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Newfoundland will books volume 9 pages 488-489 probate year 1912

Will of George Waddleton, Sr.


This is the last will and Testament of me George Waddleton Sr. of Trepassey Newfoundland, planter.

1 I appoint James Waddleton of John, my nephew to be my sole executor.

2. I will that my household furniture be sold and the proceeds of the sale be equally divided among my nieces viz Maggie Doran, Mary Pennell, Kate Condon Mary (Doll) Halleran and Maggie Waddleton of Catherine

3. I will that the sum of fifty dollars of my monies be given the parish priest at Trepassey for twelve low masses for the souls of my brothers and sisters, and the remainder of that sum for masses for my own soul.

4. I will that the sum of twenty dollars be given the Reverend Mother of Trepassey Convent for prayers for my soul

5. I will that the sum of forty dollars be expended for my funeral and a headstone for my grave.

6. I will that the remainder of my monies be divided into nine equal shares; and I bequeath the shares as follows: (a) James Waddleton of Samuel my nephew to receive two shares (B) my nephews, Lawrence Hackett Edward Hackett Patrick Hackett, James Hackett James Waddleton of John, George Waddleton of John and Mrs Anastatia Waddleton widow of my nephew Michael to receive one share each.

7 I will unto Thomas Waddleton of my nephew Michael the most southwest part of my beach.

8. I will unto my nephew, James Waddleton of Samuel the middle beach and unto my nephew James Waddleton of John the most eastern beach

9. I will my share of the potato garden, on the east side of the lane leading from my house unto my nephew George Waddleton of John

10 I will my share of the lower meadow to my nephew James Waddleton of Samuel

11. I will my part of the upper meadow situated behind my house to my nephews James Waddleton of John and James Waddleton of Samuel to be equally divided between them

12. I will my house and the eastern half of my kitchen garden unto my nephew James Waddleton of Samuel and the western half of my kitchen garden unto my nephew James Waddleton of John.
I, George Waddleton, sign this and declare it to be my last will and Testament this sixth day of July A.D. 1912. - George Waddleton - Signed in the presence of us, as witnesses who at the same time and in his presence and in the presence of each other have set our names George Devereux L. J. Giovannetti M.D. J.P. witnesses

Certified correct,
D. M. Browning
(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
Fiat Emerson J. Aug. 30/12 granted to James Waddleton Estate sworn at $953.00

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