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Newfoundland will books volume 3 page 355 probate year 1874.

Will of Sherborne McKenny


This is the last will and testament of me Sherborne T. McKenny of St. John's Photographer. First I give and bequeath to my wife Elizabeth McKenny as my executrix all the property of which I shall die possessed upon the following trusts: Firstly, upon trust that my said wife shall devote the rents interests and annual proceeds of the said property to the support and maintenance of herself and of my children of her by me begotten: Secondly, upon trust for the respectable education of my said children: Thirdly , upon the youngest of my children then surviving attaining the age of twenty-one years upon trust to devote to the sole and separate use of my said wife all the residue of the estate then remaining.

Second, I give and bequeath to my son Leonard my watch and chain. Third, It is my express will and desire that all the bequests herein contained shall be conditioned upon my said wife and children remaining members of some of the sections of the Protestant Church and should she or any of them become Roman Catholic or embrace or profess the Roman Catholic religion it is my will that the share of her or any of my said children so doing should lapse to such others interested as shall remain Protestant save and except my children by a former marriage now resident in the Unite d States In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this first day of February A.D. 1874,

Sherborne T. McKenny X his mark. Signed published and declared by the said testator as and for his last will in presence of us who in presence of the said testator and of each other have signed our names as witnesses the said last will having been first read over to the testator in our presence (the words "as my executrix" between the 4th and 5th lines first page having first been interlined. Simeon H. Parsons, M. Harvey.

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