Transcribed by GEOFF MARTIN
While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors



Will of Elizabeth Martin

Page 1  This is the usual folio slip

In the Supreme Court

In re


Elizabeth Martin









Administration granted to James



on the 19th day of February




Value of Estate  $  1,450.00

Sureties            Frederick Carter

                        Alexander Piercey





Vol. 9    Folio 388


Page 2


In the Supreme Court of Newfoundland

To the Honourable the Supreme Court or one of the Honourable

the Judges thereof.


The petition of James Martin of St. John's, Tinsmith,

humbly sets forth as follows:


1.          Elizabeth Martin of St. John's, aforesaid, widow,  died at

died at that place on the 26th day of December A. D. 1935

having, before her death, made and executed a last Will

and Testament, which said last Will and Testament  is

hereto annexed marked A.

2.          Said deceased did not appoint  an Executor in or by her

said last Will and Testament.


3.      Said deceased died possessed of  property within the

jurisdiction of this Honourable Court of a probable value

not exceeding the sum of $254.00, as will more fully

appear by reference to the Inventory hereto annexed marked

B, which is to be taken as a part hereof.


4.          No Letters of Probate of any last Will nor Letters of

Administration of the Estate of the said deceased have

been applied for by or granted to any person.

Your petitioner therefore humbly prays that Letters of Adminis-

Tration ( cum testamento annexo ) of the estate of the said

deceased may be granted to him, and, as in duty bound, your

petitioner will ever pray, &c.

Dated at St. Johns, this 15th   day of  February, A. D. 1936.               


 James Martin LS




Handwritten near the top left at right angles to the text:

Fiat  then looks like a signature for a Higgins

Then looks like a date of Feb? 19/36
Page 3                                                  A    Initials R. A. appear to the left

This is the last will and Testament of me,

Elizabeth Martin,  Widow,  of St. John's, Newfoundland,

hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time

heretofore made.

I give and bequeath my bed and bedding to

Soloman (sic), son of James Martin.

All the rest of my estate I give and bequeath

to James Martin  now living at 26 Duggan Street,

St. Johns.

            In Witness whereof, I subscribed these presents

as printed and written this 23rd. day of October

A. D. 1934.

Signed, published & declared

by the said Testator as her

last Will & Testament in the                   Elizabeth X Martin

presence of us both present

at the same time, who in her

presence & in the presence

of each other have hereunto

set & subscribed our names

as witnesses.


Witness.                                               Witness.  Martin  LS

Thomas Greavett?  LS                          George


Page 4


I hereby appoint James martin of Duggan Street

to be the executor of this my Estate.


Page 5                                                  B    Initials R. A to the left


This is the Inventory and Valuation of the Property of the said Deceased.


The value was assessed at $254.00