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Newfoundland will books volume 8 pages 440 to 442 probate year 1908

Will of James G. Hunt


This is the last will and Testament of me James G. Hunt of St. Johnís Broker and Commission Merchant I appoint my son Charles E. Hunt and my nephew Richard F. Goodridge Executors of this my will.

I bequeath the whole of my estate real and personal and of what nature and kind soever to my said executors for and subject to the following bequests trusts and purposes namely:

I desire that my wife Mary J.H. shall possess and occupy my dwelling house and land pertaining thereto situate on Barnes Road in St. Johnís or the rents and profits thereof for her natural life

I desire that my said wife shall also have the possession and use of such household goods furniture plate pictures works of art and other effects as may be in my possession or in the said dwelling house at the time of my death for and during her life

I desire that as soon as may be after my death my executors shall proceed to realize to the best advantage the whole of my estate property and effects (except as above provided) and to invest the same in such manner as may be most advantageous having regard to the further provisions of this my will.

I desire and direct that except as hereinafter provided (in case of necessity) there shall be no division appropriation or other disposition of my estate either capital or principal or income or interest but that the same shall be allowed to accumulate for a period of five years from the date of my death.

I desire and direct that from and after the expiration of the said period of five years from the date of my death there shall be allowed and paid to my wife for her use and benefit a sum or allowance of and at the rate of seven hundred dollars per annum until the whole of my estate or the proceeds thereof shall be spent or exhausted, and that for that purpose it shall be competent to draw upon capital or principal as well as interest or income. In the event of the death of my wife at any time after my death and before the whole of my estate shall be exhausted or disposed of as above provided

I desire and direct that all the money property and estate remaining at the time of her death (including my said dwelling house and furniture and effects) shall go to and be divided equally among my children, the share of any that may have died before her going to the legal representatives of such deceased.

It is further my desire and I direct that the above provision that my estate shall not be appropriated or disposed of for five years after my death is subject to the proviso and condition that in the event of any unforeseen contingency happening which shall in the opinion of my executors render it necessary so to do it shall be in their power to make such allowances or advances to my said wife for her support and maintenance or that of any of my children as my wife shall request and as my executors shall consider to be actually necessary for her or their suitable support and maintenance and for her or their benefit witness my hand at St. Johnís this 15th day of January 1908. (sgd) James G Hunt. Signed and delivered by the said James G. Hunt in the presence of (sgd) J.G. Winter (sgd) J.A. Winter

Certified correct, D. M. Browning Registrar
(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
Fiat July 1st 1908 Johnson J Probate July 4/08 granted to Chas E Hunt Richard F. Goodridge Estate sworn at $25,325.00

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