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Will of Susan Tilley from Newfoundland will books volume 10 page 222 probate year 1914.
This name is spelled Tilley and Tilly in the will and Tilley in the will index.

In re    SUSAN TILLEY deceased    

The last will and testament of Susan Tilley widow of Richard Tilley of Bonavista.     I Susan Tilly do give devise and bequeath all my right and title in the property and land hereinafter named as follows:-     I give my house and all in it and the land about it to my niece Susan Durdle and her son Augustus all of which is to be divided between Augustus and his brother Richard at their motherís death.     I give the long strip of ground in the garden on the Mount by the Cemetery, to John Tilly my nephew whose land that strip adjoins.     I give the strip adjoining my nephew Arthurís land to the said Arthur Tilly.     I give my meadow by Old Dayís Pond in two equal parts to my nephews Arthur Tilly and John Tilly.     I give my garden on Collierís Pond Hill to my niece Susan Durdle to be equally divided between her sons Augustus and Richard at her death.     I give my garden near Charles Templemanís land to my nephew Arthur Tilly in his sole right. (Signed) Susan Tilly.     This will was read and signed in our presence this 4th day of September 1913.     Augustus G. Bayly, Esau his X mark Fifield, Witnesses.

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
May 2/14
Admn c.t.a.
May 20/14
granted to
Susan Durdle
Levi Templeman
H.J. Dwyers
Estate sworn
at $836.00

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