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Newfoundland will books volume 8 pages 298-299 probate year 1907

Will of James Power


In the Name of God. Amen This is the Last Will and Testament of me James Power of Torbay, Farmer. I will and bequeath to my son Mogue the ground he holds at the present time about his house also the ground he holds near Motion Bridge

To my son Michael I will and bequeath the ground he at present holds around his house cleared and uncleared within the fence also the clear ground on David Foley’s farm

To my son Laurence I will and bequeath the ground from the old stream to Richard Ryan’s stone fence.

To my son Patrick I will and bequeath all the ground attached to the house in which I lived -

To my grand-daughter Mary Doyle I will and bequeath half the uncleared ground of David Foley’s farm

To my son Patrick above named I will and bequeath my house and the furniture therein contained

To my four sons herein named I will and bequeath the uncleared land known as Motion, Share and share alike

To my son Mogue I will and bequeath my property on the Beach at Middle Cove to him also I will and bequeath the Barking Kettle.

I also desire that my son Patrick do not sell or dispose of the Land House and Furniture herein bequeath to him except to his Brother Mogue or with his leave and permission and I appoint my Brother Michael Power of St. John’s Executor of this my Last will and Testament In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand this eight day of August one thousand eight hundred and eighty two James Power In presence of Michael J Clarke John Roche

Certified correct, D. M. Browning Registrar
(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
Fiat June 20 07 C.J. admt. c.t.a. June 22.07 granted to Donald M Browning Estate sworn at $700.00

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