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Will of Cornelius Brine Senior from Newfoundland will books volume 4 pages 277-278 probate year 1883.
Transcriber’s Note: This name is spelled Brine and Brien in the will and Brine in the will index.

In re
            Cornelius Brine deceased.

I Cornelius Brine do now in the name of God make this my last will in the presence of the witnesses hereunto signed in which I bequeath and demise to my son Michael Brine that fishing room which he and I now occupy as a fishing station at present and the under flake of the said room to remain the length it is at present and to be the property of the said Michael Brine and the two remaining flakes to be measured equally and equally shared between the said Michael Brine and his brother Cornelius Brine my son- And that piece of land situate in front of the said Michael Brine’s house and bounded by the local line of road and the road leading to the said mentioned stage I also bequeath and demise to my son Michael Brine sixty feet of it and I also bequeath and demise to my son the said Michael Brine that piece of land bounded by the eastern front corner of my house on the one side and the end of John Getherall’s fence meetings the said ground on the other side.     I also bequeath and demise to my son Cornelius Brine that fishing stage on the eastern side of my waterside premises and also the eastern part of my fishing room.     I do bequeath and demise to my son Cornelius Brine the said eastern portion of my fishing premises to be determined by the due and equal measurement of the said mentioned flakes inside and outside and I also bequeath to him the remainder of the land leading to the main flake and I do further bequeath and demise to my son Cornelius all the remaining portions of property and dwelling situate in Bay Bulls harbor and that the said demises shall not be put or given unto the possession of Michael Brine or Cornelius Brine my sons until after the my death or the death of my wife and that if it should they shall maintain me or my wife for the possession of such property until our deaths.     I do also bequeath and demise to my daughter Mary and my daughter Margaret Summerville that portion of ground known as my farm at Coady’s Grove half of it to Mary and half to Margaret and if Margaret should deem prudent or fit to sell her half she shall not according to the true intent of my demise be allowed to make sale of her half of the said farm only to my daughter Mary to whom I bequeath the other half and I do hereby appoint the said witnesses to be my executors and to see that this my will shall be carried out duly and faithfully according to the demises of this my last will.     Signed Cornelius Brine.     Signed Witnesses Richard Mokeler, Martin Brien.     And I do also say that my son Cornelius shall not compel his brother Michael Brine to remove the store situate on the eastern premises until the expiration of two years.     Cornelius Brien.     Witnesses Richard Mokeler, Martin Brien. May 18th 1877.

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