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Theodore Nicholas Gill (1837-1914) was an eminent ichthyologist and professor of zoology at George Washington University. He was associated with the Smithsonian for over fifty years.

Theodore was a son of James D and Emily W Gill. Current research indicates they had eight children.

James D Gill was a son of Nicholas Gill Jr. and Elizabeth Mary Burton Gill of St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Nicholas Gill Sr.was one of the three sons of Captain Michael Gill, who traded from Charlestown, Massachusetts. Michael Gill fought an historic battle against the French at Bonavista in 1704.

Nicholas Gill Sr. served as a Justice of the Peace from 1771. He was a naval officer, notary public and a judge of the vice-admiralty court. In his later years he was Chief Magistrate of St. John's.

Theodore refers to his brother Herbert A Gill and his sister Caroline Emily Gill. He also mentions Theodore Nicholas Gill, the son of his brother Herbert A Gill.

The transcribed will for Theodore’s grandmother Elizabeth Mary Burton Gill

The transcribed will for Theodore’s sister Caroline Emily Gill

The transcribed will for Theodore’s father James D Gill


Will of Theodore N. Gill
In the Supreme Court


In re

Theodore N Gill




Administration granted to

Francis E Rendell

On the 19th day of January


Value of Estate $ 3492.36

Sureties Geo Shea

Ches? W? ? Harvey

Vol 6

Folio 585

To the Honorable the Supreme Court of Newfoundland or to

one of the Honorable the Judges thereof.

The Petition of Francis E. Rendell of Saint John’s Merchant.


1. That Theodore N. Gill late of Washington in the District of

Columbia in the United States of America, Gentleman, deceased died

there on or about the 25th day of September A. D. 1914 having pre-

viously made and executed his last Will and Testament of which he

appointed his brother Herbert A. Gill of Washington aforesaid, Real

Estate Agent, sole Executor.*

2. Probate of the said Will was granted to the said Herbert A. Gill

by the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia aforesaid on the

29th. day of October A. D. 1914 an exemplification and certificate

of which are hereto annexed marked “A”.

3. Said deceased at the time of his death was possessed of property

within the jurisdiction of your Honourable Court of the probable value

of $3492.56.

4. The inventory and valuation hereto annexed marked “B” is to the

best of Petitioner’s knowledge information and belief a just and true

inventory and valuation of the property estate and effects of said

deceased in Newfoundland at the time of his death as far as Petitioner

can at present ascertain.

5. No Probate of any Will nor Letters of Administration to the

Estate of said deceased have been granted in Newfoundland to any


6. Petitioner is the Agent of the said Herbert A. Gill in

Newfoundland in the management of all matters connected with his

property in Newfoundland under a duly executed Power of Attorney.

* Written to the left margin of point 1. at right angles were the words

Fiat W H Horwood CJ

Jan 18/15


and makes this application on the instruction of the said Herbert

A. Gill.

Petitioner therefore prays that Letters of Administration

with the said Will annexed to the Estate of said deceased may be

granted to him.

And as in duty bound he will ever pray etc.

Dated the 16th day of January A.D. 1915

F E Rendell LS



I, Theodore N. Gill of the City of Washington,

District of Columbia make this my last will and testament.

I make my brother, Herbert A. Gill, my sole trustee

and executor.

I give and bequeath to him, Herbert A. Gill, all my

property, wherever situated, real and personal, for his sole

use and benefit, subject, however, to the following legacies

and conditions.

I give to my sister, Caroline Emily Gill, one

thousand ($1,000.00) dollars a year payable quarterly.

I give to my nephew, Theodore N. Gill, one thousand

($1,000.00) dollars a year payable quarterly.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and

Seal this 18th day of March A. D. 1914

Theo N. Gill (seal)

Signed, sealed, published and declared as and for

his last will and testament by the above named testator,

Theodore N. Gill, in the presence of the subscribers, who,

at his request and _ his presence and in the presence of each

other, have signed our names as attesting witnesses hereto on

this 18th day of March A. D. 1914 in the City of Washington,

District of Columbia.

John P. Earnest, 323 John Marshall Place, Washington, D. C.

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