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Will of William Freeman from Newfoundland will books volume 2 pages 492-493 probate year 1863

In re
         William Freeman deceased.

This is the last will of me William Freeman of St. Johnís Builder I give all my property to my friends John Cormack and Robert Oke whom I appoint my executors in trust to divide the same equally amongst my children Charlotte, John, Jemima, William T., Caleb, George, Robert for their sole use and benefit the chest of drawers and wash stand had from the Fumey Family I give to my executor Robert Oke also the large table cloth and one large table spoon (silver) I give one large silver table spoon and his motherís likeness to Joseph Fumey and the third silver table spoon to Caroline McPherson.     I give my servant Isabella Robbins a suit of clothes (mourning) and one of the shawls now in the house I give Anne Belle Parsons ten pounds and Miss McPherson ten pounds.     W.B. Freeman.     Signed published and declared by the said testator as his last will in our presence this 16th day of October A.D. 1862,     H.W. Hoyles,     E. Botterell.

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