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Maria  Rowe

The Petition of Harriet F. Hiscock of St. Johnís, widow
Respectfully sheweth:- 

1. That petitionerís mother, Maria Rowe, late of St. Johnís died thereon or about the 20th day of March 1913 without a will, leaving her surviving five sons and daughters, of whom the following are now living, namely - Harriet F. Hiscock (petitioner), Maria Rowe, George R. Rowe, William M. Rowe.

2. The said deceased at the time of her death was possessed of property within the jurisdiction of your Honourable court of the probable value of three hundred dollars as will appear by reference to the inventory and valuation hereto annexed and marked ďAĒ, which is a just and true inventory and valuation of the estate of said deceased so far as your petitioner can ascertain.  The said property consisted of a lease of land held by and in the name of the said deceased with a partly built house thereon which the said deceased had agreed to sell to her son Charles E. Rowe, now deceased, for the sum of three hundred dollars but had not executed a transfer thereof.  The said Charles E. Rowe devised and bequeathed the said property to his wife Elizabeth Rowe for her life, and after her death to your petitioner.  The said Elizabeth Rowe, the widow of said Charles E. Rowe deceased, and your petitioner are now desirous of having the purchase of the said property completed and of obtaining legal title thereto for the purpose of sellinfg the same.

3. No application for probate of any will or for Letters of Administration of the estate of said deceased have been previously applied for by any person.

Petitioner therefore prays that letters of Administration to the estate of the said deceased may be granted to her.

And as in duty bound she will ever pray, etc.  Dated this 27th day of November, 1927.

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