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Newfoundland will books volume 2 page 392 probate year 1860

Will of Michael Dalton
Transcriber's Note: This name is spelled Dauton and Dalton in the will and Dalton in the will index.

In re

Michael Dalton deceased.

I Michael Dauton do hereby make over all my property that is to say my house with two tenements with all its effects therein both money and value and I Michael Dauton do declare that any relative belonging to me shall have no authority to claim any share of the aforesaid property and also any relative belonging to my wife Catherine Dauton are to be deprived of having any claim on said property and the said property are to be let unto the highest and fairest bidder after her death and the profit rent of the same the one half were to given to the clergy for Masses and the second half to be distributed to the poor for the honour and glory of our Lord and master Jesus Christ and the repose of our poor souls the said property lies in Water Street St. Johnís Newfoundland and I do authorize this document to last with force untill such time please God as I do return to this town and in case any accidence of death befall me before I do return I declare Catherine Dauton are to be the proper owner of the whole property untill her death. Michael Dalton. Present T.S. Dwyer, Patrick Manwarren. Given from under my hand in St. Johnís Newfoundland this 22nd day of April 1856.

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