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Newfoundland will books volume 4 pages 472-473 probate year 1866

Will of Ann Meagher


The will index gives the probate year, for this will, as 1866, but it is filed chronologically with wills from 1886.

Contents of will of Ann Meagher as proved by affidavit of Thomas Clooney: "By the said will the said Ann Meagher bequeathed to her grandson James Morrissey of St. John’s aforesaid Seaman a piece of land then occupied by James Power situate immediately west of Mr. C.F. Bennett’s Brewery at River Head in St. John’s aforesaid and held by the said Power at a rent of forty shillings per year

By the said will part of the said rent during James Morrissey’s minority was to be applied towards clothing him and the residue was to be paid to the priest By the said will one half of the remainder of the land of said Ann Meagher situate adjoining the land bequeathed to James Morrissey was bequeathed ---- to Catherine Morrissey now deceased the daughter of said Ann Meagher wife of Terence Morrissey the father of the said James Morrissey and the other half of such remainder of said land was bequeath by the said will to Patrick Meagher son of the said Ann Meagher who afterward died Intestate unmarried But it was expressly stipulated by the said will that the said property should never be sold nor transferred but should descent to their children and children’s children

It was also provided by said will that when James Morrissey came of age he should have absolute control of the property willed to him subject to the said stipulations. That the said will was signed and executed by the said Ann Meagher in the presence of James Dempsey of St. John’s aforesaid Blacksmith and Patrick Buckley late of the same place Fisherman since deceased who signed the said will as witnesses to the due execution thereof by the said Ann Meagher."
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