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Newfoundland will books volume 9 pages 292-294 probate year 1911

Will of Rebecca Ford


The last will and testament of Rebecca Ford relict of Robert Ford, of Bonavista. I Rebecca Ford of the town of Bonavista in the Island of Newfoundland, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and publish this as my last will and testament.

I give devise and bequeath to my niece Rebecca Kavanaugh living in the United States of America, my dwelling house, and all and everything it contains in her own right, to sell or dispose according to her own wishes. I also give devise and bequeath to the aforesaid Rebecca Kavanaugh my front garden, and all the land and outhouses around my dwelling in her own right, to sell or dispose according to her own wishes

I also give, devise, and bequeath the following monies:

  • Four hundred dollars to Rebecca Kavanaugh;
  • Two hundred dollars to the Church of England in Bonavista, to be used according to the discretion of the Rector,
  • One hundred and fifty dollars to my nephew William Edwards living in the United States.
  • One hundred and fifty dollars, to the children of my brother Thomas Pearce of Catalina.
  • One hundred and fifty dollars, to the sons of Alexander Pearce.
  • Twenty dollars each, to Maurice Fleming, Hannah Fleming widow of John, and Susan Pearce of Spillars Cove.
  • Twenty dollars each to Mary Faulkner of Bonavista Mary Fitzgerald (wife of Joseph) of St. John's and Mary Ford widow of John of Bonavista
  • I give, devise, and bequeath, one hundred dollars, to the children of Robert Ford of George of Bonavista.
  • I give, devise and bequeath to Alfred Ford one hundred dollars.
  • I give, devise, and bequeath, twenty dollars to Mary Jane Abbott my late husbands sister.
I desire that my Executors hereafter appointed should appropriate from my estate the sum of one hundred dollars, to be expended by them in the purchase of a headstone and iron railing for my grave. I give, devise and bequeath the residue of my estate to my niece Rebecca Kavanaugh. I appoint as my Executors the Reverend Augustus G. Bayly and Robert Brown both of Bonavista Signed Rebecca her x mark Ford This will was read to the testatrix and signed in the presence of us, both present at the same time who in her presence, and in the presence of each other have hereto set our names as witnesses H. G. Pegg (Priest) Robert Brown of Wm this 10th day of January one thousand nine hundred and eleven.

Certified correct,
D. M. Browning

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
Fiat Sept 1/11 Johnson J. Probate Sept 2. 1911 granted to Augustus G. Bayly & Robert Brown Estate sworn at $3384.94

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