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Will of Thomas McMurdo from Newfoundland will books volume 4 pages 77-78 probate year 1880

In re
          Thomas McMurdo deceased.

This is the last will and testament of me Thomas McMurdo of St. Johnís Chemist I revoke all former wills and testaments heretofore made by me.     I give and bequeath all my estate real and personal to my executors hereinafter named in trust for the following purposes and bequests viz I desire that the following property namely Twelve shares in the Commercial Bank one hundred and eighty shares in the General Water Company Sixty five shares in the Harbour Grace Water Company American Bonds to the amount in all of four thousand dollars a piece of land in Monkstown St. Johnís upon which stands the building lately called the General Protestant Academy the sum of seven hundred pounds currency now on loan to Mr. Patrick Hogan and the mortgage therefor and my claim thereunder upon the property thereby mortgaged and forty three shares in the Merchants Bank of Montreal be held by my executors to apply the yearly rents dividends interest and profits accruing upon and out of said monies stocks and property during the life of my wife Gordon Cattenagh for her support and benefit and that of my daughters Margaret Carmichael and Agnes Douglas in such manner as my said wife shall appoint and direct upon the death of my said wife I desire that the said moneys stock and property shall be divided equally among my three daughters Jessie Monroe Margaret Carmichael and Agnes Douglas for the sole and separate use of each of them free from the control of her husband

I bequeath the sum of one thousand pounds to my son-in-law Robert Thomas of Perth as Trustee to hold and apply the same for the use benefit and support of his wife Jane Agnes my daughter and their children equally among them this bequest being excepted from the general bequest of my estate to my executors as trustees     I also desire that the payment of this bequest shall await the payment to my executors of the sum of three thousand pounds by my son-in-law John McNeil under a partnership agreement heretofore made between him and me and be made out of said fund     I desire that after my death my son-in-law John McNeil shall occupy the portion of the dwelling house in Water Street now occupied by me and that my said wife shall occupy the other or western portion of said house both free of charge as regards the farm farm stock and property at the West end of the town of St. Johnís known as Grove Hill Farm I desire that my said wife shall have the right to occupy the dwelling house and garden during her life and that subject to such right the said farm land and property shall be held for the benefit and support of the children of the said John McNeil and my daughter Mary     I further direct that the said John McNeil shall have the option of purchasing the said land and farm at any time before the expiration of three years from my death for the sum of eighteen hundred pounds currency in which event I desire that of the said purchase money the sum of five hundred pounds shall go to Alice daughter of said John McNeil and my daughter Mary, five hundred pounds to Thomas their son and eight hundred pounds among the other children of said John and Mary McNeil equally.

I give and bequeath my interest in the business carried on by me in Water Street and my interest in the business premises to my said son-in-law John McNeil subject to the right before reserved to my said wife to occupy the portion of the dwelling house free of charge     I bequeath to John Jocelyn farm servant if living at the time of my death the sum of thirty pounds     I desire that the residue of my estate after providing for the bequests herein contained and not otherwise disposed of be divided equally among my three daughters Jessie Monroe Margaret Carmichael and Agnes Douglas for the sole and separate use of each and free from the control of their husbands.     I appoint my son in law John McNeil my son in law Moses Monroe and Charles Crowdy Esquire M.D. executors of this my last will.     In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed and set my hand and seal at St. Johnís this thirteenth day of August A.D. one thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven.     Thomas McMurdo (LS)     Signed sealed published and delivered by the said Thomas McMurdo as and for his last will and testament in presence of J. S. Winter,     Wm. Watson Macneil.

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