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Will of Joseph Brown Senior from Newfoundland will books volume 4 pages 80-81 probate year 1880.

In re Joseph Brown deceased.

This is the last will and testament of Joseph Brown Senior of Bishops Harbour Salvage Bonavista Bay Newfoundland.     I, the aforesaid Joseph Brown being by Gods blessing of sound mind and in good health on this twenty-first day of October in the year of our Lord God one thousand eight hundred and sixty seven do of my own choice and will hereby make and direct the following disposal of all my worldly estate property and effects such disposal to take effect and come into operation after my death     To my three sons Archibald, Henry and John I leave and bequeath my dwelling house and all the furniture and effects with the exception of the beds and bed furniture, and to these aforesaid three sons I also leave and bequeath all my gardens and the two small outhouses attached.     To my seven sons William, Richard, Joseph, Robert, Archibald, Henry and John I leave and bequeath the whole of my fishing room, gear and craft, with the exception of my salmon nets which I leave and bequeath to my son Robert alone; and also I will and wish that my son Robert shall have his share of all the aforesaid fishing property with the exception of the schooner or Galloper in which he is to have no share.     To my grandson George, son of William, I leave and bequeath the whole of my beds and bed furniture.     To my wife Joanna provided she survives me, I leave and bequeath the sum of fifteen pounds currency (£15) subject to the following condition, namely, that after my death she shall take nothing from the house and premises except her own personal property or wearing apparel, but if she shall take or remove anything whatever besides, then the aforenamed sum shall not be paid.    To my son Archibald and my grandson George, son of William I leave and bequeath the right to hold and use my seat in the Parish Church.     All my money of whatever amount which shall be found to my credit at my death, I leave to be disposed of as follows, namely, all my sons to have an equal share in such a manner as to leave the half of whatever their share may be, to each of my four daughters Mary, Rebecca, Elizabeth and Sarah Ann.     Joseph his X mark Brown (LS)     Signed by the testator this twenty first day of October one thousand eight hundred and sixty seven.     This will and testament was made signed and done before us, Charles Rock West, Clergyman of the Church of England, James Brown Senior, Planter and Joseph Brown son of William Brown, Planter, all of Salvage on this 21st day of October 1857, to which we hereby affix our names and seals, Charles Rock West (LS)     James Brown (LS)     Joseph Brown (LS)

Certified correct,
D. M. Browning

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