Transcribed by Judy Benson & Ivy Benoit. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors

Newfoundland will books 8 pages 103-104 probate year 1900. This is the same will that is recorded in volume 3 page 230 probate year 1872, with the addition of the notes of probate in the margin.

Will of William Scott


In the name of God Amen. I William Scott of Saint Johnís Dealer being of sound mind memory and understanding do make and ordain the following as and for my last will and testament viz

To my executors hereinafter named I will and bequeath all my leasehold interest in and to that land dwelling house stores and premises now held and occupied by me and fronting on Water Street and all chattels monies and effects as I may die possessed of or entitled to to be held by them for the maintenance and support of my daughter Mary Scott.

I will and desire that it shall and may be optional with my executors to let at an annual rental said house and premises or sell the same for said purposes.

I nominate and appoint my friends Thomas Summers and William P. Walsh executors hereof. Dated at St. Johnís this 22nd day of July A.D. 1871. William Scott Signed and declared in presence of Thomas Brien, Patrick Summers.

I William Scott the testator named in the foregoing will and testament do hereby make ordain and declare this as a codicil thereto: viz. I will and direct that all the surplus monies and rental or other effects of mine whatsoever remaining after and beyond what is necessary and suitable for the support and maintenance of my said daughter Mary Scott as directed in said will be taken by the executors therein named and applied for the support and maintenance of the rest of my children as to the said executors may seem best and proper for them. In witness whereof I have set my hand the 22nd day of July A.D. 1871.
William Scott.

Signed and delivered in presence of Thomas Brien. Patrick Summers.

Certified correct, D. M. Browning Registrar

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
Fiat granted 1872 H.W.H. (J) Probate granted on the 18th day of January 1872. to Thomas Summers Estate sworn at $1250. Fiat J. I. Little C.J. Adm. C.t.a. - Abn granted to John Scott on the 13th day of February A.D. 1900. Estate sworn at $1000.00 Sureties Chas. Gamburg M.W. Myrick

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