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Newfoundland will books volume 3 pages 294-295 probate year 1872

Will of William Coady


In the name of God Amen. Know all men by these presents that I William Coady Fisherman and Mariner of Saint Johnís in the Island of Newfoundland now living vicinity of St. Johnís in the Island aforesaid and in my perfect senses and intellect but feeble and wake in body I bequate my soul to God my body to the earth I bequate to my beloved children to my beloved son Thomas I make over all my rite title and interest in three brick houses situated in Prences Street under lease from Government yearly rent thirty two dollars a year during my interest in the aforesaid houses it is my further will and pleasure that Thomas shall not sell or mortgage the aforesaid houses for twenty years after the come into his posesion to my beloved son William I make forever the S West end of or part of house I now live in likewise half the garden in front of the house with the garden at the S West end of the house mesuring on Pokem Path Road twenty one feet six inches to my beloved son John I make over for ever the North east end of the house I now live in likewise all the ground in the rare of the house bounded on the south west by William Jenkens on the North by Widow Dalys on the North East by LeMerchant Road likewise the store with all the furnisher the property situated on the beach now in posesion of James Farrel bounded on the S W by the Old Nunnery Lane on the north by a public street on the N E by John Kickham property it is my will and pleasure the incum of the aforesaid property will be equally divided between my beloved children Mary Kerney William Coady Elizabeth Holahan John Coady My aforesaid children or any other person on there part cannot mortgage or sell or dispose of in anny other way there parts of the aforesaid property I now bequate unto them from the family for the term of twenty years after it come in there posessions

The property situated at Bay Bulls formerly belonging to my grandfather Thomas Burner and wild to me now in the posesion of Thomas Williams I bequate to my son John Coady. All my right title and interest in the houses built on Mr. Gills ground I leave to my son John Coady I demand that there will be two Masses each year offered up for the repose of my soul to be paid for out of the incum of the Beech property I do declare this to be my last will and testament given from under my hand and seal

William Coady Codicil I do hereby authorize and empower Laurence Coady and John Coady my son to be my executors I declare this to be my last will and testament caried into effect Saint Johnís 26th day of June 1872.

William Coady. Witness preasent John Dalton, Laurence Coady, John Coady.

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