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Newfoundland will books volume 10 pages 345-346 probate year 1915

Will of Robert Shortall


This is the last will of me Robert Shortall of St. Johnís Newfoundland Laborer and I revoke all former wills by me made. I appoint William P. Shortall of St. Johnís aforesaid Executor of this my will

(1) I give to my wife for her life all property of whatsoever kind I die possessed of

(2) After her death I give to my daughter Margaret my leasehold premises on Job Street St. Johnís aforesaid and also all the household furniture and effects contained in my dwelling situate on said Street part of said premises

(3) After my said wifeís death my executor shall hold my leasehold premises on Hamilton Street in St. Johnís aforesaid in trust first to pay out of the net income my son Peter the sum of one hundred dollars and after Peter is paid as aforesaid to pay one hundred dollars out of net income to my son Michael and after Peter and Michael are paid as aforesaid to transfer said last named leasehold premises to my sons Patrick and Robert as tenants in common so that both shall hold as follows that is to say Patrickís share shall be the upstairs of the dwelling now part of said last named leasehold premises the cooperage in the rear of said dwelling (last referred to) and the use in common with my son Robert of the yard and passage way appurtenant to said last referred to dwelling and Roberts share shall be the downstairs of the said last referred to dwelling and the use in common with my son Patrick of the said yard and passage way

(4) The expenses or debts of each of said leasehold premises shall be paid by each premises upon which they have arisen and any debts due to me or to my executor for rent shall be and become part of the bequests as if such debt or debts were part of the respective premises so bequeathed.

(5) It is my wish that Patrick and Robert when they get possession from my executor of the premises bequeathed to them shall bear equally the ground rent of the same and also bear equally all necessary repairs to said dwelling bequeathed to them and the cost of insuring the same

(6) Should the last named dwelling be totally destroyed by fire before Peter and Michael are paid and there be insurance on the same such insurance money shall be used to first pay what shall be due to Peter and Michael (if any) and the balance paid over to Patrick and Robert in equal shares. <

(7) The residue of my estate if any I give to my daughter Margaret.

In witness whereof I have set my hand to this my will this 20th day of November 1911. Robert his X mark Shortall Signed by the testator Robert Shortall for his last will by making his mark in our presence (the foregoing having been first read over to him also in our presence) who in his presence and in the presence of each other have signed our names as witnesses Jas. J. McGrath St. Johnís Solicitor Josephine Power.

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following) Fiat Novr 24/15 Johnson J. Probate Decr 7/15 granted to Wm. P. Shortall Estate sworn at $1680.00

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