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Newfoundland will books volume 8 pages 285 to 287 probate year 1907

Will of John E. A. Furneaux


This is the last will and Testament of me, John E. Furneaux, of St. Johnís, Newspaper Proprietor. I revoke all former wills by me at any time made, and I appoint my wife Amelia Furneaux and William J. Kent of St. Johnís aforesaid, accountant, the Executors of this my will. I will and direct that my just debts and my funeral and testamentary expenses shall first be paid out of my estate.

  • I devise and bequeath to my daughter Alice my presentation silver salver, my set of the works of Charles Dickens, my Century Dictionary (in nine volumes), my shelf of books on Newfoundland, and my International Gallery Album.
  • To my son John I devise and bequeath my gold watch, my set of the Waverley Novels, my two swords and my rifle, and my gold-mounted breastpin.
  • I devise and bequeath to my daughter Mary my six bound volumes of Leslieís Popular Monthly, my album of "Christ in Art," and my bagatelle board.
  • To my daughter Vera I devise and bequeath my Grandfatherís clock, my album of art Photos, and ten books to be selected for her out of my library by her mother.
  • To my son Wilfred E. I devise and bequeath my silver watch, my roller-top desk, and my two volumes of "With the Flag to Pretoria,"
  • To my sister Annie Furneaux I devise and bequeath ten volumes of books, to be selected by her out of my library, excluding those hereinbefore mentioned. I also bequeath to my said sister the smaller oil painting of my father and the oil painting of my mother, to hold the same for her life, and I direct that after the death of my said sister the said paintings shall be the property of my daughter Alice,

And I devise and bequeath to my said Executors the Evening Herald newspaper and building and all stock-in-trade, machinery, and plant in connection therewith, also my general printing and publishing business, and all assets, debts, and effects thereof, all which things by this clause bequeathed are hereinafter collectively referred to as "my said business", upon trust to carry on and continue my said business for the benefit of my estate. And I direct my said Executors out of the profits of my said business to provide and pay to my sister Alice Scott an annuity or yearly sum of one hundred and Fifty dollars for and during her natural life, and to my sister Annie Furneaux an annuity or yearly sum of Three hundred dollars for and during her natural life, and that upon the termination of each of the said annuities the fund from which it arises shall fall into and become part of my general residuary estate, and pass and be disposed of therewith as hereinafter provided:

And lastly, subject to the bequest to William J. Kent hereinafter contained. I devise and bequeath all the rest, residue, and remainder of my goods, chattels, moneys, estate and effects (including my house and land on Monkstown Road) to my said Executors upon trust to permit my wife to use and enjoy the rents, issues, profits, and income thereof during her life or until her remarriage, and upon her death or remarriage, then upon trust to convey the corpus thereof to such of my children as shall be living at the time of such death or remarriage, share and share alike; and I appoint my said executors to be the Guardians of my said children during their respective minorities; and I hereby direct that my said wife shall during their respective minorities or until her death or remarriage, whichever shall first occur, out of the moneys hereby bequeathed to her well and suitably board, lodge, clothe, educate, and maintain each and every of my children; and I hereby also expressly direct that my said business shall not be sold or converted into money until my youngest child then living shall attain the age of twenty-one years, when my said business may, in the discretion of the persons thereto entitled under this my will, be sold or disposed of for their benefit, and I devise and bequeath to my Executor William J Kent by way of compensation for his services as such Executor a commission of five per centrum per annum upon the amount payable to my wife under the residuary clause hereinbefore contained.

In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my hand at St. Johnís aforesaid this 7th day of November, 1906 J. E. Furneaux signed Published, and Declared by the Testator as and for his Last will and Testament in presence of us both being present at the same time, who in his presence and at his request hereto subscribe ourselves as witnesses attesting the due execution hereof J. A. Scott Chas OíNeill Conroy

Certified correct, D. M. Browning Registrar
(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
Fiat June 12. 07 Emerson J Probate June 13 07 granted to Amelia Furneaux and William J. Kent Estate sworn at $38,492.39

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