Will of  James Dobie from Newfoundland will books vol 1 page 52 probate year 1828-1830

This will was read, recorded and transcribed by JUDY BENSON
While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors

Will of James Dobie of St. John's

In re 
James Dobie  deceased

I James Dobie Surgeon Royal Navy now residing at St. John's Newfoundland in sound health body and mind do leave all my personal property funded home and Foreign establishments to Mrs. Dobie my mother for her life time then to go to my sister Mrs. Bisset during her life  One thousand pounds to Miss Bisset my niece to be kept at interest for her her heirs &c.  I consider that all my brothers have been well provided for by the arrangements I have made should anything happen to me I have left my business as fairly arranged as possible in Mr. Frances and Mr. Wilson's management  Mr. France having an account and instruction how to act    I wish the Newfoundland business to be broadly and briskly prosecuted appointing agents of sober honest and steady principles without which no business can be properly executed to any or the least advantage  My brother David or John from their practical knowledge I recommend to visit the Island also the most important outharbours where these agents are to be placed    Nova Scotia is another quarter to examine   P. Ed. Island    Cape Breton    West Indies    Bermuda   Pernambuco           the Rio de Janeiro and all other places vessels go to for any articles more immediately in the chemical way as Mr. Wilson has been correct    also John Hannon I recommend to my brothers      also something I yet hope may be done for Mr. Curtis whom I wish well 
The chemical engine or what is made from it to be in abundance sent here for these places arrangements having been made for its disposal if John does not take the Flagship if to be got Mr. Dobie will find out the Flag officer and ask him for it I mean Sir G. Cockburn.(?)  I advise Mr. Wilson if he wishes it for this quarter. 
James Dobie Surgeon R.N.      Jany 22nd 1826. 
Witness Campbell France  Surgeon Royal Navy.   Alfred Wilson

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