Transcribed by C. HAYNES from microfilm reels at LDS Center
While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors

 Will of Elizabeth Roche of St. John's 

 I hereby revoke all former wills and testamentary dispositions made by me.

I appoint John V. O’Dea of Saint John’s, Commission Merchant, to be the Executor and Trustee of this my will.

 I will devise and bequeath my house and premises on Water Street (No. 191) in St. John’s unto the said John V. O’Dea his Executors Administrators and Assigns absolutely and unburdened by any trust.

 I will devise and bequeath Four hundred dollars ($400.00) unto the said John V. O’Dea upon trust to expend the same for the celebration of masses for the repose of my soul and the souls of my deceased sisters, the said masses to be celebrated within the space of one year from the date of my death.

 I devise and bequeath my residuary estate unto my Executor and Trustee above named upon trust to pay thereout my debts, funeral and testamentary expenses, and after payment of same upon trust.

(1) To pay thereout and from the income thereof the annuity of Three hundred dollars ($300.00) to Miss M.E. Hackett payable to her under the will of Agnes Mitchell late of St. John’s deceased.

(2) On the death of the said Miss M.E. Hackett to pay the following bequests.

(a) To my grand niece Katherine Murphy Two hundred dollars ($200.00).

(b) To the Mount Cashel Orphanage of St. John’s Fifty dollars ($50.00).

(c) To the Belvedere Orphanage at St. John’s Fifty dollars ($50.00).

(d) To the Men’s St. Vincent de Paul Society Fifty dollars ($50.00).

(e) To the Ladies’ St. Vincent de Paul Society Fifty dollars ($50.00).

(f) To the Convent of Mercy Military Road at St. John’s Two hundred dollars ($200.00), and

(3) To distribute the residue thereof after the payment of the above amounts between my nieces Mrs. Lizzie O’Connor and Mrs. B. Vallee and in the event of the death of the latter during my lifetime I direct my trustee to pay the share of my residuary estate otherwise payable to the said Mrs. B. Vallee, to the daughter of the said Mrs. B. Vallee.

And I hereby authorize and empower my trustee the said John V. O’Dea to retain or vary or realize any investments which I now or may hereafter hold, in his sole and uncontrolled discretion.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF  I have hereunto set my hand this 13th day of June Anno Domini One thousand nine hundred and twenty-three.

SIGNED by the above mentioned
Testatrix as her last will in the 
presence of us present at the 
same time who in her presence
and in the presence of each                        E. Roche
other subscribe our names as
witnesses, the J???? “161” having
 been J???? all??? To “191” on the 
Eighth E??? of the first page hereof.

John Fenelon 
Richard A. Parsons

The writing on the upper right hand side of the first page says:

This is the paper writing marked “A” which on the  affidavit of John Fenelon hereto is annexed with before me on the 24th (?) day of June AD 1929 is deposed(?) to be the last will & Testament of Elizabeth Roche the testatrix named in the  said will.
 Simon ?   ???

On the first page the number of the house on Water Street “161” was crossed out and “191” was written above it.

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