Tilley & Sarah Frances Porter, and the great gson of William Henry Tilley & Mary Jane Butler. Bride's mother was Lenora Gosse
Sep 10 1957 Robert Ellis HARNUM 28, bach, civil servant, St Johns Louis John Harnum, insurance appraiser Amelia TRICKETT 32, spin, stenographer, Topsail Mark Trickett, electrician Jane Harnum?, Olive Stephen - -
Sep 19 1957 David Richard BRAZIL 27, bach, Canadian Army (Active Service), St Johns Richard Augustus Brazil, deceased Vivian FOLLETT 21, spin, waitress, St Johns Gerald Follett, with CNR John Oswald Chalker, Cynthia Emma Chalker - -
Sep 23 1957 Walter Clifford CRANFORD 22, bach, heavy equipment operator, St Johns Clarence Cranford, heavy equipment operator Jane Juanita HISCOCK 22, spin, clerk, St Johns Frank Hiscock, dock foreman Frederick Cranford, Elizabeth Cranford - -
Oct 5 1957 Douglas Roy BRAZIL 34, bach, American Air Force, civilian driver, St Johns Richard Brazil, deceased Winifred UDLE 30, spin, factory worker, St Johns Robert Udle, retired Carl Hendry?, Mrs. Margaret Hendry? He born St Johns, CE; she born St Johns, UC. -
Oct 17 1957 Earl LeMonte RICHARDSON 27, widower, route manager, St Johns Wilson Hayes Richardson, retired fireman Irma Noreen HIBBS 27, spin, stenographer, Topsail William J. Hibbs, retired watchman Leslie Barnes, Barbara Hibbs - -
Nov 27 1957 Willis JANES 22, bach, police constable, Topsail Road Ambrose Janes, storekeeper Marion June STEELE 23, spin, clerk, Cook St, St Johns Mark Steele, hotel clerk Donald Ross Steele, Violet Pamela Steele He CE, born Pa(rest cut off); she UC, born St J(rest cut off) -
Nov 28 1957 Arthur Samuel MIFFLIN 37, bach, lawyer, Churchill Square, St Johns Samuel Wm. Mifflin, merchant Milicent SEYMOUR 32, spin, stenographer, 2 Prince William Place, St Johns Frederick Seymour, deceased G.C? Mifflin, Florence Mifflin He CE, rest cut off; she CE, rest cut off -
Dec 2 1957 Herman DROVER 48, widower, saw operator, Paradise CB Joseph Drover, deceased Lily Mae SQUIRES (nee TUCKER) 51, widow, housekeeper, St Phillips Daniel TUCKER, retired farmer Joseph Drover Jr, Pearl Tucker, Daniel Tucker - -
Jan 17 1958 Harvey RIDEOUT 19, bach, lab, Foxtrap Alexander Rideout, farmer Mary Agnes GIBBONS 17, spin, clerk, Manuels John Gibbons, mail clerk (deceased) Frances? Peach, Zita Smith - -
Apr 7 1958 Thomas Frederick Tobias MERCER 26, bach, carp, Chamberlains Tobias Mercer, carp. Barbara Rowena Thompson BUTLER 24, spin, Kelligrews Philip Butler, checker Charles Hugh Mercer, Phyllis Elizabeth Butler He CE, born Kelligrews; she CE, born St Johns Bride's mother was Katherine King; Barbara was the granddau of Thomas FREDERICK Butler & Susan Earle, the great-gdau of Matthew Butler & Eliza Jemison Grouchy, and the gg-gdau of Charles Butler & Jane Greenslade.
June 6 1958 Matthew CLARKE 75, widower, retired fish, Upper Island Cove David Clarke, deceased Blanche CAINES (nee HARRIS) 62, widow, housekeeper, St Johns John M. HARRIS, deceased C. Newman, Elsie Clarke - -
June 20 1958 Virden SEARS 19, bach, clerk, Paradise CB Leo Sears, CNR employee Janet FOWLER 18, spin, factory worker, Chamberlains Harold Fowler, deceased Henry C Fowler, Bennett Sears, Lily Fowler He RC, born Paradise; she CE, born Chamberlains Bride's mother was Ethel Marion MORGAN; Janet was the gdau of John Thomas Fowler & Lily May Carter, the g-gdau of George Fowler & Mary Ann Greenslade, and the gg-gdau of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley.
June 26 1958 Nelson George FOWLER 23, bach, mine foreman, Chamberlains Wm. G. Fowler, carp. Nancy Marie RIDEOUT 20, spin, clerk, Long Pond Noah Rideout, butcher Malcolm A Chaytor, Esther Rideout - Nelson was the g-son of Arthur William Fowler & Alice Susanna (nee ?), the g-gson of Edward Fowler Jr & Christiana Snow, and the gg-gson of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley.
July 5 1958 Oliver Seymour TOOPE 28, bach, teacher, Irelands Eye TB Llewellyn Toope, retired fish. Charlotte Isabel HALIBURTON 24, spin, teacher, North West River John Haliburton, deceased Stuart Toope, Hope Squires - -
July 12 1958 Gerald Charles GOVER 24, bach, civil servant, St Johns Harold Gover, stevedore Annie Edwina PENNEY 25, spin, telephone operator, St Johns Arthur Penney, carp. John S. Walters, C. Jane Penney He CE, born Ca(cut off); she CE, born Ca(cut off) -
Sep 1 1958 Varrick NEWELL 26, bach, surveyor, Bareneed John Newell, retired carp. Annie DAWE 24, spin, stenographer, Coleys Point Albert Dawe, carp. David Mercer, Dorothy Mercer - -
Oct 6 1958 Robert James PECKHAM 20, bach, Royal Can. Air Force, St Johns Harry C. Peckham, commercial agent Judith Florence GARLAND 18, spin, teacher, St Johns William Garland, photographer R. W. (illegible: could be Whitten), Helen Bishop - -
Jan 10 1959 Theodore Vernon ARRANT 21, bach, US Navy, Argentia Judson C. Arrant, deceased Nellie Synetha SQUIRES 19, spin, factor worker, Chamberlains William Squires, gardener Herbert Hiscock, Rose Squries, Toni Grant - -
Mar 30 1959 Isaac Francis DAWE 69, widower, carp, Seal Cove CB Stephen Dawe, deceased Hannah MORGAN (nee SQUIRES) 67, widow, housewife, Manuels Elijah SQUIRES, deceased A. Brenton Berg, Valda F. Berg, Albert Dawe - -
Apr 1 1959 Robert Frederick PORTER 21, bach, spray painter, Chamberlains Allan Porter, miner Lily May FOWLER 21, spin, seamstress, Chamberlains Harold Fowler, deceased Hayward Porter, Janet Sears, Albert Morgan - Lily May was the granddau of John Thomas Fowler & Lily Mary Carter, the great gdau of George Fowler & Mary Ann Greenslade, & the gg-gdau of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley.
June 8 1959 Leonard Harvey Cecil SMALL 28, bach, office clerk, St Johns Harvey Haynes Small, commission agent Frances Olive Delphine EUSTACE 26, spin, book keeper, St Johns James Eustace, carp. Douglas George Hiscock, Harvey H. Small, Anita Elizabeth Tucker, James Eustace - -
June 23 1959 Wilfred Bruce BUFFETT 21, bach, manager, Grand Bank Wilfred Marcus Buffett, managing director Judith Ann PIKE 18, spin, office clerk, Grand Bank Raymond Davidson Pike, deceased Alister Buffett, Abigail Piercy - -
July 2 1959 William Dawe FRENCH 37, bach, seaman, Coleys Point William French, retired Greta Elizabeth PARSONS 33, spin, teacher, Coleys Point Robert Parsons, carp. Frank French, Daphne Parsons - -
July 10 1959 John Edwin WATERFIELD 26, bach, printer, St Johns Ross Waterfield, deceased Edna Joyce RANDELL 21, spin, clerk, St Johns Joseph Randell, lumberman Charles (?) Garielis?, Sylvia Button - -
Sep 23 1959 Lloyd Maurice WOODFORD 26, bach, steward, Penetanguishene, St Johns George Seymour Woodford, deceased Phyllis Isabel BARNES 26, spin, telephonist, Topsail Norman Barnes, carp. Reginald Woodford, Dorian? Barnes - -
Sep 28 1959 Emerson Frank HISCOCK 23, bach, watchman, Manuels Walter Hiscock, lab. Jemima PETTEN 17, spin, domestic, Foxtrap George J. Petten, lab. Belinda Morgan, Shirley W. Hiscock - -
Sep 29 1959 Nelson TAYLOR 21, bach, plumbing, Chamberlains Richard Taylor, lab. Barbara RYAN 20, spin, domestic, Chamberlains Michael (?) Ryan, fireman Joyce? Butler, Nelson Brown - -
Dec 15 1959 Wilfred Stephen* (Stanley) FOWLER 22, bach, lab, Topsail William G. Fowler, carp. Joan Marjorie BUTLER 21, spin, domestic, Seal Cove Mark Butler, lab. Minnie Reid, Malcolm Rideout *''It is claimed by the person concerned that his second name is ''Stanley'' and not ''Stephen''. He is registered at Confed. Bldg as ''Stanley''. Wilfred Stanley was the grandson of Arthur William Fowler & Alice Susanna (nee ?), the g-gson of Edward Fowler Jr & Christiana Snow, & the gg-gson of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley.
Feb 5 1960 Fritz HALLER 28, bach, foreman, Kinsdale Road, Topsail Road Albert Haller, post office official Marjorie DIXON 19, single, domestic, Topsail CB mother's name: Mrs. Bessie Dixon John P. Dixon, Elspeth Dixon - -
Feb 5 1960 Clarence MORGAN 44, widower, lab, Manuels George Morgan, farmer Margaret Louise BEST (nee ROWE) 36, widow, housekeeping, St Johns Raymond ROWE, pipe fitter George Morgan, Bertha Best, (?K) Morgan - -
Feb 6 1960 George William PORTER 25, bach, lab, Foxtrap William H. Porter, painter Mary Edith DAWE 22, spin, Manuels Harvey Dawe, farmer Rita Dinah Porter, Eric G. Dawe, Gerald W. Dawe - -
Apr 19 1960 Stewart Chesley CRISBY 36, bach, inspector of Standards, 11 Penetanguishene, St Johns Andrew (deceased) & Mary Elizabeth Crisby Irene MERCER 35, spin, Chamberlains CB Charles (farmer) & Ethel Maud Mercer Samuel Quinton, Helen Monroe? - -
Apr 25 1960 William Edward TRICCO 22, bach, lab, Trans Canada Highway near Topsail Rd William Tricco, deceased Bertha Mary PEVEY 21, spin, waitress, Topsail Rd John Pevey (n/g) Rose Tricco, William Janes - -
May 12 1960 Thomas WELLMAN 57, bach, painting contractor, St Johns Moses Wellman, contractor Agnes RUTHERFORD (nee GRANTER) 50, widow, housekeeper, St Johns Nathaniel GRANTER, cooper Wilhelmina Bartlett, A.M. Templeman, John Bartlett - -
July 12 1960 David METCALFE 21, bach, butcher, Chamberlains Thomas Metcalfe, butcher Helen MERCER 22, spin, nurse, Chamberlains Charles Mercer, farmer Irene Crisby, Bruce Metcalfe - -
Aug 1 1960 Wallace Jethro BURSEY 25, bach, NBWW? Brigate, Gander Bay John Bursey, deceased Joan Florence KEARLEY 21, spin, teacher, Topsail CB William Kearley, retired Helen Kearley, Albert W. Kearley - -
Aug 6 1960 Robert Chesley ADAMS 21, bach, salesman, 17 Howley Ave Extension, St Johns Cluney Adams, CNR agent Susan Phoebe HEMMENS 28, spin, domestic, 53 Parade St, St Johns George Hemmens, n/g. S. Skanes, B. Hemmens - Groom's mother was Florence Hoddinott; Robert Chesley was the grandson of Abel Adams & Alice May Moss of Green Bay NDB, and the g-gson of George & Phebe Adams of Indian Burying Place NDB.
Sep 24 1960 James DUFFETT 40, ?bach, printer, St Johns Robert Duffett Valda ROTHMAN 25, spin, nurse, Bell Island Thomas Rothman R. Bemister, Edna Bemister - -
Sep 29 1960 Thomas SHARPE 23, bach, heavy equipment operator, Paradise CB Arch. Sharpe, lab. Sandra Grace SQUIRES 22, spin, nurses aide, St Phillips Eli Squires, sawmill operator William? Z? Sharpe, Rosemary Drover - -
Oct 4 1960 Abram Reginald MORGAN 22, single, lab, Seal Cove CB Edward John Morgan, lab. Mildred C. MORGAN 24, spin, domestic, Seal Cove CB Ralph Morgan, deceased Donald Morgan, Greta Morgan - -
Nov 4 1960 Maxwell Robert EVANS 25, bach, heavy equipment operator, 314 Blackmarsh Rd, St Johns Maxwell T. Evans, driver Margaret Louise NICHOLL 20, spin, domestic, Bell Island CB William Nicholl, miner Marian Abbott, Perry Abbott - -
Nov 11 1960 Raymond Richard WARFORD 26, bach, truck driver, Upper Gullies Reuben Warford, driver Patricia Elizabeth ANDREWS 21, spin, teach, Upper Gullies William Andrews, farmer Margaret Andrews, Reuben Eugene Warford - Bride's parents were William John Andrews & Elizabeth Effie Tilley; grandparents were (1) George Francis TILLEY & Sarah Frances PORTER and (2) Heber ANDREWS & Martha (Hillier) Stone.
Nov 26 1960 Leslie Frederick HENNESSEY 19, bach, Kelligrews Leslie J Hennessey Dallas John EASON 19, spin, domestic, Manuels Shirley Eason, butcher Walter Hennessey, Gladys Tibbo - Groom's parents were Leslie John Haines Hennessey & Emma Kirby; gp were Robert Hennessey & Martha Haines; great gp were James John Hennessey & Jane Charity Dawe, & gg-gp were Robert Hennessey & Patience Hodge.
Dec 5 1960 Harrison HISCOCK 26, bach, shipper, Manuels William Hiscock, n/g Joan HARVEY 21, spin, domestic, Upper Gullies Chesley Harvey, merchant Harold Thistle, Patricia Harvey - -
Jan 31 1961 Charles GOSSE 20, bach, book clerk, Paradise CB Charels Gosse Shirley Rose SQUIRES 16, spin, domestic, St Phillips William Squires H.S? Gosse, Carole Squires - -
Feb 14 1961 Alvin TAYLOR 19, bach, sheet metal worker, Chamberlains Richard Taylor, lab. Daphne Rosalind TILLEY 16, spin, domestic, Kelligrews Heber Tilley, lab. Barbara Taylor, James Squires - Groom's mother was Emma P. Butler; bride's mother was Leah Maude Pearcey; Daphne was the g-dau of Edward Tilley & Mary Jane Bishop.
Apr 22 1961 Douglas SUMMERS 20, bach, trucking, St Johns Gerald Summers, trucking Hazel FOWLER 19, spin, nurse, Chamberlains Eric Fowler, salesman Arthur Summers, Ruth Fowler - Bride's motherwas Eliza Kathleen RANDELL; Hazel was the g-dau of Augustus H Fowler & Alethea Bancroft, the g-gdu of Joseph Fowler & Annie Westcott, & gg-gd of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley
May 10 1961 Gerald BARNES 29, bach, welder, Topsail Robert Barnes, retired Mary E. JENNINGS 20?*, spin, domestic, Foxtrap William Jennings, carp. Harrison Barnes, Mrs. Leonard Mercer - *bride's age overwritten: could be 27/20 or vice-versa.
May 18 1961 Kenneth SHARPE 17*, bach, machine operator, Paradise Thomas Sharpe, sawyer Ruby PETTEN 17, spin, domestic, Foxtrap William R. Petten, (occ illegible) William Janes, Stella Sharpe - *groom's age overwritten: could 18/17 or vice versa
June 3 1961 William Ralph LOCKE 25, bach, acct, Corner Brook William F. Locke, moulder Sheila HILLYER 23, spin, secretary, St Johns Augustus Hillyer, retired Mrs. Ethel Allen, Douglas Voisey - Groom was the grandson of William Francis Locke & 2nd wife Lavinia Janet Rideout; g-gson of William Locke Sr & Hannah Stuckless, also g-gson of Samuel Rideout & Elizabeth Mills
June 7 1961 Allan B. COZE 21, bach, sailor, Greenspond Samuel Coze, deceased Shirley STONE 23, spin, domestic, Harbour Grace South Herbert Stone, deceased Lester George, Louise Osbourne. - -
Aug 23 1961 Clayton George UPSHALL 26, bach, teacher, Kingswell PB Charles Upshall, deceased Lillian Muriel JOHNSON (nee BRUSHETT) 34, widow, aide, St Johns John J. Brushett, fish. Mrs. Hazel Ingram, Willis Upshall - -
Sep 1 1961 Nelson BROWN 24, bach, sailor, Chamberlains CB Myrle Brown, sailor Ruby RAYNES 21, spin, domestic, Chamberlains CB John Raines, deceased Eileen Raynes, Frank Brown - -
Sep 2 1961 Richard Edwin PARSONS 34, bach, drive-in manager, St Johns Richard Parsons, wh___? ? Florence DUNPHY 24, spin, bank clerk, St Johns James Dunphy, deceased Mrs. Eugene Badcock, Mrs/May? Bussey - -
Sep 14 1961 Gordon Kelvin BROWN 21, bach, sailor, Topsail Samuel Brown, sailor Doreen Beatrice BARNES 20,s pin, Topsail Norman Barnes, carp. Leslie Barnes, Hilda Barnes - -
Sep 23 1961 Richard WHALEN 46, widower, lab, St Johns David Whalen, deceased Elizabeth SAMSON 47, spin, housekeeper, St Johns Joseph Samson, deceased Hubert G. Crane, Bride Crane - -
Oct 6 1961 Charles A. JERRETT 24, bach, stock control clerk, St Johns Ernest Jerrett, deceased Mary GEORGE 22, spin, cashier, St Johns William George, instructor, Vocational School William Jerrett, Mary Jerrett - -
Nov 11 1961 Frank SHEPPARD 51, bach, town clerk, Harbour Grace Ernest Sheppard, deceased Mildred STOODLEY (nee SCAMMELL) 46, widow, officer clerk, Coleys Point Thomas SCAMMELL, deceased E. LeRoy P?(illegible), Grace Scammell - -
Nov 23 1961 William CUFF 29, bach, clerk, Bonavista Parish John Cuff, clerk Marina Elizabeth FORD 23, spin, domestic, Catalina Parish Thomas Ford, retailer Arthur W. Ford, Jean Ford - -
Nov 24 1961 Douglas Robert SHEPPARD 20, bach, acct, St Johns Douglas Sheppard, office clerk Norma CHAFE 18, spin, domestic, St Johns Herbert Chafe, RCMP Ann Gill, Bruce Sheppard - -
Dec 28 1961 James STRONG 23, bach, salesman, Clarenville Samuel C. Strong, utility man Enid BARNES 22, spin, nurse, Come By Chance Edward Barnes, sexton P? M? Laite, Lillian Dawe - -
Apr 27 1962 Obediah JANES 29, widower, salesman, 90 Merrymeeting Rd, St Johns Nelson Janes, carp. Ann Evelyn PARSONS 24, spin, registered nurse, 30 Charlton St, St Johns Edward Thomas Parsons, deceased Cyril J Cook, Jack?/Jane? Cook - -
June 6 1962 Arthur George SUMMERS 23, bach, trucking, St Johns Gerald Summers, trucking Theresa Marie DWYER 20, spin, domestic, St Johns John Dwyer, tailor Douglas G. Summers, Mrs. Hazel Summers - -
June 11? 1962 Clyde Hiram MARRYATT 27, bach, RCAF airman, St Johns; native of ?Spryfield ND? (or Springfield NS?) Francis?? Marryatt, carp. Judith Lorraine GOOBIE 18, spin, domestic, St Johns Hayward Goobie, conductor CNR Mrs. Virginia Ramey, E. Ross Ramey - -
June 16 1962 Calvin John AYERS 24, bach, farmer, St Johns Stanley George Ayers, lab. Muriel HOLLETT 21, spin, nurse, St Johns Llewelyn Hollett, carp. Mrs. Anne Skinner, Corwin? Skinner? - -
June 19 1962 Reuben CLARKE 26, bach, lab, Paradise Archibald Clarke, butcher Winnie BAIRD 18, spin, laundry work, Long Pond Alex. Baird, Mental Hospital, St Johns Crosby Clarke, Janet Hussey - -
June 29 1962 Andrew HAMMOND 26, bach, lab, St Johns Stephen Hammond, lab. Veronica Myra WAREHAM 19, spin, domestic, Topsail Joseph Warehem, n/g Barbara Wareham, James W. Hammond - -
June 30 1962 Donald B. TRICKETT 30, bach, clerk, Topsail Mark Trickett, manager, Power House Ethel MORGAN 21, spin, domestic, Seal Cove CB Robert Morgan, truck driver Reg Morgan, Amelia Harnum - -
July 21 1962 Edward HUSSEY 27, bach, truck driver, Paradise CB Robert Hussey, carp. Pearl HAGGETT 19, spin, domestic, Long Pond Henry Haggett, watchman Grenville Clarke, Cynthia Mercer - -
Aug 8 1962 Raymond COLE 41, widower, lab, Upper Gullies James V. Cole, retired farmer Stella PORTER 29, widow, Upper Gullies not given Laura Porter, Bert Porter - NOTE: wonder if bride is nee Stella MORGAN and widow of HAROLD PORTER?
Aug 25 1962 Ronald SHARPE n/g, bach, lab, Paradise CB Thomas Sharpe, lab. Sheila Doreen SKANES 19, spin, domestic, Bell Island CB John Skanes, miner Stella Sharpe, Dawson Newman? (looked like Newmany) - -
Sep 1 1962 Norman PIKE 30, bach, miner, St Lawrence William Pike, deceased Mary Madeline HODDER* 24, spin, domestic, Creston Albert Hodder, carp. Mrs. H. Goobie, George Goobie - *bride signed as MADELINE Hodder
Sep 11 1962 Russell Edwin BRAKE 20, bach, boiler maker, St Johns John Brake, engineer Barbara Jane EARL 18, spin, St Johns Harold Earl, electrician Olga Brake, William Brake - -
Oct 12 1962 Herbert BARNES 33, bach, lab, Topsail Walter Barnes, collect? (rest illegible) Daphne Harriet FAGAN 18, spin, domestic, Kelligrews Jacob Fagan, lab. Jeff? Barnes?, Evelyn Fagan - -
Oct 15 1962 Roy Llewelyn DOLLIMOUNT 24, bach, sailor, Burgeo Edward Dollimount, sailor Gladys TIBBO 21, spin, domestic, Manuels George Tibbo, sailor Wm. Tibbo, Geraldine Tibbo - -
Nov 9 1962 Gordon Francis TAYLOR 23, bach, (illegible), Avalon Telephone, Foxtrap James? Taylor, lab. Brenda Joan PAUL 19, spin, teacher, Bonavista Albert Paul, electrician Mrs. Nancy Petten, Robert Cable? - -
Nov 10 1962 Reginald ROSE 31, bach, lab, Brigus Junction Frederick Rose, lab. Shirley MORGAN 21, spin, domestic, Brigus Junction Edwin Morgan, lab. Clara Upshall, Hubert Upshall - -
Nov 15 1962 James Andrew SQUIRES 19, bach, mechanics helper, Chamberlains William Squires, lab. Mary Ann WHITEWAY 19, spin, domestic, Jobs Cove John Whiteway, carp. Frank Brown, (?) Squires - -
Dec 3 1962 Hayward CLARKE 19, bach, lab, Paradise Mark Clarke, lab. Marie O'BRIEN 16, spin, domestic, Topsail Raymond O'Brien, lab. Randolph J. Dawe, Blanche Clarke - -
Dec 29 1962 Dennis? BAJZAK? 29, bach, university student, St Johns Bela? Bajzak, ?milk agent Daphne Gwendolyn Mary KING 24, spin, nurse, St Johns John King, Ex Police Inspector Joan Kelland, Wald__?, Scler__? - -
May 30 1963 Malcolm SINCLAIR 34, bach, digger, 99? Livingstone St, St Johns Donald Sinclair, deceased Geraldine TIBBO 24, spin, cook, Manuels CB George Tibbo, seaman (?) Tibbo, Ruby Tibbo - -
June 8 1963 Kevin Leonard MORGAN 19*, bach, chemical analyst, Manuels CB George Morgan, lab. Winnifred Ann WHITTEN 20, spin, domestic, Manuels CB Robert Whitten, fish Patricia Gibbons, Bruce Morgan - *groom's age overwritten: looks like 19 over 18.
June 18 1963 Woodrow FRENCH 21, bach, Air Force, Kelligrews Harold French, businessman Ann Shirley BARNES 18, spin, domestic, Topsail Maxwell T Barnes, orderly Harold Robert French, Rosalind LeDrew - -
June 21 1963 George HISCOCK 23, bach, production worker, Chamberlains CB Albert Hiscock, farmer Phyllis FAGAN 18, spin, domestic, Foxtrap CB Alexander Fagan, lab. Albert Hiscock, Elizabeth Hiscock - -

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