Transcribed by Judy Benson & Ivy Benoit. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors

Newfoundland will books volume 7 pages 512 & 513 probate year 1905.

Will of David Mealley

(both spellings in transcription)

I David Mealey of St. John’s planter know all men and is sound in mind thank God I bequeath to my three sons Thomas James and John my fishing room and gear connected with it at Griffins Harbour Labrador it is never to be sold while the mother is alive without her approval and she is to reserve the sum of eight dollars from each of her three sons per year for the hirer of the room while she is alive also the room cannot be sold after her death without the sanction of her three sons I also bequeath to my daughters Elizabeth Mealey Annie Mealey my sons James Mealey and John Mealey my house in Murphy’s Square if either of my five(?) sons James or John get married they will have no right to bring in their wives to live in the said house

Also my son Thomas is to remain in the house as long as he conduct himself in a sober and respectful manner to his mother and sisters Also my granddaughter Minnie is to remain in the house with her Aunt while she is single My wife Jeminia Mealey is to be mistress of the house while she is alive After her death my daughter Elizabeth Mealey is to be mistress. This is my first and last will and testmy

Signed published and declared D his X mark M as and for my last will and testament by me on the day of March AD 1899.

David his X mark Mealey

Witnesses to the signature by David Mealey of this his will after the same had been read over to him in presence of each other and of the testator at his request sign as attesting witnesses (the word "granddaughter" being substituted for "niece" on the eighth line from the bottom of the first page.

Patrick Summers. Janie Summers.

Signed and sealed this day at St. John’s Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and ninety nine

David Mealey

Witness Patrick Summers. Janie Summers.

I certify the foregoing to be a correct copy of the last will of David Mealey.

D. M. Browning

(Listed in the Margin next to this will the following)

Fiat July 18/05 W. Horwood C.J. adm. cta Elizth. Mealey on the 20 Oct 05 Est. $1000.00 Sureties Patk Summers John Smith

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