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Newfoundland will books volume 2 page 410 probate year 1861

Will of Daniel Nowlan
In re

Daniel Nowlan deceased.

In the of God Amen. I Daniel Nowlan being weak in body but strong in memory do first bequeath my soul to God and my body to the earth and to be interred in the Catholic Churchyard of Saint Johnís 2nd I bequeath to my lawful wife Alice Nowlan als Bent my holding adjoining Mrs. Foots farm and John Gradys farm my house and furniture and all my stock & cattle while she lives with the exception of her getting married after my death and in case of she geting married she is to be cut off from the property with one shilling and the above property to be divided between my two daughters Nancy and Eliza Nowlan after my lawful wifeís death I also bequeath to my daughter Mary Nowlan that property that Mrs. Mullins holds after the expiration of the said Mrs. Mullins time of it also I bequeath to my daughter Elenor Nowlan that property occupied by Michael Power after the said Mchl Powers time of the said property and its further to be understood that the said profit rents coming from the said Mrs. Mullins and the said Michael Power is to be paid unto my lawful wife during their time of it in case as before mentioned that she do not get married and also my youngest son is to be send to a trade and its to be further understood that my two sons John and Elic Nowlan is to get a place for a house and kitchen garden each of them, that is eighteen feet long and thirty feet wide and these houses to be built near John Grady fence and its further to be understood that the aforesaid property is not to be let sold or mortgaged by any these parties and also my son Martin is to get eighteen feet long and thirty feet wide between my own house and Michl Powers house. Daniel his X mark Nowlan. Signed sealed and delivered in presence of John Foote, Patrick Condon, witness present T. Woods.

Certified correct,

D. M. Browning


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