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Newfoundland will books volume 3 page 541 probate year 1877.

Will of Monier Hutchings


The last will and testament of Monier Williams Hutchings of St. Johnís Gentleman. I appoint Thomas R. Smith of St. Johnís Merchant and George Adolphus Hutchings of same place Accountant the executors and Trustees under this my will. I give devise and bequeath all the property of which I may die possessed and in which I may be interested to the said executors and the survivor of them upon trust to realize- and to hold and apply the whole as follows- viz- the rents, issues and profits equally among my children who shall survive me and the children taking per stirpes of such as may have predeceased me- Upon the death of any of my said children not leaving children them surviving the share of such shall go to my other children or my grandchildren by deceased children taking per stirpes as aforesaid- and in the event of any of my children not having children them surviving who shall attain the sage of twenty one years the shares that would otherwise have ultimately become the property of such my childrenís children shall go to my other children and their children taking in manner aforesaid- In witness whereof I have to these presents subscribed my name at St. Johnís aforesaid the fifth day of January A.D. one thousand eight hundred and seventy five-

Monier W. Hutchings. Executed and declared as and for his last will and testament by the said testator in presence of us who in presence of each other and of said testator have to these presents subscribed our names as witnesses the day and year aforesaid the same having first been read over to the testator who was blind the word ďsuchĒ fourth line of this page being first interlined. Robert J. Pinsent John Dunphy.

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