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The Petition of William Walsh concerning the Will of Judith Hennessey

Probate year 1831, from the LDS microfilm # 2056192

To the Honble E. B. Brenton Esquire Acting Chief Justice of Newfoundland

The memorial of William Walsh of St. Johnís, Farmer

Humbly sheweth

That on the 3rd day of October 1816 the late Judith Henessy, mother in lawto your Honors memorialist died; leaving a will wherein she bequeathed to her daughter (My late wife) in conjunction with two other daughters, her interest in a certain farm known by the name of Henessyís Farm.

That Messrs Nicholas & Joseph Gill were appointed by the said late Judith Henessy to act as joint executors on the said will, but having refused to act, the sole management of the deceased estate devolved upon your Honorís memorialist, who has paid debts due by the deceased to the amount of upwards of £100.

That two of the grand children of the late Judith Henessy are desirous of selling their interest in the said farmbut find that they cannot do so without Letters of Administration being taken out. When upon application to the Clerk of the Court, your Honorís memorialist was informed that no Administration could be granted unless

Messrs Nicholas & Joseph Gill renounced the will.

Wherefore your Honorís Memorialist humbly prays that your Honor will be pleased to order Messrs Nicholas & Joseph Gill to appear in your Honorable Court to show cause why they will not renounce the said will, so as to enable your Honorís memorialist to administer to the estate.

And as in duty bound 

Your Honorís memorialist will ever pray.


Wm. X Walsh


Witness John Bulger Jr. (?)

St. Johnís Newfoundland

12 December 1831

In the Honorable the Supreme Circuit


On the petition of William Walsh of Saint Johnís, farmer it is ordered that Nicholas Gill and Joseph Gill of Saint Johnís merchants, the persons named in the last will and testament of Judith Hennessey late of Saint Johnís aforesaid widow deceased, do appear at Chambers on Monday the 19 inst at 11 Oíclock to show cause if any they have why they refuse to take upon themselves the trust of executors to the said will & why they do not renounce the last will and allow the said Walsh to administer to the estate of the said Judith Hennessy under the said will.

By order

W. Dickson

N. Circuit Court

St. Johnís

14 Decem. 1831

I hereby renounce every right which I might claim as executor under the will of the late Judith

Hennessey. 23rd December 1831

Jos, Gill

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