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Newfoundland will books volume 3 page 284 probate year 1872

Will of William Walsh


I will and bequeath to my wife (Margaret Walsh) & children as follows To my wife (Margaret Walsh) and Martin my youngest son I will my dwelling house and half the farm on which it stands or which was usually cultivated about it and the other half of the said farm I will to Edward I also will to my wife (Margret Walsh) the land which I purchased from John Murphy and moreover I will to my wife (Margret Walsh) the horse & cows and in like manner the crops of all the farms till such times as they will be maried that is to say till each person will get married to whom his portion of land is willed at which time they will become independent owners of every thing produced by the land assigned to them- To John Walsh my son I will half the farm I bought or purchased from James Butler and on which half must be the house which my son John Walsh built, and the other half of the same farm I will and bequeath to my son William Walsh now absent I will the farm which I bought (formerly David Fahy’s) to Pat Walsh my son and to James I will the farm which I bought from the Revd Father Troy provided he be obedient to his mother (my wife Margret Walsh)

William his X mark Walsh. Witnesses, Thos. Condon, Edmond Cantwell, Torbay Decr 12th 1867.

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