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Thomas Wilkie was the son of Thomas Wilkie and Jane Kent. Thomas senior was a sergeant in the "Royal Victoria Regiment" and "Royal Newfoundland Regiment" and lived in St. John's Newfoundland between 1812 and 1826. His occupation was as an armourer. He returned to England and lived in Kent after 1826. In 1844 we know he was a warrant officer in the British army living in Woolwich, Kent, England. We assume that son Thomas, born in February 1812, went back with the family and eventually returned to live in Newfoundland.

Thomas junior married Charlotte Leicester December 26, 1836 in the Royal Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula, Middlesex, England. This is the chapel in the Tower of London. Family legend was that they married in the Tower of London where Thomas Wilkie senior worked.

The four surviving children mentioned in the petition were

Charlotte Augusta Wilkie born 7 Sep 1854. She married Samuel George Carnell Collier of St. John's. These were my maternal great grandparents. They both died in St. John's.

Mary Anne Wilkie born 26 July 1839. She married Charles Peter Withell from Padstow, Cornwall, England. They later moved to Nova Scotia and both died in Halifax.

Jane Emeline Wilkie born 10 February 1846. She married George William Udle/Udall of St. John's. They both died in St. John's.

Charles Kent Wilkie born 10 April 1851. He moved to Montreal and married Eliza Butler of Montreal in 1877. Eliza died in 1887 and we think Charles married again to a Georgia ? Ross. She may have died in Montreal in 1904.

John William Carnell Collier was a brother of Samuel George Carnell Collier


Will of Thomas Wilkie
This was a five page document received from the Supreme Court of Newfoundland in June of 2005

Page One


Estate of Thomas Wilkie

Late of St. Johnís

In the Central District

Gun Smith deceased.

Dated April 3rd.


Vol 4

Folio 185

Page Two

To the Honorable the Supreme Court of Newfoundland or one of the Hon. Judges of the same.

The petition of Charlotte Wilkie of St. Johnís Newfoundland widow Humbly sheweth That your petitionerís late husband Thomas Wilkie (late of St. Johnís gunsmith) departed this life on or  about the thirtieth day of March last intestate leaving him surviving his widow your petitioner and the following children Charlotte, Mary Anne, Jane and Charles. That at the time of his decease the said Thomas Wilkie was possessed of property in Newfoundland of the value according to your petitionerís opinion and belief of not more than eight hundred dollars.


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Page Three

That no letters of Administration of the said estate have been granted. Your petitioner therefore humbly prays that letters of Administration of her said late husbandís estate may be granted to her and as in duty bound will pray.

St. Johnís Newfoundland

March 28, 1877

Charlotte Wilkie LS

Supreme Court )

Newfoundland )

St. Johnís to wit ) Charlotte Wilkie of St. Johnís aforesaid widow the petitioner named  in the above written petition maketh oath and saith that the several matters and things therein contained are just and, true

Sworn before me at )

St. Johnís aforesaid this ) Charlotte Wilkie LS

28th day of March )

A.D. 1877 ?? Wood )

Commer Affts )


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Supreme Court of Newfoundland



I do swear that I believe that Thomas Wilkie late of St. Johnís aforesaid Gun Smith deceased, died with out a Will; and that I will well and  truly administer all and every the Goods of the said deceased, and pay  his debts so far as his Goods will extend; and that I  will exhibit a true, full and perfect Inventory of the said Goods of the  Deceased, and render a true account of my Administration into the  Registry of the said Court, within six months from the date hereof, or  when I shall be thereunto lawfully required ; and that the whole of  the goods, rights, chattels, assets, credits and effects of the said deceased,  which he died possessed of, within the jurisdiction of this Court, do  not, according to the best of my knowledge, judgment and belief, amount  to the value of Eight Hundred and fifty dollars.

Charlotte Wilkie LS

Sworn before me at St. Johnís,

the 3rd. day of

April in the year of

Our Lord One Thousand Eight

Hundred and Seventy seven.

?? Wood LS

Commissioner of Affidavits, Supreme Court

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Supreme Court of Newfoundland

BE IT REMEMBERED, That on this third day of  April in the Thirty fortieth Year of  the Reign of our Sovereign Lady VICTORIA, By the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland , Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c., and  in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy Seven personally appeared Charlotte Wilkie Widow, George Udle, Painter and John Collier Painter all of St. Johnís in the Central District and did acknowledge themselves to beheld and firmly bound to our said Lady  the Queen, Her Heirs and Successors, in the penal Sum of Seventeen hundred Dollars, to be had, made, and levied on their Goods, Chattels and Effects, jointly and severally, if Default is made in any of the conditions following:


Charlotte Wilkie as Administratrix of the Estate and Effects of  Thomas Wilkie late of St. Johnís aforesaid Gun Smith  deceased, do make or cause to be made, a just, true, and perfect inventory of all and singular the Goods, Credits and Effects of the said deceased which have or shall come  to the hands, possession, or knowledge of her the said Charlotte Wilkie as such Adminstratrix or to the hands or possession of any other person or persons, for her and the same so made do exhibit, or cause to be exhibited, in the Supreme  Court of Newfoundland, at or before the third day of October next  ensuing the date hereof ; and the said Goods, Chattels, Credits and Effects, and all other the Goods, Chattels, Credits and Effects of the said deceased, at the time of his  death or which at any time afterwards shall come to the hands or possession of  her the said Charlotte Wilkie or to the hands or possession of any other person or persons for her shall well and  truly Administer according to Law, and further shall make, or cause to be made a just  and true account of her said Administration, on or before the 3rd day of  April which will be in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and  Seventy eight and afterwards from time to time as she shall be lawfully required.

And all the rest, residue and remainder of the said Goods, Chattels, Credits and  Effects, which shall be found remaining upon the said Administration Account, the  same being examined and allowed by the said Supreme Court of Newfoundland, shall and do pay and dispose of in a due course of Administration, or in such a manner as  the said Court shall direct; then this obligation to be void and of no effect, or else to  be and remain in full force and virtue.

Signed and Sealed Charlotte Wilkie LS

in the presence of

George Udle LS

?? Wood

Commer John W Collier LS

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