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Newfoundland will books volume 8 pages 269-270 probate year 1907

Will of John Thorne Oakley

In re     John Thorne Oakley     deceased.

    I, John Thorne Oakley, being of sound mind, do hereby make my last will and Testament; The Business now run in my name including stock, boats, etc I leave to my son Kenneth, provided he truly and faithfully supports my youngest daughter Louisa, until she marries. The Landed Property, including stores, Dwelling House, shop, etc. I leave to my son Kenneth. He is never to mortgage the same, but if he should be compelled by circumstances to sell the same, the amount of the Sale is to be divided equally among my sons and daughters.

The Flake and stage on the East side of the wharf, I leave to my son George, but my son Kenneth is to have the use of the stage if he wants it. My son George is to have the use of the west store Loft and also the wharf; he and Kenneth to keep up wharf and Store between them. My Gold watch I leave to my son Horatio James The Organ is to be Louisa’s, when she gets married, and Kenneth is to pay her $50 (Fifty Dollars out of the Business. The Private Money in my possession at my death I leave to Louisa, but if she should marry before my death, such Private money is to be divided equally between my sons and daughters. I appoint my two sons, George and Kenneth, to be trustees of my estate John Thorne Oakley     Dated at Greenspond this 14th day of December, one thousand nine hundred & six Witnesses Wm. Roberts N.B. E.J. Crummey.

Certified correct,
D. M. Browning

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
March 2. 07
Emerson J.
admt c.t.a.
May 10. 07
granted to
George Oakley
Estate sworn
at $5923.00
Fred. White
Robt Granville

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