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Newfoundland will books volume 13 pages 510-511 probate year 1927

Will of James Bishop


Last Will and Testament.
I, James Bishop, of Wesleyville Bonavista Bay, being of sound mind & memory, do hereby make, as my last will and testament, the following provisions

First. The land in my possession situate on the eastern side of the public road to be divided between my two sons James L. Bishop & Thomas Bishop as follows:-

James L. Bishop to have that portion forming the corner of the front garden and bounded on the west by the public road, on the south by the road to the house, on the east by the house and fence, and on the north by the fence, the remainder of land on east side of main road I bequeath to Thomas Bishop.

Second. The concrete cellar to be owned and used by both James L. Bishop and Thomas Bishop.

Third. The dwelling house, organ, and outbuildings to belong to Thomas Bishop.

Fourth. The building now used as Customs Office situate on the West side of Public road to belong to my son Thomas Bishop.

Fifth. The land situate on the West side of Public road to be shared equally between my four sons, John C. Bishop, William E. Bishop, James L. Bishop Thomas Bishop.

Sixth. Store, flakes, and property not specifically mentioned to be owned and used jointly by John C. Bishop, William E. Bishop, James L. Bishop, Thomas Bishop.

Seventh. The bait seine to be looked after by John C. Bishop but each of the four brothers to have use of same as required.

8th. The money to my credit in Bank of Nova Scotia: the amount loaned with interest to the Medical Committee of Wesleyville; the amount loaned to Jubilee Methodist Church with interest I bequeath to my wife, Eliza Bishop.


Signed at Wesleyville this 15th day of Feb 1924.

Witnesses ) E. B. Sainsbury
    Jessie Hann.

William F. Lloyd
Registrar of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland.

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
Fiat Jan 11/27.
Warren J.
Adm C. T. A.
granted to
Thomas Bishop
Jan 11/27.
Estate sworn
at $2250.00

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