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Newfoundland will books volume 10 pages 317 to 319 probate year 1915

Will of Sarah Anne Edleston Prowse


The last will and testament of me Sarah Anne Edleston Prowse wife of Daniel Woodley Prowse all written by my own hand and I declare this to be my only last will and testament and all former wills by me made are void and of no effect

First I appoint my two sons George Robert Farrar Prowse and Thomas Holmes Edleston Prowse executors of this my will

Secondly I give and bequeath to my husband during the term of his natural life and for his sole use and benefit all the rents and products of my estate both in Newfoundland and elsewhere

Thirdly After his decease I will and bequeath to my daughter Grace Isabel Prowse the sum of one hundred and forty pounds sterling per annum to be paid to her by my said executors half yearly for her sole use and benefit during the term of her natural life and after my husbandís death this yearly allowance is to be a first charge upon my said estate- My daughter aforesaid shall have full power and authority notwithstanding the above to devise and bequeath half of said yearly amount. viz seventy pounds sterling a year by will. the remainder at her death to merge into the general estate and to be divided in the same proportion amongst my sons and daughter Alice as follows

Fourthly I devise and bequeath to my daughter Alice Holmes Edleston Blomfield wife of Commander Blomfield Royal Navy subject to the above bequest to my daughter Isabel five tenths of the remainder of my said estate for her sole use and benefit the amount to be paid to her also half yearly and at her death to be divided equally between her two daughters Alice Marjorie Blomfield and Irene May Minnbel Blomfield

Fifthly I devise and bequeath to my 3 sons George Arthur and Thomas on the like conditions as respects my said daughter Alice two tenths each of my said estate to my sons George and Thomas and to my son Arthur one tenth of the same

I give to my said executors full power with the written consent of all the said legatees to sell any of the said lands tenements or messuages belonging to my said estate which they may consider beneficial to the said estate and legatees and to invest the proceeds in such other securities as they may deem advisable

In witness whereof I have signed the same and hereby declare this to be my last will and testament this 30th day of January one thousand nine hundred and six at St. Johnís Newfoundland S. A. E. Prowse Signed and declared by said testatrix as and for her last will in our presence who in her presence and in the presence of each have signed our names as witnesses thereof Mrs. J. Furlong Lizzie Wall.

As a codicil to my last will and testament dated 30th January 1906 I now further will and direct that in the event of my estate being increased and producing over a yearly rental of over £300 sterling pounds The surplus over that amount subject always to the special bequest to my daughter Isabel shall be equally divided amongst my other four children. S.A.E. Prose. Dated at St. Johnís Newfoundland this 17th March 1906 As a codicil to my last will and testament dated Jany 30th 1906

I make a further codicil and will and direct at the request and desire of my said son T.N.E. Prowse that the 1/10th share left to my said T.N.E. Prowse shall not be bequeathed to him but shall be an additional share to my son A.H. Prowse making my son Arthur Prowseís share 3/10 of my property subject only to the annuity of £140 stg to my said daughter Grace I. Prowse & I further will & direct my son A.H. Prowse shall have only a life interest in the 3/10 share of my property and at his death the 3/10 share shall be equally divided between his two daughters Winnifred and Katherine If the £140 stg devised to my daughter Grace Isabel Prowse is not sufficient for her maintenance I expect my sons and daughter to forego so much of their share of my property from half year to half year as is in the opinion of my executors necessary for the due maintenance of my said daughter Grace Isabel Prowse Dated at St. Johnís Newfoundland October 30th 1913. S.A.E. Prowse.

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following) Fiat May 18/15 C.J. Admn c.t.a. May 27/15 granted to H.A. Winter Sureties: A. E. Outerbridge E. Dowling Estate sworn at $9906.00

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