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Newfoundland will books volume 3 pages 453 to 455 probate year 1876.

Will of Randal Greene


Janry 1876

In re Randal Greene deceased. In the name of God Amen This is the last will and testament of me Randal Greene of St. John's Accountant made to serve in case of Necessity. My Assets are:

in Cash
House and furniture

1 Policy Life Insurance Life Assoc Scotland
120. 120.
1 do do Britannia Office
360. 360.
1 do. do. Royal
300. 300.
 Bonuses attached to do.
1 do. do. Equitable U.S.A. New York
8 shares in Union Bank

3 do. As Trustee

2 Shares Notre Dame Mining Co. at present of no value


My Liabilities are:

Current a/cs being all paid up my only liabilities are to "Thomas Shortall the sum of Five hundred pounds currency with interest since 6th December last at the rate of three per cent per annum being the balance of a sum borrowed from him for the purchase of Union Bank stock for which he holds my receipt and my stock certificate as collateral security also about ten pounds to my neighbour Mr. J. F. Meehan being balance due on building a/c and which I could never prevail on him to bring to a close" Therefore I give and bequeath unto my sons M.K. and D.J. Greene (whom I hereby appoint executors to this my will) in trust for the purposes hereinafter mentioned all and singular the aforesaid property or any other property that I may die possessed of

1st to pay my funeral expenses which I request may be as economical as possible with all due respect to decency.

2nd To pay Thomas Shortall and Mr. Meehan the balances due them as aforesaid and to pay all lawful debts of mine should any such then exist

3rd To pay my sister Mary Greene the sum of one hundred pounds which I request her to place in the Harbor Grace Savings Bank and to use as carefully as possible and in case of her death to be paid to my sister Kate Pendergast for the education of her children

4th To pay the sum of one hundred pounds for Masses for the repose of my soul and the souls of any one that I may have in anyway injured during my lifetime Fifty pounds of this to be paid to the Bishop of St. John*s and the remainder to be given to whatever clergymen my wife and children may think proper but the whole to be paid without delay on receiving the monies of my life insurance.

5th To pay whatever cash balance may then exist (either from the sources already named or from my account in the Union Bank) in full to my beloved wife for her own absolute use this at the present moment would be somewhat over three hundred pounds and must of course be gradually increasing. My Cash balance being then disposed of I give and bequeath my house and furniture to my wife for her use and benefit during her lifetime subject of course to its ground rent water rates prem Insurance against fire &c. and after her death the same to be held in trust in the same manner for my son M.K. Greene his heirs and successors

I then will that the dividends and bonuses arising from my shares in Union Bank (eleven in number) shall be paid to my beloved wife during her lifetime as they from time to time fall due for her own use and benefit and after her death that the three shares registered in my name as Trustee become the joint and absolute property of my sons aforesaid and that four shares of my said stock shall be held in trust for my son D.J. Greene his heirs and successors and the dividends and bonuses arising from the same shall be regularly paid to him as they become due also that the remaining four shares of my said stock be held in trust for the use of my sister Mary Greene should she be then living Dividend &c. paid to her as aforesaid and after her death to be so continued for the use of my sister Kate Pendergast and after her death to be so continued for the benefit of her children if unmarried if one is married and the other unmarried then to be held for the unmarried one but if both are married then it is my will that one share each be held in trust for themselves and their children and the remaining two shares to become the property of my son D. J. Greene in trust as aforesaid And should my said nieces die unmarried or without issue then it is my will that the two shares hereby reserved shall become the joint property of my two sons aforesaid also that my shares in the Notre Dame Mining Co. be their joint property hoping that some day or other they may become valuable to them And now may God have mercy on my soul In witness whereof I have hereunto my signature and seal attached on the 24th of Janry 1876, Randal Greene (LS) Witness C.S. Pinsent, P J. Bulley.

Certified correct,
D. M. Browning

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