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Will of Lydia Rendle from Newfoundland will books volume 2 pages 555-556 probate year 1864

In re
         Lydia Rendle deceased

I Lydia Rendle widow of the late William Rendle being of sound mind make this my last will & testament I give & bequeath to my son Adam Rendle all that is in this room bed, bedding, tables & chairs &c.     All my clothes I give to my daughter Aimy Pollard & Jane Stuckley but the best bonnet I give to Aimy Pollard & the other bonnet and fan to Jane Stuckley All the money which my late daughter Eliza had I give to my sons & daughters to be equally divided among them, viz- Ambrose Rendle Samuel Rendle, Elias Rendle, William Rendle, & Adam Rendle, Aimy Pollard & Jane Stuckley     Of the £200 belonging to me in St. Johnís I give to my grandson Peter Rendle the son of William Rendle the sum of ten pounds to my grand daughter Charlotte the sum of eight pounds to my grandson John the sum of seven pounds, all children of my son William Rendle.     Out of the aforesaid sum of two hundred pounds I give to my son Adam Rendle the sum of thirty pounds & the remainder of the two hundred is to be equally divided among my other sons & daughters viz Ambrose, Samuel, Elias, William & Aimy & Jane.     The chairs are to remain in the parlour, the clock I give to Adam my son which is to stand in the parlour, the stove with all belonging to it I give to Adam & the residue of all below stairs I give to my other sons & daughters to be shared equally among them.     One of my beds I give to my aforesaid grandson Peter & another to my grandson Peter the son of Ambrose Rendle.     The gold watch I give to my son Adam I also give to my son Adam the cow & bull To my daughter Jane I give the calf and one sheep the remainder of the sheep to be divided between my sons William & Adam.     I give one Cod net to my son Elias Rendle & the rest of the nets I give jointly to my sons William & Adam.     A sufficient sum of money is to be left for paying the expenses of my funeral & for purchasing a decent head stone.     My last wish & injunction is that none of this money be spent in liquor.     Lydia her X mark Rendle. Witness my hand this fourteenth day of May in the year of our Lord 1864 in the presence of the Revd. Thos. Boone, John Peyton. Being first read over and fully explained to the said Lydia Rendle who seemed perfectly to understand the same, J.P.

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D. M. Browning

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