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Will of Thomas R Kitchen from Newfoundland will books volume 4 pages 282-283 probate year 1884.
Transcriberís Note: This name is spelled Kitchen and Kitchin in the will and Kitchin in the will index, which lists both 1884 and 1892 under the probate year.

In re
            Thomas R. Kitchen deceased.

In the name of God Amen.     I Thomas R. Kitchin of Saint Johnís Carriage Maker, being of sound mind, memory and understanding do make ordain and publish the following as and for my last will and testament.     To my executors hereinafter named I will and bequeath all the right title and interest I now have or may hereafter have either at law or in equality in and to the lands tenements and premises bequeathed by my deceased father to me and situate and being on the west side of what is known as McBrides Hill between Water and Duckworth Streets in Saint Johnís to have and to hold the same in trust and to apply the rents issues and profits thereof to and towards the support maintenance and education of my children William P.H. Kitchen and Rose T. Kitchen until the youngest shall attain full age when I will and direct my executors to assign and transfer to my said son all that part of said land and premises now held and occupied by James Murray under agreement from me:     and the lands houses and premises now occupied by Spry, Bowen, Grant and Woods and Sterling shall be assigned and made over to my said daughter on her attaining full age and to be held by her free and clear of any claim or control of any husband she may marry and in the event of her dying to be subject to any disposition she may make thereof by deed will or other writing-     In the event of the death of either of my said children before attaining full age the share of such one so dying shall go to the surviving child.     And in the event of both of my said children dying before attaining full age said lands and premises shall go to and become the property of the nearest of kin of my late father William Kitchen. I will and direct my executors to keep my said lands and tenements leased to good and solvent tenants until the time shall arrive for said distribution of the same and to apply the rents issues and profits thereof solely to the objects aforesaid-

I will and bequeath my gold watch to my son to be delivered to him at such time as my executors may determine.     I will and bequeath my silver watch to my nephew John J. Fenelon under like conditions.     I will and bequeath my walnut wardrobe to Mr. Maurice Fenelon as a mark of my regard and esteem.     I will and desire my executors to pay or cause to be paid the sum of five pounds towards the erection of the proposed Orphanage at Belvidere St. Johnís.     I will and bequeath to the administrator for the time being of the parish of Saint Johnís the sum of five pounds per year for the term of ten years to be distributed among the Roman Catholic Clergy in said Parish for the celebration of Masses for the repose of my soul.     I will and bequeath the sum of three pounds to each of the Societies of St. Vincent de Paul in Saint Johnís-     I will and bequeath the sum of three pounds towards liquidating the debt on the Convent at River Head I will and bequeath to James J. Norris of Water Street all implements and tools of my trade in and about my said premises and working bench and chest.
I hereby nominate and appoint Thomas J. Murphy and Joseph I. Little of Saint Johnís executors hereof and will and desire the former to act as guardian to and for my said children.     I hereby revoke and annul all former wills made by me.     Dated at Saint Johnís this 3rd day of February 1883.     Thomas R. Kitchen.     Signed declared and duly executed before us who at Thomas R. Kitchinís instance affix our names hereto as witnesses in his presence and of each other, J. I. Little.     Edward Devereux.

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