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Newfoundland will books volume 2 page 208 probate year 1856

Will of William Taylor


The will of William Edward Taylor now of Dartmouth Devon formerly of St. John's, Newfdland I give and devise all the property both real and personal that I may leave to my dear wife Elizabeth Susan for her sole use and control and to prevent her being in any way interfered with by any of my relations after my decease I constitute and appoint my dear wife my sole executrix the said property subject nevertheless and I hereby charge the said property with the annual payment of twenty pounds which will be demanded by a writon document under my hand payable half yearly and after the expiration of ten years from my demise I further charge the said property with the annual payment of twenty five pounds to each of my nieces Eliza Fox and Ellen Fox for their natural lives and at the demise of my dear wife I further charge the said property with the annual payment of fifty pounds to be placed with the then or succeeding Vicar Saint Saviours Church Dartmouth for distribution among the old and needy Communicants of that Church every Sunday after Morning Service and Fifty pounds p annum to be placed at the disposal of the St. John's Dorcas Society of Newfoundland both of which latter mentioned sums to be paid for ever and free of any tax whatever nevertheless and in case such an event whould take place as my having and leaving issue by my said wife all the foregoing gifts and annuities the first only excepted are to be null and void the whole being in such case left to the entire control of my dear wife as long as such issue survive,

Dated this seventh day of December 1853. William Edward Taylor.

Signed by the above testator in our presence as for his will.

J.R. Davy of Woodford, Dartmouth, Gentleman. W. Cann, Gentleman, Dartmouth.

Certified correct,
D. M. Browning

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