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Transcribed by Geoff Martin. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors

Will of Alexander Bannerman Martin

In the Supreme Court

In re

Alexander B. Martin


Administration granted to
Rebecca Martin
on the 5th. day of July
A.D. 1918

Value of Estate $ 32.95


To the Honourable the Supreme Court of Newfoundland, or one of
the Honourable the Judges thereof:
  The Petition of     Patrick J. Summers,     King's Counsel
Deputy Minister of Justice,     made on behalf of the Newfoundland Regiment
Pay and record Office, and in accordance with the provisions of "The Soldier's and Sailor's
Wills Act, 1917-1918, " humbly sets forth as follows:
Seaman Alexander Bannerman Martin of St. John's, #1224 X,

Royal Naval Reserve - - -was drowned on H. M. S. "Viknor," - - - on the
30th - day of January, 1915.

   Said Deceased left him surviving his father, Benjamin Martin of St. John's;
his mother Rebecca Martin of St. John's; his brothers, George Martin
 and Harry Martin; his sisters, Bessie Martin, May Martin, Isabella
Vincent, Gladys Martin, and Winnifred Martin.
     He died intestate, and at the date of his death was possessed of no assets
within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland, save only those specified
in the Inventory hereto annexed (marked "A"), which said assets do not exceed in value&
the sum of five hundred dollars.

  No Probate or Administration to the Estate of the Deceased has been granted
to any person.

Your Petitioner designates Rebecca Martin, Mother of said deceased,
As the person to whom administration is to be granted; and humbly prays that Letters
of Administration to the Estate and Effects of the said Deceased may be issues to her
and as in duty bound your Petitioner will ever humbly pray, etc.

Dated at St. John's, this 3 day of July, 1918.

              P J Summers LS
Fiat      Deputy Minister of Justice.
5 July 1918
Geo. M ????

ST. JOHN'S,          }
TO WIT:               }

               Patrick J. Summers, Deputy Minister of Justice,
            I, William F. Lloyd, His Majesty's Attorney General
make oath and say as follows:
                                                                     Deputy Minister
1.    Hereto annexed is a Petition signed by me as Attorney
of Justice,
General, and made by me officially under and by virtue of "The
Soldier's and Sailor's Wills Act, 1917-1918."

2.    After careful examination of the official records, and
such other investigation as it has been possible for me to under-
take, I believe that the facts set forth in the said Petition,
and in the Inventory thereto annexed, are full, correct and true.

Sworn at St. John's, this}                        J. P. Summers LS
4th. day of July              }         ,
1918                               }                  Deputy Minister of Justice.
1917 before me,             }                  H. M. Attorney General

             D Q Kent LS
                   Commissioner S. C.


In the Supreme Court of Newfoundland

In the Estate of

                           Alexander B. Martin              Deceased.

Inventory and Valuation of the Property of the said Deceased:

Cash on Hand                    (Augmentation Pay)                               $32.95

In the Supreme Court of Newfoundland

In the Estate of

                    Alexander B. Martin Deceased.

I, Rebecca Martin
of      St. John's     , in the Electoral District of St. John's
in the Island of Newfoundland, married woman , maketh oath and say that

Alexander B. Martin

late of St. John's , in the Electoral District of St. John's
in the Island aforesaid, naval reservist, deceased died intestate; that I will well
and faithfully administer the estate and effects of the said deceased, by paying his
just debts and distributing the residue of his estate and effects according to law;
that I will exhibit and true and perfect inventory of all and singular the said estate and
effects, and render a just and true account thereof whenever required by law so to do;
that the said deceased died at     was drowned on the H. M. S. "Viknor"
on the          30th day of     January         ,         one
nine     hundred and fifteen     ;                  and that the gross value of the
estate and effects of the deceased is Thirty two --------------------------------------------------
----------------------- 95/- dollars, and no more, according to the best of my knowledge,
information and belief

Sworn at St. John's            }                                            
    on the 3rd. day of July   }                          Rebecca Martin LS
    A. D. 1918, before me    }

        DQKent LS

Transcriber's Notes:

Alexander Bannerman Martin drowned in January 1915 with a number of other seamen in the loss of the H.M. S. VIKNOR. A list of other sailors can be found at this location: The Guardian, Friday, January 29, 1915

Alexander was the son of Benjamin Martin from Harbour Grace and Rebecca Garland, daughter of Azariah Garland and Sarah Snelgrove of Lower Island Cove. Benjamin and Rebecca were married in Harbour Grace, 26 December 1889 at the home of Benjamin Martin.

At this time, I am unable to connect the family of Benjamin Martin to the significant research I have on the various Protestant Martin lines in and from Harbour Grace.


MARTIN Benjamin M Head Married 46 No Entry
MARTIN Rebecca F Wife Married 44 No Entry
BENSON Sarah F Daughter Married 20 No Entry
MARTIN Alex M Son Single 18 No Entry
MARTIN Bessy F Daughter Single 16 No Entry
MARTIN May F Daughter Single 13 No Entry
MARTIN George M Son Single 11 No Entry
MARTIN Harry M Son Single 7 No Entry
MARTIN Gladys F Daughter Single 5 No Entry
MARTIN Winnifred F Daughter Single 2 No Entry
BENSON Albert M Son in Law Married 23 No Entry

Benjamin and Rebecca are buried in St. Johnís with their son Cecil George Martin.

Mt. Pleasant General Protestant Cemetery
St. John's West District

Benjamin MARTIN
1864 - 1948
Rebecca MARTIN
1871 - 1947
Cecil George MARTIN
1903 - 1954

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