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Newfoundland will books volume volume 2 pages 102-103 probate year 1852

Will of Patrick Mullowney


In the name of God Amen, I Patrick Mullowney of Saint John*s Shopkeeper, declare this to be my last will and testament, First I bequeath all my lands goods and chattels and effects of whatever nature or kind to my executors and trustees hereinafter named upon the trusts and for the uses hereinafter declared of and concerning the same, and subject to the payment of all my just debts and funeral expenses, that is to say, for the use and benefit of my wife Ellen and her children by me and of my four unmarried daughters by my former wife until these four daughters shall respectively become married and upon the marriage of each of them the one so becoming married shall be paid the sum of twenty pounds currency out of my said property and trade in which I am now engaged and which said trade shall be continued by my said wife with the assistance of my said four daughters for the maintenance clothing and education of her said children for her clothing maintenance and support and the clothing maintenance and support of my said four daughters until my said four daughters shall respectively become married And upon their being respectively married and paid the said sum of twenty pounds each as aforesaid, they shall have no further claim upon my said estate or the said trade, and my said property estate lands and effects then unsold and the said trade stock and all profits thereon shall then be enjoyed by my said wife and for the maintenance of her said children subject however at all times to the control of my said trustees or the survivors of them and to the understanding that any right which my wife shall take by virtue of this will or any property thereunder shall be held by her for her sole and exclusive use and benefit but subject to the conditions of this will and the trusts hereinbefore declared of and concerning the said four unmarried daughters and her said children.

Secondly, I bequeath the sum of eighty pounds to my friend Mr. Henry Simms for his use and benefit.

Lastly, I hereby nominate and appoint as my executors and Trustees my trusty friends Messrs. Henry Simms, Patrick L. Power and John O*Mara hereby enjoining them to prevent and settle all disputes about my property and realise and sell my farm stock and farms for the payment of my debts and allow the balance to be invested in the trade aforesaid for the uses and trusts hereinbefore declared. Provided always that if my said Trustees should find that the said twenty pounds to each of my said four daughters cannot be paid with convenience to my estate and trade upon the marriage of each of them respectively they shall be allowed six months thereafter to pay the same as aforesaid and shall be at liberty to pay the Rev. Kyran Walsh three pounds for Masses for the repose of my soul and also to get one High mass celebrated for the same purpose.

As witness my hand the 29th July A.D.1852.

Patk. Mullowney.

Signed and declared in presence of us and in presence of the testator by us the word "fifty" having been first erased on the second third and fifth pages and "twenty" interlined in lieu thereof.

Duncan Weir,

Certified correct, D. M. Browning

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