Transcribed by NORMA ELLIOTT
Contributed by C. HAYNES from microfilm reels at LDS Center
While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors


Estate of Catherine Hayes 1830

from the LDS microfilm Estate Files # 2056192

Supreme Court of Newfoundland


to wit:

I do swear that I believe

Catherine Hayes

deceased, died without a Will; and that I will well and truly Administer all and every the Goods of the said deceased, and pay her Debts so far as her Goods will extend; and that I will exhibit a true, full and perfect Inventory of the said Goods of the deceased , and render a true account of my Administration into the Registry of the said Court, within Twelve months from the date hereof, or when I shall be thereunto lawfully required; and that the whole of the Goods, Rights, Chattels, Assets, Credits and Effects of the said deceased, which she died possessed of, within the jurisdiction of this Court, do not according to the best of my knowledge, judgment and belief, amount to the value of Forty Pounds Sterling.

Michael Hayes (X, his mark)

Sworn at Ferryland

the Tenth day of

September in the Year of

our Lord One Thousand

Eight Hundred and twenty nine

B.G. Garrett

[Written in left-hand margin of document:]

Administration granted to Michael Hayes, 2 March 1830]

[Written at bottom of document:]

Catherine Hayes late wife of Michael Hayes became possessed of the property now administered to by the last Will & Testament of Patrick Henley Deceased, Probate of the said Will having been granted to the said Catherine Hayes on the 25th March 1829.


To Their Lordships the Judges of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland

The Petition of Michael Hayes of Brigus

Humbly Sheweth

That your Memorialist has been married near forty years. That last fall your Memorialists wife died and left behind a property in lands and houses which she enjoyed in her own right, a part of which had been left her by Will. Memorialist therefore prays Letters of Administration may granted to him and Memorialist as in duty bound doth ever pray.

Michael Hayes (X, his mark)

Brigus, 10th Sept 1829

? 40

[Written in the left-hand margin of the document:]

+ By the Will of Patrick Henley. Property of said Will granted 25 March 1829 to Catherine Hayes.