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Newfoundland will books volume 4 pages 285 & 286 probate year 1884.

Will of Michael Collins


The last will and testament of Michael Collins of St. John's in the Island of Newfoundland made on the twenty second day of December Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and eighty-three. In the name of God. Amen. By this my last will and testament, whereby all former wills and testament made by me are revoked and annulled, I Michael Collins aforesaid, do hereby will devise and bequeath my household and other property as follows, that is to say:

To my beloved wife Ellen Collins I will devise and bequeath all my right title and interest in and unto all my houses and land and situated in Brien Stand Convent Square adjoining St. Patrick's Church in said City of St. John's, also my two tenements and land attached thereto situated at River Head bounded on the East by Reddick's property and on the west by Shortall's property also two tenements on leasehold property situated on Gower street near the western Fire Station

I also will devise and bequeath to my said beloved wife Ellen Collins, the mortgage held by me on the property and land of John and Thomas Bowe situate near the Goulds in the district of St. John's aforesaid, also the sum of two hundred pounds currency at present on the hands of Messrs. Little and Kent, barristers of this city.

To my beloved daughter Hannah Collins in Religion, Sister Mary Christina I bequeath will and devise twelve shares in the Savings Bank of this colony to have and enjoy the use of the same so long as she shall remain in St. Patrick's Convent River Head, but if removed to an outport Convent to have and enjoy the use of half the above amount, the interest thereon to be regularly drawn by the executors and placed to the credit of said Sister Mary Christina in said Savings Bank for her especial use and benefit as she may wish and require.

To the Presentation Convent of St. Patrick's River Head I will, bequeath and devise the mortgage on Cooke's property, at present held by Messrs. Little and Kent aforesaid as agents for the same.

Of the interest accruing yearly from the two debentures in the Colonial Treasury of this Island amounting to the sum of two hundred pounds sterling I will, bequeath and devise as follows, the interest amounting at five percent to ten pounds annually the sum of five pounds to be applied by my executors annually in charity for the repose of my soul, the remaining amount of five pounds, both in sterling, to be disposed of my my executors as follows. -

the first yearly sum of five pounds sterling to be given to the Revd. John Ryan of St. Patrick's River Head, and after that date all amounts so accruing to the Lord Bishop of St. John's for the time being and his successors, to be applied to the celebration of Masses for the repose of my soul in such manner as they may deem fit. As executors to this my last will and testament I appoint my beloved wife Ellen Collins aforesaid and James McLoughlin Esq.

Michael Collins
Signed and executed in presence of the undersigned who hereunto have attached their names and seals the day and year above written. John A. Rochfort, Notary Public [LS] John Crane [LS]

Certified correct,
D. M. Browning

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